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News the Corpo-Media dismisses

Crusades II, one thousand years after the first.

Praise the Lord!

It is not clear if the presence of the Bibles and exhortations for soldiers to be “witnesses” for Jesus continues, but they were filmed a year ago despite regulations by the U.S. military’s Central Command that expressly forbid “proselytising of any religion, faith or practice”.

But in another piece of footage taken by Hughes, the chaplains appear to have found a way around the regulation known as General Order Number One.

“Do we know what it means to proselytise?” Capt. Emmit Furner, a military chaplain, says to the gathering.

“It is General Order Number One,” an unidentified Soldier replies.

But Watt says “you can’t proselytise but you can give gifts”.

I know I’d get flamed by some of my Christian friends, but c’mon now!

An old saying about stones and glass houses come to mind…

GIs Told to Bring Afghans to Jesus

Hat Tip


Worried about the NWO , planned economic collapse and stores running out of food?

Check out Ignorance Is Futile and find out how to survive. And build personal anti-mob (or anti-police for that matter!) shielding to boot!

In my situation I’m forced to mostly plant in containers, even on the roof. To me this is actually ideal, because if SHTF and I have to GTFO my garden is mobile, although it would require an entire box truck trip or more to move it all. Even where I have earth to plant in its dark sand. So the 2 main ingredients of my concern are free containers and (free) rich-soil.


Get a hold of any landscapers you might know, or canvass any that you dont know seeking to recycle their used black plastic planter pots. Landscapers go through thousands of these per year and they often become a burden. You can also try using services such as Craigslist or the local classifieds to search for or request. A little bit of luck and you’ll have more than you can handle. Also, people are planting their annual rounds this time of year which means they have starter trays and smaller pots leftover.


You need to track down some manure, compost. Anyone with lots of horses, cows etc has too much of this, and many if not most of them will gladly give you about as much as you can handle. I dont know about cow manure, but horse manure is scent free after no time. All it is is partially digested grass. Most suff out there thrives in this type of soil.

Good ideas if you live in town.

If civilization starts to crash though, large cities are the last places I’d like to be!

Cheaper Than Urban Dirt Gardening


Hmmm, which nation is the most dangerous in the Middle East?

Western policies based on pressuring Iran to give up its nuclear program will fail because they disregard Israeli nuclear capabilities, which is “the first and greatest threat to security in the region,” an Egyptian Foreign Ministry spokesman said on Monday.

Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor categorically rejected that classification.

“If he can quote at least one occasion in which Israel has threatened any of its neighbors with the alleged nuclear weapon, then his statements would gain him credibility,” Palmor said. “Unless he produces evidence to support his claims, these kinds of remarks are completely out of line.”

Israel reportedly drew up plans to attack Iran’s nuclear enrichment facilities with nuclear-tipped bunker busters in 2007, without sanctioning by the Bush administration.There was no explicit threat made by any of the government’s official mouthpieces, but in the press the fear was sizzling.

Israeli President Shimon Peres will meet with President Barack Obama on Tuesday, according to a report in The Bulletin.

The Israeli president will reinforce Israel’s view that Iran threatens its very existence, and Mr. Netanyahu will use all means necessary to prevent the Islamic state from obtaining a nuclear bomb.

Mr. Peres is also expected to tell Mr. Obama the prime minister is capable of ordering an attack against Iran if he reaches the conclusion the effort to stop it from obtaining nuclear weapons has failed.

The Israelis have been saber-rattling against the Iranians for the past eight years with no let up.

To their credit, the Iranians haven’t blinked, but Ahmadinejad’s mouth hasn’t helped them gain much (Not Western help anyway) in the international community, especially the truth he told last month at the UN.

I don’t know. With the global economy as tied together as it is and with China and Russia being economic allies with Iran, and with the Chinese being our creditors, Obama might be obliged to rein in our Middle East muscleman.

Egypt: Nuclear-armed Israel more dangerous than Iran