Atlantis and Heavy Stuff

A “grid of streets” on the seabed at one of the proposed locations of the lost city of Atlantis has been spotted on Google Ocean.

The network of criss-cross lines is 620 miles off the coast of north west Africa near the Canary Islands on the floor of the Atlantic Ocean.

The perfect rectangle – which is around the size of Wales – was noticed on the search giant’s underwater exploration tool by an aeronautical engineer who claims it looks like an “aerial map” of a city.

The underwater image can be found at the co-ordinates 31 15’15.53N 24 15’30.53W.

Last night Atlantis experts said that the unexplained grid is located at one of the possible sites of the legendary island, which was described by the ancient Greek philosopher Plato.

According to his account, the city sank beneath the ocean after its residents made a failed effort to conquer Athens around 9000 BC.

This would be one of the most important archeological finds in 100 years if this proves to be true. Mainstream archeologists would be forced to rewrite history; from the Sumerians and Egyptians to the present.

Of course there will be those who poo-poo this as natural or fake.

Grants and tenures will be on the line here.

Google Ocean: Has Atlantis been found off Africa?


The Heavy Stuff:


THS, when mentioning different entity types,  wasn’t referring about the internet speculation (with some added  fantasy perhaps) that multiple alien races are here, permenantly,  in Earth’s biosphere and are probably interacting with humans (some say dozens of races). No, what THS was and is referring to  is `spaces’* (entities) which do not have an equal `basis’ of `common reality’ grounding – compared to a human. (Wordy, THS knows, but we will get much more specific in a bit.) Let THS attempt to explain:

[* Remember, much of the Phillips Phenomenology (PP) positions `space’ as a characteristic which must be actualized for an event to occur. The PP describes `different types of spaces’ – and where they occur.]

Type One – Aliens/Entities

(Real & Travel In Craft)

Type One Properties —> Real `physical’ alien – in the same manner that a human is `physical’ . A being with a birth, and, on-going, contiguous,  `space-time’ reality – rooted in our same human perceived outer reality that we as humans consider a  `common consensus’ – considered by all to be called our `real’** ontology. Type One Aliens are beings that do NOT exceed the speed of light for travel and are beings that travel by craft. They are beings that do not need to `become objective’ to reveal `their reality of space’. They would be beings as trapped in our common reality as we humans are.

**[In other words, if a class of 100 college biology students were asked in an auditorium classroom if any of them thought the lecture was a `being dreamed’ as opposed to being experienced while awake – all would KNOW it wasn’t a dreamstate. (Then again with college students who knows, right?)]

Comment – To humans at our 2009 level of consciousness, these Type One Aliens are the most real and `humanlike’  of all alien types. `They’ will probably have arms, legs, a head, be able to communicate with each other – etc – humanlike characteristics of which humans can identify. Nevertheless, `aliens’ of any sort are inherently scary to most humans, of course.

However, type one beings that travel `anywhere’ in the universe ONLY below the speed of light – can be assumed to be rare; very rare – in ANY one particular location, including Earth. That said, being very rare – in a near infinite universe – does not mean non-existent or impossible. Indeed, while of low probability to be at any one location in the universe – this would be the alien/entity type MOST likely to have an interest in living planets like Earth.

But, would such beings, Type One beings,  be so focused as `being here’ only in the last 60 years? (Or would it be another type of the four entity/alien choices THS will review?) Wouldn’t such type one beings be just as likely to have been here, around Earth, for at least the last few hundred million years? You know, coming and going at will over the millenia – perhaps staying on occasion for eons.

Could we really expect that more than a  handful would be `around’ in any given era like ours? (If they did `stick around’ how many `aliens’ would they need to have a sustainable population?) Could we really expect a huge increase within a short period of 60 years, that we seem to have experienced,  from beings that use  `moving craft’ in a `galaxy’ context? (If there has been such an increase in the last 60 years.)

Indeed, the idea of a sudden increase in `this type’ of alien – a type one alien/entity – just seems unlikely, logically. Why? Well, first, T1 beings living below the `light threshold’ would not even have knowledge of mans recent advancements – outside of a 60 year light cone. Could there really be a significant number of civilizations within 60 years that have humanlike entities that have crafts that go a significant % of the speed of light? And who would want to come HERE if they did have such `slow’ `interstellar’ craft? It simply seems unlikely.


This is the most intelligent breakdown of the “types” of  “aliens” that permeate our cultures and world consciousness.

Some, like the author mentions, do have some science behind them, like the ‘solid’  creatures who appear and disappear at will. This can be explained by advanced nanotech, or beamed telepresence via quantum entanglement.

Either method requires knowledge of quantum physics well beyond our own, akin to ‘magic’ or ‘supernatural powers.’

Aliens/Entities Quantified – Are There Four Types?



9 responses

  1. Nifty. Now if we can find a road sign that says Atlantis…
    Damn. I rather liked the Antarctica as Atlantis idea.

  2. This is an interesting turn of events. Remember folks pushing Edgar Cayce’s prediction that Atlantis will rise again around the early 1970s? Then divers found that Bimini Road bs?

    This seems more credible than those findings. The GooglePlex is a powerful tool and is evolving into a powerful entity.

    I wonder how many more surprises are in store?

  3. I’d forgotten about Cayce’s predictions. It’s been decades since I had a good look around spiritualism, etc. Frankly, some rather nutty things came up and some of a group I was in became scared : plus I was entering a new marriage and my wife was freaked.
    Moving hundreds of miles away, I just gave it up as having ‘bad vibes’. Wouldn’t it be a hoot if we were tapping into a built-in network and just kept the connect switch in the ‘off’ position.
    I have run into stuff relating to that, of course.
    The Australian aboriginals had rather extensive thoughts on the dream world, if faint memories serve. Some people or other – I’m pretty sure it was the – considered ‘Dream Time’ the reality and this world the illusion.
    Even the Bible has passages in it relating to the nature of God which would make one think of the Philadelphia Experiment – or of linear time being a subjective illusion.

  4. “Pretty sure it was them”

  5. Yup, it was Aboriginal Australians and Aleutian Island Eskimos who have “Dream Time” reality.

    Funny how two diseparate cultures have the same concepts, n’est pas?

    One would think that the concept came from the same source, no?

    Not only that, Greek philosopher Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave”; , was almost the same type of explanation of reality.

    Who knows. I just got done reading a story in which a person’s consciousness exists in an infinity of multiverses and that we never experience a personal “death”, only to an outside observer would we experience a physical demise.

    To our own perceptions, we become increasingly “unlikely.”

    I could never figure out what that means.

  6. Let’s get tricky.
    Assume multiverses are real and existential. Further, consciousness is shared and separated both – congruent reality independent of geography or time. That would mean segments of a greater mind with independent manifestations active within their own ‘physical’ boundaries.
    The next question would be how many locales could one inhabit simultaneously. That really gets freaky if you consider reports of doppelganger ghosts of the same person : multiple iterations.
    However, if multiverses are segregated by expanding probability, then death ‘separates’ the tracks of events/possibilities with an analogy which suffices for a perception – not necessarily an abstract reality – of ‘distance’.
    So one might think of oneself as occupying multiple locations and times ‘simultaneously” via dimensions mathematically viable but perceptually obscure in this ‘here and now’.

  7. Sounds like you have a better grasp of the concept better than I do J.

    You’re quite the philosopher yourself! 8)

  8. I borrowed the ideas from a ‘conversation with an angel’ when I was in some rare and peculiar mental state – and pirated some of ‘its’ self-description of what you might think of as existential parameters for them. I was really ‘going for broke’! – and violated implied description – maybe.
    Part of the old ‘the young men shall see visions and old men dream dreams’ setup.

  9. Part of the old ‘the young men shall see visions and old men dream dreams’ setup.

    That I can understand J!

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