The Practical People of UFOlogy

The Daily Grail:

“…it seems that Robert Bigelow is still very interested in at least UFO research, as he has just concluded a deal with the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) to act as field investigators of certain UFO events. The investigation has the ‘codename’ of SIP (‘Star Impact Project’):

MUFON since its inception has been a volunteer effort on the part of civilians who devote whatever spare time and energies they can afford in order to fulfill MUFON’s stated mission of scientifically investigating the UFO phenomenon for the benefit of humanity.

Now for the first time MUFON’s members are going to be paid to do their work. MUFON’s agreement with Bigelow is to train and qualify a special rapid response team of Field Investigators who can be deployed within 24 hours to the scene of a major UFO event, the kind designated as Category 2 or 3 in the classification system devised by legendary UFO researcher Jacques Vallee. These are the rarer cases where either physical traces are left or physiological effects are caused in the witness.

Bigelow has hired 50 top-flight scientists to assist MUFON in this endeavor who will function as consultants and do expensive lab analysis of alien materials gathered at the location of a UFO event. Bigelow, who never does anything on a small scale, a few years ago founded BAASS (Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies) with the incredibly ambitious goal of putting a commercial hotel up in orbit around the earth. He thinks that even one category 2 or 3 case if properly investigated can yield significant scientific paydirt.

Whatever high-tech equipment needed by the investigators on the scene will be drop-shipped to them overnight by BAASS. These high-profile cases will be investigated using the strictest methods of scientific protocol.

It’s worth noting that part of the contract stipulates that lab analysis results will not be held privately by Bigelow – one of the previous criticisms of the research done by NIDS was that complete details of the investigations were not released publicly. However, also worth noting is that this is a ‘pilot’, which will be reviewed on June 30th. That short a timeframe has got to put some serious pressure on MUFON investigators to come up with something worthwhile…although when it comes to UFOs, it’s pretty much out of their hands.


I was kind of surprised when I read this, Robert Bigelow to me seemed to me to be the consummate hardcore capitalist, all practicality and no nonsense.

But hey, if you have the money to do some of the strange stuff that always interested you, why not?

I know I would!

Bigelow Backs UFO Research ( Again )


This week’s Paracast interview is with UFO “curmudgeon” Don Ecker, a former UFO researcher ( and cop ).

After listening to the interview, I can safely say this guy is a no-nonsense kinda person and is definitely a curmudgeon!


2 responses

  1. This sounds like a good idea. Perhaps it’s not too different to what Steven Greer is doing. I have no doubt that clever people will push back the deception on what is known about alien life on the planet and in their own way find a way to capitalise on what they learn. Provided they that they use this new knowledge ethically, I can’t see a problem. But if they monopolise what they learn, they’ll become just another player of the power elite. Let’s hope that they have integrity. Who knows, they might even change the human world as we know it.

  2. Steven Greer’s Disclosure Movement has a credibility issue IMHO, he brings in people like Billy Meier and touts them as realistic, no matter how bad his photos or stories are.

    You ought to click on the Paracast podcast link above and listen to the Don Ecker interview if you want to listen to someone with some credibility!

    As far as Bigelow funding MUFON for real scientific research into the UFO phenomenon, I’m all for it.

    We need more people like him to take the giggle factor out so we can have half a chance of actually finding out if it’s aliens, or something else altogether different!

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