More Atlantis/Antarctica, dark matter and the electric galaxy

Part 2 of Bruce Duensing’s critique of the Atlantis/Antarctica link:

Sediments under the Ross Ice Shelf have also been analyzed in a parallel study by a specialist in glaciers from the Victoria University in New Zealand, which revealed that there is evidence the platform collapsed on a regular basis during the Pliocene when the levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere were similar or slightly higher than the current ones. The research sought to identify the relationship between orbital cycles and the pattern of collapse of the Ross Ice Shelf. This pattern suggests that there was an influence of the cycles of 40,000 years in the inclination of the rotational axis of the earth during the Pliocene which led to the subsequent collapse of the ice.
On the other side of this coin regarding this once and future Atlantis, are the events that may have led to a large naval expeditionary force into a disastrous and ill fated rush preemptively thwarting the reconstitution of a Third Reich well hidden in retreat, within the remote last redoubt of Antarctica One could consider these anomalies of theory to be either provocative, disturbing or ludicrous. What connects these two threads is the anomaly and persistent phenomenon of UFOs which hang over the globe as perhaps a proverbial plumb bob. In this we have the intrigue associated with an interesting cast of characters associated with the anomalies of history, from Admiral Byrd to James Forrestal, as well as Martin Borman thrown in for good measure. An Atlantis of nexus as a pivot point around which this tale of mythologies revolve.

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Some of the biggest galaxies in the early universe seem to have grown quicker than thought possible and may have bulked up on streams of gas flowing along filaments of dark matter, say researchers.

Monster galaxies have long been thought to take a long time to form, growing slowly by gobbling up smaller galaxies like a giant amoeba absorbing food.

I’m still not convinced about dark matter. Too much is taken on faith here.

Over-weight galaxies force-fed by dark matter tendrils

Hat tip to David Darling’s science site


The galaxy electric:


According to consensus theory, the “stellar main sequence” is a chart of what happens to stars over long periods of time. No information about the electrical input or output of stars is considered when the various conventional theories are debated. By not bringing the electrical interaction of stars with their galactic environment into the picture, an entire line of investigation is never considered. Astronomers and other specialists are not mapping thecurrent flow through spacein order to determine its influence on stellar evolution. Because of that oversight, they constantly overstate the gravitational model of the cosmos.

Retired professor Dr. Don Scott wrote that the absolute brightness of a star depends on the strength of the current density impinging into its surface, along with the star’s diameter. As current density increases the star becomes hotter and brighter, glowing bluer and whiter. If the current flow into the star decreases, the star becomes red and cools down. So using magnitude and color to determine a star’s age is a false premise.

Anthony Peratt, in his particle-in-cell simulations of plasma reactions, has demonstrated that galaxies are not formed by rarified wisps of gas and dust gradually falling into their own gravity wells. His models of galactic evolution reveal that electrically conductive plasma is able to create the shapes of spiral galaxies without resorting to gravity-specific influences. Peratt’s work with high-energy electric discharges indicates that the composition of stars in galaxy evolution is due not to where they were born, but to how they were born.

I’m interested in the results of the European’s Goce satellite in which the Earth’s gravitational field is supposed to be measured.

Remember the GRACE satellites that were launched in 2002 that were supposed to measure Earth’s gravity? Well, not much was heard about them through the corpo-media over the years, so I did a little Google-plexing and found they were measuring ice loss in Antarctica.

I understand ice has mass, so how come that hasn’t been translated into how gravity works and addressed to the public?

Could it be because the intention all along was about building a case for “human caused” global warming and they know the current theories about gravity are bullsh*t?

I don’t know, we can make a case concerning scientific conspiracies all over the place if we want, but at the end of the day, does it bring us any closer to the truth?

The electric universe theory brings a logical discussion to an otherwise stodgy, conformist and boring subject that just might prove to be true.

Misplaced Mavericks



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