Geitner of the CFR and Interdimensional Pest Control

Tim Geitner, the Secretary of Treasury appointed by Barack Obama and the architect of the Stimulus Package, has been under fire recently because of the economic package and ‘not knowing’ about the AIG executive’s bonuses. Despite the criticism, Mr. Obama says that Geitner is still his ‘boy.’I suspect the reason Geitner still has his job is because of this:

Both Mr Geithner and Mr Obama are 47. Both lived a large part of their youth abroad (Mr Geithner in India, Thailand and Zimbabwe) and both relax by playing an aggressive game of pick-up basketball.

Unlike Mr Obama, he has a gift for languages and speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese, after a year in what is the emerging economic superpower while a student.

Now speaking Mandarin Chinese in of itself isn’t indicting, it just happens to be the the main language the ruling technocrats of China happen to speak.

Coincidence? Doubtful.

Who better to go to China to persuade (beg?) the Chinese to buy up more American debt to fund the Stimulus and other goodies to run the Empire?

Now, there happens to be something in it for the Chinese, one wouldn’t expect them to do this out of the goodness of their cold technocratic hearts.

We’ve already ceded Africa to them and we have a trade imbalance that stretches from here to Alpha Centauri. 

I wonder what else was thrown in the pot for good measure?

Timothy Geitner is a basketball playing pressure junkie

Geitner and the “Group of 30” (CFR ties and cronies)


From the “strange even for me” department:

We know that insects seen everywhere on Earth today are simply the descendants of ancient life forms dating back millions of years ago, to the first life on Earth. Communication may exist between certain everyday insects we see all around us and giant, highly developed insects we don’t want to see. Perhaps even that Mantis I teased standing on the edge of the curb was in communication with a Giant Mantis somewhere else that day. Could the small Mantis have flitted in from another dimension? Some of the strangest things on Earth are those which are invisible and remain unknown.


Existing mainly in another dimension safe from human extermination, these giant insects would have progressed over eons of time and would have become highly intelligent. These insects may have developed highly advanced technology (or stolen it?) and developed a very sophisticated means of communication, even a form of language.


Abductees have witnessed very tall Mantises communicate with clicking sounds. Sometimes they have overheard telepathic communication. Whether an abductee was intentionally allowed to hear it or not is not clear. A good guess would be that it was intentional, as it would seem statistically highly unlikely that English would be the very same language these creatures would develop or adopt.

There’s quite a lot of discussion on how to fight these interdimensional beings and people who have actually fought them!


You learn something new every day!


Grays and Reptilians may be interdimensional




7 responses

  1. If the truth were known it’s probably that Obama is Geithner’s…”boy”. Surely our President must know who his betters are; ie., the evil one’s that own the Federal Reserve and the running dog’s they demand be put in place to control both national and international oucomes… : |

    Carl Nemo **==

  2. “outcomes”…my apologies

    Nemo **==

  3. Probably if truth be actually known, they both have the same masters.

    Obama isn’t going to do anything without Bilderberg permission, or he’d get the JFK/RFK/MLK treatment for certain.

    That definitely goes for Helicopter Ben and Timmy-boy.

    This is what we get for letting our civic responsibilities slide for generations.

    This is what happened to the Romans too. For punishment, Western Civilization got 1000 years of living in shit (literally) and the Dark Ages.

    You’d think we’d learn.

  4. Hi dad2059…

    True, they both have the same masters except President Obama doesn’t sit in the pecking order as perceived by the electorate; ie., seemingly he is reporting to SOT Geithner in terms of “how things are going to be” concerning the bail out of this ongoing criminal enterprise of the center banks and mega-insurers who worked hand in hand to create this economic nightmare.

    Carl Nemo **==

  5. Obama answers to Geitner?

    Possible. The banksters and their minions pull most of the strings, if not all.

    The past week’s “teabag” parties were a joke. The corpo-media had them all laughed off by last Wednesday.

    I don’t make enough income from my job to pay taxes anyway, so the whole thing to me was a joke.

  6. […] Itsara created an interesting post today on Geitner of the CFR and Interdimensional Pest ControlHere’s a short outline…part of their youth abroad (Mr Geithner in India, Thailand and Zimbabwe … indicting, it just happens to be the the main language the ruling […]

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