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Tucker’s 2009 Bilderberg Report: Update 1

From American Free Press:

Bilderberg found President Obama a Willing Wilkie at its June, 2008 meeting in Chantilly, Va. near Washington. They were reassured when he chose their boy, Harold Koh, a strong advocate of the U.S. accepting the ICC, as the State Department’s top lawyer.

In the Penn State Law Review, Koh wrote sneeringly of “nationalists” who oppose surrendering sovereignty to international institutions, including the ICC. He praised the “transnationalist faction” on the Supreme Court and the wisdom of the jurists for their rejection of the “nationalist faction.”


“Generally speaking, the transnationalists tend to emphasize the interdependence between the United States and the rest of the world, while the nationalists tend instead to focus more on preserving American autonomy,” Koh wrote. “The transnationalists believe in and promote the blending of international and domestic law, while nationalists continue to maintain a rigid separation of domestic from foreign law.”

The “transnationalists view domestic courts as having a critical role to play in domesticating international law into U.S. law, while nationalists argue instead that only the political branches can internalize international law,”

Koh wrote. “Transnationalists believe that U.S. courts could and should use their interpretive powers to promote the development of a global legal system, while the nationalists tend to claim that U.S. courts should limit their attention to the development of a national system.”

The development of a more international interpretation of law is a step toward a world court, but let’s take this a step at a time, shall we.

I don’t think people would take such a dim view of internationalism as they do now if they had a say in what goes on. Our supposed “representatives” are firmly in the back pockets of international mega-corporations who historically have held a dim view of human rights dating back to the First Gilded Age. The international governing system in place now is not United Nations “socialism”, for what little that’s worth, despite what misinformed people say. The global system in place currently resembles Mussolini’s “corporate fascism” and it is very effective in funneling the world’s hard material currency to the top 5% of the already wealthiest families and individuals.

Now some folks like Bill and Melinda Gates who practice philantropy have indeed scattered some of their money throughout the world in worthy causes, but nothing like the wealth that still enters their coffers, so they’re still ahead of the game.

But at least they make the attempt. Or make it look good anyway. Others are blatant in their contempt of the human race.

Ordinary people are noticing this world governace more and more every day, mainly through the efforts of individuals like Tucker and Estulin via the Internet.

And the people see that they have very little to gain by an international system that they have no say in and is bleeding them dry daily.

It’s no wonder the Bilderberg Group hide what they do. If the ideas they propose are detrimental to most of the world’s inhabitants, they need to be exposed and exposed now!

There’s a lot of people who think this is just a conspiracy-whacko-tinfoil hat-wearing bunch of crap and it can be blown out of proportion at times. And the Bilderbergs aren’t totally united in their agendas, there are factions who disagree with each other vehemently.

But take the time to look around you sometime and count the number of international corporations there are (and financial institutions especially) and study what they do and where they invest your money (if you have any at all!).

Is it whacko conspiracy theory?

Bilderberg Agenda Exposed


Read this excellent article by Andrew G. Marshall of GlobalReasearch.ca:

Bilderberg’s Plan in Action?


Reorganizing the Federal Reserve


Following the Bilderberg meeting, there were several interesting announcements made by key participants, specifically in regards to reorganizing the Federal Reserve. On May 21, it was reported that US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner “is believed to be leaning heavily towards giving the Federal Reserve a central role in future regulation,” and “it is understood that the Fed would take on some of the work currently undertaken by the US Securities and Exchange Commission.”[11]

On Wednesday, May 20, Geithner spoke before the Senate Banking Committee, at which he stated that, “there are important indications that our financial system is starting to heal.” In regards to regulating the financial system, Geithner stated that, “we must ensure that international rules for financial regulation are consistent with the high standards we will be implementing in the United States.”[12]


Bloomberg reported that, “The Obama administration may call for stripping the Securities and Exchange Commission of some of its powers under a regulatory reorganization,” and that, “The proposal, still being drafted, is likely to give the Federal Reserve more authority to supervise financial firms deemed too big to fail. The Fed may inherit some SEC functions, with others going to other agencies.” Interestingly, “SEC Chairman Mary Schapiro’s agency has been mostly absent from negotiations within the administration on the regulatory overhaul, and she has expressed frustration about not being consulted.”

It was reported that “Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner was set to discuss proposals to change financial regulations last night at a dinner with National Economic Council Director Lawrence Summers [who was also present at Bilderberg], former Fed Chairman Paul Volcker [also at Bilderberg], ex-SEC Chairman Arthur Levitt and Elizabeth Warren, the Harvard University law professor who heads the congressional watchdog group for the $700 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program.”[13] The Federal Reserve is a privately owned central bank, owned by its shareholders, consisting of the major banks the make up each regional Fed bank (the largest of which is JP Morgan Chase and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York). This plan would essentially give a privately owned bank, which has governmental authority, the ability to regulate the banks that own it. It’s the equivalent of getting a Colonel to guard a General to whom he is directly answerable. Talk about the fox guarding the hen house. It is literally granting ownership over the financial regulator to the banks being regulated.

The Bilderberg Plan For 2009: Remaking the Global Political Economy