Serendipitous warp drive with Battlestar anti-angst

Another problem with a Star Trek type “warp drive” is discovered:

Let’s look more closely. Warp drive as envisioned by Miguel Alcubierre relied on the concept that although nothing could move faster than the speed of light through spacetime, spacetime itself is not so restricted. We do not, in fact, have any notion of a limit to the ’stretching’ of spacetime, a fact brought home by inflation theory, which posits an immense expansion of the early universe in a mere flicker of time. Contract the spacetime in front of a vehicle while expanding it behind and the spacecraft itself never exceeds the speed of light even though the ‘warped’ spacetime delivers it to its destination faster than would otherwise be possible.


All of which calls for immense supplies of energy, and negative energy at that, so that recent work has been (more or less unsuccessfully) devoted to understanding how to reduce those requirements to something remotely manageable. Now Finazzi and team have folded quantum mechanics into their consideration of warp drive theory, with the result that warp drive is shown to be untenable for the hapless crew. The inside of the ‘bubble’ housing the spacecraft, in fact, becomes filled with Hawking radiation, emitted by black holes due to these very quantum effects.

This isn’t over by a long-shot folks, black-holes, Hawking Radiation and all that just might prove to be false concepts like the “ether” was pre-Einstein.

A Serendipitous Encounter with Warp Drive


I never got around much to watch Battlestar Galactica on television during it’s four year run, except for most for the first season. And that was because I rented it from Blockbuster.

From what I saw, it was definitely better than the original 1979 version with Bonanza’s Lorne Greene playing Adama and the obvious Biblical overtones that pervaded it. But according to Chris Wren, it ultimately fell to the same state its namesake did:

God, I’m so glad that show is gone. Scifi can finally become scifi again, and leave the Left Behind/Touched by an Angel shit in the vast unmarked grave of  Televisions self-indulgent wankfests. I’ve spent the last two weeks arguing with people about the relative merits of Ron Moore’s ham-fisted grade 10-level religious melodrama and my mind hasn’t changed. However well the show started off, it ended up being the worst thing to happen to scifi television since The Great Vegetable Rebellion.

I don’t know what the Great Vegetable Rebellion is, but I know what a wankfest is!

I dunno, I guess I’m going to have to go to Blockbuster and rent the three seasons I didn’t see.

BTW, here’s a link to SCIFI’s video page and watch the last few episodes if you want and then tell me if they’re good sci-fi, or a good wankfest!

Two weeks without Battlestar Galactica________________________________


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  1. Hi dad2059,

    I remember your feedback comment to one of my posts about building floating cities in the “friendly” atmosphere” found miles above Venus as not occurring until we are all under 80 feet of hardpack. :))

    Your comment is also seemingly apropo to the idea of modulating the density of space-time around a vehicle which would require some exotic technology that had ability to do so. To me it would be the equivalent of trying to lift yourself aloft by simply tugging on your shoelaces if they could take the stress… :))

    It’s my hope that mankind begins to take a serious interest in cleaning up the environmental garbage dump they’ve created on earth before they continue to waste massive amounts of money on even a trip to Mars much less the stars.

    I know that I seem as a party pooper when it comes to these schemes at times. It is not my intention to dampen the creative imagination of those that say “yes we can”, but rest assured there’s many things in which we “can’t” or it will be a long time in coming with many mistakes and tragedies along the way…!

    What’s the point of wasting precious financial assets even to go to the nearest star while earthlings refuse to address greenhouse gas emissions or to embrace solar farms, wind tech, and even the development of fresh hydro-power resources along with a plethora of other issues that need to be resolved if the human race is to survive on earth.

    If the invention of superluminal drive came all too easily then I could see a bunch of dangerous earthlings, now functioning as extra-solar litterbugs leaving their detritus and possibly even the wreckage of other civilizations of which they might make contact as they travel among the stars. We aren’t ready for the stars as they aren’t for us.

    Carl Nemo **==

  2. I fear that you are right as far as the financial end of the equation goes Nemo, Obama as yet has appointed a successor for NASA boss and is currently rudderless with no direction.

    This could be politically motivated because of the extended vetting process now in place, but I don’t think so. IMHO, it’s the money that’s not there, so why appoint a boss for an organization that might get shut down?

    I don’t see much money thrown toward the renewable energy industry either, maybe a token amount. Same for mass transit.

    Most of the play money will get sucked up by the banksters, to be converted into hard assets by Cayman Island and Swiss banks. States will still get their infrastructure money, that’s already being allocated.

    I like to be positive as far as our future goes and maybe we’ll be able to pull it off.

    But we are struggling with forces that are trying to establish a competing reality with ours and they have most of the world’s resources to do it.

    The only thing we have going for us is our strength in the total number of people on the planet to counter their influence.

  3. The key to overcome this is in electromagnetism. With it you can control gravity, it is so simple as that. You can do it without element 115 and still make it act as Ununpentium fueled.

  4. You can do it without element 115 and still make it act as Ununpentium fueled.

    Do you still have to make it super-cold like any super-conducting material?

  5. No, just with toroidal coils, salt water and pulsed DC. Dielectric materials may or may not be needed. It depends from the case.

    P.S. There is a mathematical link between the magnetic permeability constant and the gravity constant, but I shall say no more. It is not my right to reveal it, because it wasn’t my discovery.

  6. There is a mathematical link between the magnetic permeability constant and the gravity constant…

    Yes, in physics the formula for gravity and electromagnetism are similar, that’s why Einstein searched for a Grand Unified Theory. But because of quantum mechanics with its probabilities, it has been very elusive.

    I don’t know, I can’t grasp the maths involved to tell either way which methods are correct.

    I’m one of the “wait and see” crowd.

  7. It’s time for you, dad, to watch the whole lecture

    After that tell me what you think 🙂

  8. Okay Lubo my friend, but I’m going to have to watch this at the library.

    I’ll have to get back to you early next week on it.

  9. Watch the moment when Deyo reveals the secret of the antigravity/warp drive. The Lorentz force. Open your ears very bride when you got to the moment. After that listen when he explains why Townsend Brown failed to make antigravity, although he was very close.

    And here are the crafts he was working on back when he was in the program

    they are man-made and are capable of exceeding c.

    With electromagnetism you can conquer gravity. No exotic matter is needed.

  10. That looks almost like the Hutchison Effect Lubo;

    I bet they’re the same things!

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