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MJ-12 and Crop Circles

We kick off Anniversary Week with subjects I haven’t posted about in quite a while, the MJ-12 documents and crop circles (I don’t think we’ve discussed crop circles before).Enjoy folks!  8)


Stan Friedman answers critics about the veracity of the MJ-12 UFO US Government documents:

 I must say that I am quite disappointed in Robert Hastings recent bird dropping and MJ-12 articles. Robert has done some fine work on the connection between nuclear installations and UFOs. But his recent opus seems to me to be painted with much too broad a brush with too many nasty personal attacks on people (Doty, Collins, Moore, Tim Cooper) and far TOP SECRET - MAJICtoo little investigation and discussion about the Majestic 12 documents themselves. I saw no mention at all of “TOP SECRET/MAJIC” my 1997 book updated with a 5000 word afterword in 2005. The entire focus is on MJ-12 documents, the reasons some must be labeled as phony and others as genuine. I see no mention of my several detailed MUFON Symposium Papers about MJ-12 or such items as my detailed review of Kevin Randle’s “Case MJ-12” on my website http://www.stantonfriedman.com .

He says little about archive research. He touts Brad Sparks’ MUFON paper attacking the documents, but not my detailed rebuttal. As anybody who reads my publications would know, I long ago noted that I couldn’t accept any of the Tim Cooper documents. I carefully showed that at least 7 were emulations i.e. retyped slightly changed real documents that had been in print. Eisenhower Briefing DocumentI had found the originals. I noted flat out wrong statements in others. I have touted the Eisenhower Briefing Document, The Truman Forestall Memo and the Cutler Twining memo as genuine I believe I have successfully rebutted all the arguments against these in my publications. Jan Aldrich is certainly knowledgeable about army procedures and documents, but made the false claim (as did others) that the documents had to have had TOP SECRET CONTROL numbers. Not so.. I quoted archivists from the Eisenhower and Marshall libraries …

Friedman goes on to mention some sources about certain MJ-12 papers, but not all because even he admits some are questionable.

Friedman is from the “nuts and bolts” side of the UFO debate, meaning that we are being visited by advanced aliens in material spacecraft.

In recent years, some have postulated that the phenomenon is more “metaphysical” in nature rather than physical, i.e., Jacques Vallee.

Bird Droppings and MJ-12, Stanton Friedman Responds…


Do crop circles interest you?

If they do, listen to this latest interview on the Paracast by Gene Steinberg and David Biedny as they question Ed and Kris Sherwood about the nature of the phenomenon. Good stuff.