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Weird and wonderful…

Here’s some good stuff I didn’t get to yesterday…

Centauri Dreams


From the ‘Disturbingly Beautiful” Department:

An incredible archive of US Army medical photos and illustrations is being made available free under a Creative Commons Attribution license on Flickr by the National Museum of Health and Medicine:

This previously unreported archive at the National Museum of Health and Medicine in Washington, D.C., contains 500,000 scans of unique images so far, with another 225,000 set to be digitized this year.

Purty q-el, eh? Massive archive of US Army medical illustrations and photos free online


Here’s one way the nation can get out of recession real fast!

How can the government raise funds in a recession? One way is to turn an illegitimate business into a legitimate one, and then tax it. Our largest state in the nation is considering doing just that, Time reports:

Ammiano introduced legislation last month that would legalize pot and allow the state to regulate and tax its sale — a move that could mean billions of dollars for the cash-strapped state. Pot is, after all, California’s biggest cash crop, responsible for $14 billion a year in sales, dwarfing the state’s second largest agricultural commodity — milk and cream — which brings in $7.3 billion a year, according to the most recent USDA statistics. The state’s tax collectors estimate the bill would bring in about $1.3 billion a year in much needed revenue, offsetting some of the billions of dollars in service cuts and spending reductions outlined in the recently approved state budget…

Remember, the rest of the country generally lags behind California 5-10 years.

But didn’t Oregon legalize medical marijuana a few years back and Big Pharma sicced the Feds on sick people?

Good luck to ’em!

California might legalize marijuana