Atlantis/Antarctica Mythology

Bruce Duensing is one of the finest wordsmiths (sorry Lehmberg) on the InnerTubes today and is also one hell of a researcher of the esoteric, as this post about the Atlantis mythology, the continent of Antarctica, secret Nazi bases and the American connection indicates:

This is the chronicle of a journey that is marked by an anomalous geometry that spans the range of exploration within the intermediary roads that radiate as concentric circles akin to the the standing waves arising from a point of impact, which lead back to a wasteland at the end of the world, both literally and figuratively. As some of you know, many aspects of this enigma when taken individually would require a book length analysis, but the aim of this preliminary post is to set the stage by recapping some of the central threads of this subject in terms of a introductory context for Part Two, for those who are new to this series of riddles.

“March 21.- A sullen darkness now hovered above us- but from out the milky depths of the ocean a luminous glare arose, and stole up along the bulwarks of the boat. We were nearly overwhelmed by the white ashy shower which settled upon us and upon the canoe, but melted into the water as it fell. The summit of the cataract was utterly lost in the dimness and the distance. Yet we were evidently approaching it with a hideous velocity. At intervals there were visible in it wide, yawning, but momentary rents, and from out these rents, within which was a chaos of flitting and indistinct images, there came rushing and mighty, but soundless winds, tearing up the enkindled ocean in their course.

March 22.- The darkness had materially increased, relieved only by the glare of the water thrown back from the white curtain before us. Many gigantic and pallidly white birds flew continuously now from beyond the veil, and their scream was the eternal Tekeli-li! as they retreated from our vision. Hereupon Nu-Nu stirred in the bottom of the boat; but upon touching him, we found his spirit departed. And now we rushed into the embraces of the cataract, where a chasm threw itself open to receive us. But there arose in our pathway a shrouded human figure, very far larger in its proportions than any dweller among men. And the hue of the skin of the figure was of the perfect whiteness of the snow. ”
-The Narrative of Arthur Gordan Pym of Nantucket E.A Poe

We often fleetingly hear of anomalous objects found in unexpected geological formations that have seemingly preserved an artifact of a memory that has long since vanished in the corpus of a common befuddlement in terms of our own origin stories, in that these anomalies upend the linear notion of time and it’s historical causality as recorded by the written word. As we now know, many allegedly primitive cultures have proven what PD Ouspensky predicted, that in terms of our own conceptual models of reality and of empirical measurement, these were advanced civilizations outside of our own terms whether it is the navel stones of ancient surveyors found from Glastonbury to Greece, the astonishing accuracy of the Mayan calendar, the use of predictive, analog computational devices as seen in the Antikythera mechanism, the binary nature of certain stars as described by the Dogon culture, and the increasingly strange accounts of Egyptian correspondences and anomalies in the continental United States.

Human history is full of such anomalies that befuddle the mainstream to no end, thus they ignore them until literally and figuratively they are shoved into drawers and closets never to be see again. Until these people achieve tenure, retire or die, some truths will never see the light of day until many decades later, if at all.

Part One of Antarctica: A Once and Future Atlantis

Hat Tip to The Anomalist


Speaking of Antarctica and the South Pole, the descendents of Shackleton’s 1908 expedition plans a centennial trip:

…three men, setting out on the route pioneered by Shackleton must trek the equivalent of 35 marathons in 70 days.

And they must complete the 800 nautical miles (equivalent to 920 miles or 1420km) across some of the most extreme terrain and conditions on the planet.

Henry Adams, Henry Worsley, Will Gow
LEFT: Henry Adams, great grandson of Shackleton’s second in command, Jemson Adams
CENTRE: Lt Col Henry Worsley, relative of Shackleton’s ship’s captain Frank Worsley
RIGHT: Will Gow, Shackleton’s great nephew

All their fuel, food and equipment is carried in sleds behind them. And for inspiration, they have a copy of Shackleton’s diary.

“We read The Heart of the Antarctic every night and pick out bits of his diary that are absolutely spot on to where we have got to on the journey ,” says the team leader, Henry Worsley who is a lifelong admirer of Shackleton.

It’ll be interesting to see if these guys make it. As as I can read, they’re not professionals in cold environment survival.

But they have some things in their favor Shackleton didn’t; modern survival gear, food and established bases already did.

Shackleton had to do it “cold.”

Sorry about the pun. 😆 (not really!)

*Sigh* Anyway, Tracking Shackleton to the Pole

Hat Tip to Graham Hancock’s site________________________________


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