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Rendlesham Forest Interview/New Agey NWO News

This past Sunday on the Paracast, Gene and Dave’s guests were John Burroughs and Peter Robbins.

Burroughs was an airman stationed at Bentwaters Air Force Base and a witness to the 1980 Rendlesham Forest UFO incident. Robbins is co-author of “Left at East Gate.”

During the interview, Burroughs said he went through “hypnotic regression” therapy to bring up all of the missing memories he had. He himself doubts his own veracity concerning these sessions, but Gene and Dave handle his interview well and the story of Rendlesham is still one of the great unsolved mysteries of modern times.

Burroughs and Robbins Interview


On the 6/18/09 Project Camelot podcast, the guest was George Green, a former international currency buyer/trader, now a New Age peace and love the Earth guru.

Funny that he’s made a place to hide out for when the shit hits the fan (self-admittedly).

So much for peace and love. But Bill and Kerry do a relatively good interview, they’re getting better at it.

But when you listen to any Project Camelot podcast, get ready for New Agey mysticism along with your dose of NWO news.

I think Bill and Kerry mean well though.

George Green Interview