Hidden Planets and environMENTALism

David Lafreniere of the University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, has successfully demonstrated this new strategy for planet hunting by identifying an exoplanet that went undetected in Hubble images taken in 1998 with its Near Infrared Camera and Multi-Object Spectrometer (NICMOS). In addition to illustrating the power of new data-processing techniques, this finding underscores the value of the Hubble data archive, on which those new techniques can be used.The planet, estimated to be at least seven times Jupiter’s mass, was originally discovered in images taken with the Keck and Gemini North telescopes in 2007 and 2008. It is the outermost of three massive known to orbit the dusty young star HR 8799, which is 130 light-years away. NICMOS could not see the other two planets because its coronagraphic spot — a device which blots out the glare of the star — also interferes with observing the two inner planets.

“We’ve shown that NICMOS is more powerful than previously thought for imaging planets,” says Lafreniere. “Our new image-processing technique efficiently subtracts the glare from a star that spills over the coronagraph’s edge, allowing us to see planets that are one-tenth the brightness of what could be detected before with Hubble.” Lafreniere adapted an image reconstruction technique that was first developed for ground-based observatories.


I wonder how many other gems like this are going to be found in Hubble archives once the venerable machine is allowed to die?

Hubble Finds Hidden Exoplanet


From the “Evil humans must die to to save Gaia” Department:

Peter Raven, past President of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, states in the foreword to their publication AAAS Atlas of Population and Environment, “We have driven the rate of biological extinction, the permanent loss of species, up several hundred times beyond its historical levels, and are threatened with the loss of a majority of all species by the end of the 21st century.”

The causes of biocide are a hodge-podge of human environmental “poisons” which often work synergistically, including a vast array of pollutants and pesticides that weaken immunity and make plants and animals more susceptible to microbial and fungal infections, human induced climate change, habitat loss from agriculture and urban sprawl, invasions of exotic species introduced by humans, illegal and legal wildlife trade, light pollution, and man-made borders among other many other causes.

Is there a way out? The answer is yes and no. We’ll never regain the lost biodiversity-at least not within a fathomable time period, but there are ways to help prevent what many experts believe is a coming worldwide bio collapse. The eminent Harvard biologist Edward O Wilson has wisely noted that the time has come to start calling the “environmentalist view” the “real-world view”. We can’t ignore reality simply because it doesn’t conform nicely within convenient boundaries and moneymaking strategies. After all, what good will all of our conveniences do for us, if we keep generating them in ways that collectively destroy the necessities of life?

I love that “real world view” phrase. That “yes or no” vagueness does it for me also.

Why don’t these elitist arseholes just say what they mean?

The Planet’s First-ever Mass-Extinction Precipitated by a Biotic Agent: Humans


And now for a counterpoint voice of reason, from someone with credibility:

Famous physicist, author, and visionary Freeman Dyson has been making enemies with his critical stance on global warming.  It’s important to note that even he, an outspoken opponent, doesn’t deny that it’s happening – he just doesn’t think it’s that big a deal.

How does on octogenarian author get people so upset?  Well, calling Al Gore a preacher and comparing the climate control movement to a religious cult is a fantastic way to start.  If you ever want to piss off a scientist, call them a religion.  Disagreeing with them is one thing – accusing them of doctrine is another.


This is too rich! Freeman Dyson, THE inventor of the Dyson Sphere concept, agreeing with Alex Jones and Highwayman!

Truth is, he’s right. It’s a proven fact that industrialization limits population growth as standards of living increases.

One of the Planet’s Great Scientists: “Global Warming Isn’t as Big a Problem as Disease or Poverty”


5 responses

  1. Let’s assume that we’ve found an Earth-like world some ly away. What difference does it make when we still use rockets 😕 Has NASA never thought on that 🙄

  2. The Highwayman | Reply

    “Why don’t these elitist arseholes just say what they mean?”

    Well, Jarhead, I used to answer that with if they were anything but transparent, the sheep would rebel against them… THEN I wised up, and realized that the sheep wouldn’t do SHIT under any eventuality. They (the elitists) know they’ve got everyone snookered, and the few naysayers there are, will not deter them in any significant way. Anyone asks too many questions, and the bleating and baa-a-a-a-a-ing will soon drown them out. Just like in Global Warm… I mean, Climate Change! 😉

    Yeah, just try and tell an atheist he’s religious! HOO-BOY!

  3. Has NASA never thought on that…?

    Of course they’ve thought on that Lubo, it’s cheaper for the government to reinvent the wheel and call it good, just to keep in line with “mainstream” scientists like Stephen Hawking, Seth Shostak and the climate change religion.

    Yeah, just try and tell an atheist he’s religious! HOO-BOY!

    I love it when cranky old scientists like Dyson call bullshit on something that so obviously is, it pisses the elites off and it draws attention to their “we must exterminate 2/3s of human offal” meme.

    Them and their “Save Gaia” Ted Turner religion can kiss my hairy ol’ Marine Corps arse! 👿

  4. We are seeing more and more folks turning Alex Jones, if for nothing else a point of view away from MSM.

    I did see that big hunk of ice in the Antarctic broke free.

  5. Certain parts of the Earth are warming, but other parts are cooling; http://www.dailytech.com/Temperature+Monitors+Report+Widescale+Global+Cooling/article10866.htm

    Global warming and cooling are normal parts of Earth’s weather cycle and is linked by sunspot activity, which is at it’s most minimum in centuries; http://solarscience.msfc.nasa.gov/SunspotCycle.shtml

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