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The Clouds of Barsoom*

*Barsoom – A fictional representation of the planet Mars created by American pulp fiction author Edgar Rice Burroughs .

From J.P. Skipper’s Mars Anomaly Research site:

When you see some of the images below with the Mars atmosphere a little more prominent and accurately represented, stop and think a minute. When you’re looking at them, note that you will be thinking more about the obscuring atmosphere rather than just the geological terrain alone. That is the point. As a thing is minimized in visual perception, it is also minimized in psychological awareness. This is how subtle manipulation is done.

The trouble is that showing various global views of a more real looking Mars with its high sunlight reflective atmospheric haze would mean less perception of the planet’s geological surface as well as the dry as dust scenario and more perception of the planet having a very real atmosphere that actually includes significant water vapor. Remember that obscuring atmospheric sunlight reflective haze means concentrations of water vapor either in liquid or solid particulate ice form. Just remember that sunlight reflects off of that water presence as a white color defining general water vapor as a haze or in greater concentrations as clouds.

With that thought in mind, take a look at the next two images. I had to make the first one large enough so that you could adequately read the text credits at the bottom of it and that meant that I had to make the second one equally as large for more direct comparison purposes.




The question of just how “Earth-like” Mars may, or may not be has been a huge argument between official mainstream scientists and independent researchers since 1877 when Schiaparelli mistakenly spied canali or channels on the surface, spawning many tales for generations of evil invaders, princesses, ancient civilizations and other myriad images that ended up being pareidolia .

Now, to be fair to the mainstreamers, the main fly in their ointment, Richard C. Hoagland (Face on Mars), has over the years has started to be more New Age with his and Mike Bara’s “Dark Mission: The Secret History of NASA” and has tarnished his image with pushing book sales instead of research for researchs’ sake (a guy’s gotta eat I suppose), but their hue and cry of “conspiracy nutcases” , outright denials, obfuscations and the most damning probably, silence, has made NASA, JPL and other mainstream organizations’ credibility almost lacking as people such as Hoagland.

Now am I saying that Mars is Earth-like? No.

But I’m willing to consider that Mars isn’t as deadly to related (Terran) forms of biology as the mainstream purports it to be and that it might have a more advanced biosphere than is being let on.

To make a point, the 1960 Brookings Report is a little known study conducted during the late 1950s concerning “what would happen if humans made contact with a more advanced civilization?”

It wasn’t favorable to say the least.

So what do you do to mitigate the culture shock?

You slooowly insert the meme of non-earth life, starting with the primitive life, into the mainstream culture.

Do I have proof that’s what NASA’s doing? No. And despite his and Bara’s book, they should’ve taken a lesson from the Brookings Report they wanted to expose and left out the occult stuff, even if it might have been true. They would’ve sounded credible and gained more supporters from the mainstream, if that was their aim to begin with, which I don’t think it was.

As far as I can see, Skipper doesn’t have a literary axe to grind (he does claim to be working on a book) and is more open to give out his information for free than the aforementioned folks. He seems to just want people to question what they’re told and do some digging on their own.

Maybe eventually we’ll get past the Brookings Report attitude pervading our so-called “leadership.”

Mars Global Evidence: Report #162

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