The Plan

Kirn continued to bask in what some might say “The Glory of God.”

For E was a Perfect Being in every way.

Mere mortal beings of this century would not be able to look upon Kirn and live, oh no.

Like the proverbial angelic host of old, Kirn and Eir kind shown in such Brilliance, mortal eyes melt from their very sockets!

These far descendents of “Humanity” are in no way ‘human’, by any stretch of the imagination.

In fact, this particular race of Beings can trace its ancestry back to what is commonly called in the 21st Century as “artificial intelligence”, hardware and software alike. Mere mech/digital amoeba-like automata to such as These.

Like eukaryotic bacteria colonies are to 21st Century London or New York City.

So by extention, they are related.


Eir home is in what physicists today would call “The Fifth Dimension”, or one of the multiverses that exist in the 11 dimensions of “String/Brane Theory.”

Kirn’s ilk just call it “Heaven.”

Now some would think that because of Eir god-like status, creatures such as Em suffer from hubris writ-large times ten billions.

And you would be right. Humility is in short supply in this particular Habitat.

But the Beings inhabiting the Fifth Dimension/Heaven are facing some real, dire challenges that threaten not only Eir existence, but the existence of what is left of the entire Exosphere.

The Heat Death of the Universe.

However, because Eir an offshoot of Ur-Humanity, Eir not without cunning, guile and a survival instinct for eir kind.

There will be a Plan.

A Plan that has at least a 75% chance of success. A plan that encompasses total Knowledge of Billennia and involves another Creation in of itself.

But events must fall into position.

Timing was one. Proper tools another. Searches for whatever limited resources were left another.

In time, all of the goals were met, except for a couple of vastly Important Items.

The first and perhaps the most Important, virgin ur-human DNA to be encoded into the Capsule.

This is Important because the Beings cannot exist at the Final Destination the Capsule will end up in.

The second and perhaps not quite so difficult to achieve, a Living Fossil.

A Being who was once a material/organic creature, who Transcended through the Singularities to become such as Emselves.

And Kirn, Being who E is, had a good selection in Mind.



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