The Food Book and Its Ramifications

In response to a popular thread that’s been going on between myself and my readers, the talk of a “Food Book” or otherwise known as “The Codex Alimentarius”, is a book of regulations the United Nations are using to monitor and regulate  foodstuffs around the planet.

But it’s not as simple as that. There are people who see the “Codex” as an infringement on their rights to grow organic food and herbs, thus giving the pharmaceutical industry carte blanche to peddle genetically engineered drugs and other unsavory concoctions all over the globe:

Codex Alimentarius Commission (CAC) has two committees which impact nutrition.

One of them, the “Codex Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Uses” (CCNFSDU), is chaired by Dr. Rolf Grossklaus, a physician who believes that nutrition has no role in health. This is the “top-guy” for Codex nutritional policy, and he has stated that “nutrition is not relevant to health”.

As unbelievable as it may sound, Dr. Grossklaus actually declared nutrients to be toxins in 1994 and instituted the use of toxicology (Risk Assessment) to prevent nutrients from having any impact on humans who take supplements! It is worth mentioning that Dr. Grossklaus happens to own the Risk Assessment company advising CCNFSDU and Codex on this issue. This company makes money when its toxicology services are used for the “assessment” of nutrients. Here in the U.S. we call that a “conflict of interest”.

Codex is made up of thousands of standards and guidelines. One of them, the Vitamin and Mineral Guideline (VMG), is designed to permit only ultra low doses of vitamins and minerals (and make clinically effective nutrients illegal). How can the VMG restrict dosages of vitamins and minerals? By using Risk Assessment (toxicology) to assess nutrients.

While Risk Assessment is a legitimate science (it is a branch of toxicology), it is the wrong science for assessing nutrients! In fact, in this context, it is actually junk science. Biochemistry, the science of life processes, is the correct science for assessing nutrients. Codex Alimentarius treats nutrients as toxins, which is literally insane.

Nutrients are not toxins – they are essential for life. (link)

I was shocked when I read this. How the hell can nutrients be classified as toxins?

When taken in the context of control by Big Pharma, it makes a whole lot of sense.

Some folks in Europe see a more ominous and dangerous pattern behind The Codex. One such individual is Ian R. Crane, a former British government official. His claim that “If Codex Alimentarius has its way, then herbs, vitamins, minerals, homeopathic remedies, amino acids and other natural remedies you have taken for granted most of your life will be gone…” resonates with the organic food people all over.

His website is here . Now he might come across as any other NWO conspiracy money-grubbing huckster like Alex Jones, but he does make valid points and forewarnings.

He is also interviewed on Red Ice Creations often and is part of the European Alternative View II conference on May 29th to the 31st, of which there will be discussion on many subjects, the Codex Alimentarius included.

Codex Alimentarius

Natural Solutions Foundation

Ian R. Crane

The Alternative View II (podcast)


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  1. Alimentary my dear Watson, they come up with a tricky name, follow their gut, and sell the shuman’s codex approved suppliments. We don’t have a thing to worry about, they’ll take care of us… 🙄

    By the way, if any of you tinfoilers want to take the risk, I’ve got heirloom Cherokee Purple seeds to burn. Zap me an email, with a po box of some kind, to…. and it will arrive in a regular envelope.

  2. I’ve got heirloom Cherokee Purple seeds to burn…

    Hmmm…sounds good.

    Hafta see if wifey is gonna have room in the garden this season though. 8)

  3. Yep, they’re allright, but I found a mater, from the depression era, on the tubes that we the sheeple could really use today… 😎

  4. I just ran across your other artical on “The Codex Alimentarius’ May 24, 2008”. If I had a memory, I would have remembered commenting on it.
    If you don’t mind, I would like to link to this and your current post to do a post on everything I don’t know about Codex Alimntarius. Been on the tubed all morning, and I’m just scratching the suface on the NWO affiliations with the recent World Food Summit. The whole world food situation seems to be suffering from octopus syndrome…G:

  5. Thanks for the tomato link Geez, they certainly look ready for eatin’!

    As for Codex, go help yourself. You ought to link up with that Ian R. Crane guy, he’s got a lot more data than I do and he’s been studying this for years.

  6. 10-4 on the suggestion to check upthread Dad. Thanks.

  7. You got yourself listed on Care2 for this one, Dad. You know me – one good turn deserves another. Get a load of this post

  8. Thanks J, always good to get the free advertising! 8)

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