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Kentroversy Tapes: Interview with Todd Campbell/Vacation rest of week

I’m taking some time off from work and blogging, so I’ll be back next Monday July 6.

For your listening pleasure however, here’s one of Kent Daniel Bentkowski’s (Kentroversy) last interviews he did on his podcast.

For those of you who didn’t know Kent, he was one of the foremost researchers into the NWO, their machinations and symbolisms.

Kent passed away last year June 30th from complications of the HIV virus he incurred from a blood transfusion 18 years earlier. Although he never made a secret of his illnesses, he was taken by surprise by the severity of his sickness before he died. He truly believed he could beat it.

The world can do with the courage of people like Kent. He’s still missed.

Here is an August 2007 interview Kent did with Todd Campbell, author of the blog Through The Looking Glass. The discussion centered around 9/11 and Todd’s esoteric research. Happy listening!

Kentroversy Tapes: Interview with Todd Campbell