Nazi UFO Bases and Alien Embassies in Kazahkstan

Bruce Duensing discusses a nation’s psychological warfare against its own citizens:


“With this history posed before us, we now enter a house of mirrors, a parallel world you enter at your own risk. What I am suggesting as a theory is that the steadfast poker face of our government who is perfectly willing to encourage the wildest schemes of our imaginations is willfully perpetrating a game of psychological warfare, albeit non lethal, against it’s own citizens, in order to protect a legacy of covert actions lacking any democratic oversight. Does this portray another mythos, that of a government within a government? As always,I am perched midway on this convergence of threads in a tale that in of itself may be yet another mirror. In this case we return to one of the origins of our own Atlantian mythos, a grand opera that is also an historical omega point, as in all such tales, that ends with an abrupt crescendo signaling the beginning.


Anyone familiar with the furious chain of events revolving around the formal surrender of Germany know that this instigated a proverbial starting gun in game of cat and mouse focused on the capture, not of territorial claims, but rather the possession of the highly advanced military technology of the Reich.
The Nazi regime had, as history tells us,a long history of banking their physical assets in underground bunkers and, in fact, were very advanced comparatively in this form of secrecy wedded to engineering.In the previous posts, some have construed that I am suggesting an entire Fourth Reich had reconstituted itself in the Antarctic when nothing could be further from the truth as it is more than well documented that Argentina then as well as now, was it’s location as well as the continental operational base for the kreigsmarine fleet of U boats in addition to it’s proximity to Antarctica, which may have held a bargaining chip, for which, as we will see, is another of the many hands the Reich played in it’s postwar existence. In order to fully understand this mythos we have to have to visit an era already rapidly receding from view, and since I have partially covered this topic in less comprehensive manner previously, I thought than rather reconstitute it as an act of will, it was simply an more efficient tact to enfold in it into this post along with newer material.Prior than doing so, we take a brief detour to wrap up one tragic footnote to Part Two.


But Operation Paperclip existed and the United States and the Soviets inducted Nazis into our cultures, just for the Nazi’s technology.

The “mythological” Antarctic Nazi submarine/UFO base is a possible extension of that.

Part 3 of Antarctica: A Once and Future Atlantis


The first alien embassy established on Planet Earth?

The Republic of Kazakhstan in Central Asia is in the process of building the world’s first alien embassy according to some local media reports. If these reports are to be believed, the authorities have already allocated a large plot of land in the city of Almaty for this ambitious project. Facilities to be built within the complex will include a guesthouse, theatre and translation service. A purpose built UFO landing pad and checkpoint will be attached to the embassy.

Kazakhstan’s government believes open contact with aliens is imminent and by being the first nation to specifically create such facilities they are convinced they will reap enormous financial and economic rewards. The Kazakhstan Government also see this as a chance to demonstrate their nations forward thinking policies.

Currently it is generally accepted that aliens are making use of an underwater UFO base in the Caspian Sea which Kazakhstan borders. Fuad Gasimov, the head of neighbouring Azerbaijan’s national Aerospace Agency has confirmed this to be the case and has gone on record stating the old USSR constantly monitored alien spaceships regularly entering the water but kept this a military secret. Gasimov himself was involved in this secret monitoring of UFOs when a department head at the USSR’s science academy.

In addition to this, numerous UFO sightings occur in Kazakhstan where it is believed aliens take an interest in their massive natural resources. As recently as last year a UFO was reported as having crashed into a river in Kazakhstan.

Not only are the US and EU interested in the ” ‘Stans” ,  aliens are too it seems.

If these ‘aliens’ are interested in planetary resources when there is a whole solar system to exploit, I doubt very much they are aliens at all!

Kazahkstan: Government to build UFO base and alien embassy


This is the end of the posting until next Monday or Tuesday folks when I return from the holidays (Christian, Roman pagan, spring equinox, whichever you choose). Next week is second anniversary week, so some good stuff might be coming.

Two years, where does the time go?


2 responses

  1. Makes me want to go to Kazahkstan, dad, so I could mention the ufo word without getting the old “evil eye” treatment. I have a friend who has some wild stories to tell about alien encounters, in concert with the government, when he lost his job at Siltec, a computer wafer company.
    To make a long story short, he lost his wife, his home, and his car and was living under a bridge when I met him. What he told me sounded like a delusion, but he still maintains that it is all true, although he doesn’t talk about it 24/7 like when I first met him. We also talked about Carlos Castenada’s “Separate Realities”, kinda like the comfort zone in the here and now. I should contact him again and do a post about it, if I could somehow put it all into words. He now has a GF and a good job as a chef at a restaurant in Portland.

    Wishing ya a good holiday and hopefully some genuine spring weather fer yer aig hunt…G:

  2. We had pretty good weather up here in Upstate New Yawk yestidee, ‘cept for the icy-ass wind blowing down from the Nauth!

    The aigs didn’t freeze though! 😆

    I don’t know if I would visit one of the ‘Stans Geez, not with the ‘Murrican Umpire and ‘NATO’ stirring up the natives and aggravating the big ol’ Bear next door!

    But the idea of UFO aliens camping out over there is intriguing!

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