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Greg Bishop on the Paracast

I just finished listening to the June 7, 2009 Paracast with guest Greg Bishop and as usual with Gene and Dave’s interviews, this one is no nonsense and well balanced. Fun discussion!

Greg Bishop Interview

Virtual Reality Lunar Crash

The KAGUYA probe will end its scientific exploration of the moon with a controlled impact on the lunar surface. The crash, scheduled for 3:30 AM (Japan standard time) on June 11, 2009 (6:30 PM GMT on June 10, 2009), will occur in the shadow on the near side of the moon, at 63 degrees south latitude and 80 degrees east longitude.

Map showing location of KAGUYA's impact --
The red star shows where KAGUYA is expected to crash

I don’t dare try it, the last time I went on a VR rollercoaster ride, I had a seizure!

Low altitude video of lunar surface ( in HD)

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Post-humanist “techion”

More Kurzweillian “techion”:

When I first heard of Ray Kuzweil’s ideas, I assumed he was a science fiction writer. After all, the sort of transhuman future he envisioned is stock sci-fi fare. I was mildly surprised when it turns out that he is quite serious about (and well paid for expressing) his views. I was somewhat more surprised to learn that he has quite a following. Of course, I wasn’t too surprised-I’ve been around a while.

Oversimplifying things, Kuzweil envisions a future in which humans will be immortal and the dead will return to live. While these are common claims in religion, Kuzweil’s view is that technology will make this possible. While some describe his view as a religion, I’d prefer to use a made up word, “techion” to refer to this sort of phenomena. As I see it, a religion involves claims about supernatural entities. Kuzweil’s view is purely non-supernatural, but does have most of the stock elements of religion (the promise of a utopian future, immortality, and the raising of the dead). So, it is sort of a technological religion-hence “techion.” Yes, I like making up words. Try it yourself-it is free, fun and makes you look cool (your actual results might differ).

While the religion-like aspects of his views are interesting, I’ll be looking at the ideas of technological immortality and technological resurrection.

Not too many discussions of the philosophical implications of a Technological Singularity occurring and could and should post-human entities resurrect their ancestors, if physically and morally possible.

Resurrection & Immortality In The Flesh

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