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I’ve been meaning to post some stuff from the Electric Universe folks for a while now, so here’s a unique take on GRBs (Gamma Ray Bursts):

The estimated size of a gamma-ray burst depends on its distance, as previously stated. So, what does that mean for GRB measurements? The first few GRBs were found in galaxies with high redshift – some seeming to emanate from as far away as 12 billion light years. If the galaxies were actually that far away, the energies observed in such gamma-ray flashes would be beyond any supernova, so a hypothetical cosmic entity known as a hypernova was created, salvaging the redshift-indicates-distance theory.

As Electric Universe cosmologists conclude, however, another explanation for GRB intensity is that redshift is not actually an indicator of distance and GRBs are occurring in nearby galactic neighborhoods. As Mel Acheson proposed in his latest Picture of the Day, it is likely that some galaxy clusters are not so far away, are not so large and are probably not merging. In that same way, GRBs are not unimaginably powerful, not coming from the edge of a speculative expanding space/time continuum, and are not the birth pangs of a black hole.

If GRBs are located nearby they are less energetic and plasma discharges in the form of exploding double layers could impel the gamma-ray bursts in ways that can be explored though laboratory experiments. Rather than relying on mathematical phantoms like black holes, neutron stars and hypernovae, why not create real, testable hypotheses and work them up with real, physical models?

The Electric Universe folks content that the Cosmos is powered by, you name it, electricity. Not gravity and what they call the fantasy of dark matter/energy.

I don’t know. Any of you smart folks care to educate me on this?


Wow, why are the Chinese getting slammed with UFO sightings lately?
Mainstream media outlets including the government controlled ‘Xinhua News Agency’ are reporting a stunning UFO sighting that occurred in the Northern Chinese city of Harbin and was witnessed by many local citizens.
At 9pm on March 20 of this year a group of teachers from a local sports institute were driving along the Jiangnan Highway over the Songhua River when they noticed the most unusual glowing disc-like object with a white tail travelling above them in the sky. One of the teachers, a Mr Yin, managed to get a photo (below) on his mobile phone camera.
At first the teachers thought it was a plane but it disappeared within minutes of being sighted. Luckily the UFO showed up on the mobile phone camera image. The teachers later learned that many in the city of Harbin had seen the object and called into radio stations and local UFO hotlines.
Strangely, shortly after seeing the object the teachers complained of dizziness and one of the group was rushed to hospital having almost fainted and suffering high blood pressure at the same time.
One could pass this off as a meteor easily enough. But why has there been a rash of meteor sightings and sonic booms all over the world lately?
Hat tip Anomalist

Speaking of China, how about this thing about the Dalai Lama visiting South Africa?

South Africa’s health minister, Barbara Hogan, has condemned her own government for denying the Tibetan spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, a visa to enter the country for a peace conference organised to boost the 2010 World Cup soccer tournament.

The public broadcaster, the SA Broadcasting Corporation (SABC), on Wednesday aired an extract from a speech Hogan delivered on Tuesday, in which she said the denial reflected the behaviour of a government which was “dismissive of human rights”.
South African Nobel Peace Prize winners, former presidents Nelson Mandela and FW de Klerk and Archbishop Desmond Tutu, had invited the Dalai Lama to attend the conference. But after the government denied a visa, and De Klerk, Tutu and the Norwegian Nobel Committee pulled out of the conference, the soccer authorities cancelled it.
It is a little known secret that China is investing heavily and actually colonizing Africa, South Africa and Zimbabwe being the prime benefitors.
But has anyone heard anything about it from American corpo-media?
Can I get a resounding noooo….?

Hat tip Daily Grail



3 responses

  1. “But has anyone heard anything about it from American corpo-media?
    Can I get a resounding noooo….?”

    noooo…. I did see something in the LA times about the Democrats waffling under pressure from the Chinese lobbyist’s in DC though. They side tracked their iniative to honor the Dalai Lama’s 50th anniversery in exile.,0,5345097.story?track=rss

    Seen something on xinhuanet also,showing that China opposes the government of any other country providing support or a platform for what they call the Dalai Lama’s secessionist activity.

    Between China’s activities in Africa and Dubya’s recent establishment of Africom the shumans there will have a tough row to hoe…G:

  2. Your comment re: Chinese colonization of Africa and lack of MSM coverage should immediately lead to the thought that it is not meant to be noticed by the masses. Why not ? Perhaps so as not to prematurely set off paranoid attacks of the stupids.
    Found a place ‘under construction’ for 8 years according to the blurb. Sure sounds like the Singularity has a bad case of slow motion which would hardly be an indication of the ‘real deal’.

  3. Between China’s activities in Africa and Dubya’s recent establishment of Africom the shumans there will have a tough row to hoe…

    To Geez: My speculation is that during the Duhbya Misadministration, the US ceded Africa to China in order to get continued funding for the national deficit, especially the resource rich southern half of the continent. Mr. Obama seems to be keeping that policy in place since we’re funding our “stimulus” through Helicopter Ben’s printing press, which is backed by Chinese loans.

    Perhaps so as not to prematurely set off paranoid attacks of the stupids.

    To Opit: Yeah, but I think people should know Africans are being sold out and exploited by their own leaders, again. If the Africans were being put to work by the Chinese, that’s another thing too;

    Most of the industries that the Chinese are funding in Africa benefits very few, mostly the corrupt leadership.

    As for the Singularity slow in coming, I’ve taken the position that the Singularity belongs in the same category as the Apocalypse or the Second Coming, plausible, but not likely.

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