The Knights Templar and Friday the 13th

Today is the second Friday the 13th in a row (last month also) and there is much history behind the date, mainly as in the case of bad luck.

Now my studies into synchronicity is limited and it’s a work in progress at best, but here is the present theory on how the “bad luck” aspect of Friday the 13th came about:

On the night of the October 12, all seneschals (stewards) throughout France would open sealed instructions at the same time. The instructions were that on the morning of Friday the 13th, all Templars in their district should be arrested and charged with heresy.

The shocked regional authorities did as they were told and on Friday the13th of October, all Templars were arrested and thrown into prison. The king’s guile appears to have caught them off guard. Or were they? For this is where more anomalies appear.

Part of the king’s plan was to seize the Templars treasure from the Paris preceptory, but oddly enough there was none when he got there. Also odd, the Templar fleet melted into history, with no treasure falling into the hands of the king.

There are unsubstantiated stories that some of the Fleet left La Rochelle in France the night before the arrests, joining the ships that had been anchored in the Seine and disappearing with the treasures from Paris to Scotland and parts unknown.

When the total number of knights arrested, was calculated, only a relative handful had been captured. So where had everything and everyone gone? This is a mystery that still holds until this day, although the Templars did make a crucial appearance in the Battle of Bannockburn turning the tide, it is still a mystery that is being solved in parts. (link)

The Templars were one of the most powerful institutions of the High Middle Ages. They had their own army, navy and banking system. Some say their banking system is the model that Nathan Mayer von Rothschild used to build his empire.

No wonder the French king Philip Le Belle was jealous and wanted their money!

But the Templars are noted for another, perhaps more famous tale; The Holy Grail legend:

…there appears to be a swelling tide of interest relating to the question as to whether the medieval Knights Templar in fact possessed the Holy Grail. The answer to this is a very simple one: There is no doubt whatsoever that the Templars possessed the Holy Grail.

The explanation behind this answer, unfortunately, remains somewhat complicated and, to a degree, very speculative. The key, as I have learned during the writing of The Labyrinth Of The Grail, is to constantly “look beyond” what appears at first to be the true answer. The simple reasoning is that why else would both the Church and State pursue the Templars to the far ends of the earth and torture them beyond compassion. Obviously, the accusations of blasmephy were only an excuse to justify their actions. It really doesn’t take any skill to recognize that the inner circle of the Templars possessed something far more valuable than mere silver and gold – something that threatened the very being of the Church and State.

What the Templars possessed, and became sworn guardians of, was the unbroken line of “ancient knowledge” which among other things allowed the ancient mariner to circumnavigate the world. It is now coming to light that trade among the “Old World” and the “New World” had regularly occurred throughout the Neolithic to Roman eras by “societies who were in on the secret.” Hints of these visits and settlement now appear to be revealing themselves through a variety of sources including classic mythology, Indian legend and maritime folklore, as well as through recent archaeological discoveries.

This knowledge was pure power. Societies that not only possessed the ability to track the sun, moon and the stars, but possessed the inherent wisdom to maintain the “secret” of being able to fix longitudinal positions long before it became common practice, were societies in constant danger of being exterminated. On the other hand, those societies who were able to exploit their advantage to the fullest such as the earliest Templars enjoyed a status rivaled by none.

In other words, the Templars, and those who came before them, were accorded the ability to “look beyond” standard Church dogma to places yet to be “discovered” – the mythical Otherworld. (link)

I don’t know what this mythical “Otherworld” is, but one has to wonder if it has to do with a “DaVinci Code” type mystery the Templars are surmised to be connected with? Or is it the Freemason connection?

Either way, the Templars have left an indelible mark on history, mainstream, esoteric or otherwise.

And not just Friday the 13th!


5 responses

  1. Dad2059, Hi,

    Vatican News 1301 – Templar Bank closes.

    Directors and Executives of the Masons Financial Group were arrested today for Heresy. Highly respected for their contribution to Architecture, Science and The Arts, The Masons will today be quizzed on accusations of Blasphemy and Heresy. The Vatican are assisting the French Police attempting to secure depositor’s funds but cannot underwrite any guarantee given by The Templar Bank at this stage. No Grail found.

    Vatican News 1360 – Your flexible Friend The Medici.

    The Sponsors of The Renaissance (designate) The Medici Bank opens for business. Boasting Royalty, 3 Popes and reported ties to The Merovingians, the Florentine Financial Group is now open for business.

    I think the Masons go back a long way, the money stayed in ‘the family’ and the Grail could be a (not invented for another 500 years) Dinosaur.

  2. The Masons have a varied history and many organizations are theorized to be their forerunners, The Templars being one such.

    I must admit my researches haven’t touched on the Templars much, could you be so kind as to send more Templar updates?

    1. I have a Medici and The Templars page planned that I hope to be interesting so I’ll let you know. I’m not sure The Masons have forerunners.

      1. Cool. In the meantime I’ll do some research into the Templar/Masonic link.

        The Medici’s were Venetian forerunners of the present day banksters weren’t they?

        Didn’t they run the Catholic Papacy for a while too?

  3. Very powerful family The Medici, Royalty linking back to the Merovingians, Popes and plenty of other powerful offices, certainly accredited with early banking and credit, but after the Templars. Da Vinci and many others benefitted from their sponsorship of The Renaissance (new thinking).
    I believe our Mason friends are Secular so it’s an easy step for me to link the demise of the secular Templars to the rise of the dynasty sponsoring all-comers with ideas not necessarily allied to Christianity. If you find any info for or against on ‘The Mason Templars’ please keep posting.

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