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Godly Light, 7/5/09 Paracast and Patterning Atlantis

Light bulbs of the gods?

However controversial the “light bulb” theory is, electricity is a raw power of the universe, and hence quite similar to the “raw power of magic”. The djed pillar is indeed an expression of power; the snake is indeed a current, of life. And the baboon-like demon holding two knives, which are interpreted as a protective and defensive power, is not so much electricity, but magical protection. When von Däniken wrote that “the monkey with the sharpened knives symbolizes the danger that awaits those who do not understand the device”, he is absolutely correct – for those who tangle with magic and do not understand, are indeed as dead as being hit by an electric discharge.
Mistakes, whether by von Däniken or scientists, are often made when we look at items in isolation. It happens with the Great Pyramid, about which intricate theories have been built, but which are in essence worthless unless one incorporates the equally grand Second Pyramid, standing right next to it, into the theory. In the case of this chamber, note that it is one of five subterranean crypts, that are aligned along a straight hallway. Each of the crypts housed precious temple statues and objects, including two gilt statues of Hathor decorated with precious stones. In short, these were the relic vaults. Though now long vanished, it is known that one of the statues was that of the ba of Hathor, a golden statuette representing a bird with a human head capped with a horned disc.
So, rather than look at this chamber in isolation, let us look at it in context. But first of all a technical detail: the entire temple was constructed of sandstone, but to create these depictions, a block of limestone was inserted into this crypt. The crypt itself would have contained other statues, of Hathor, and would have been used for the New Year celebration and the festival of Harsamtawy, which is the name of the deity that appears out of the lotus flower – the conscious creation. On New Year’s day, the objects inside the crypt were transported to the vault, which sat above the crypt.
Harsamtawy, a son of Hathor, was, according to Wallis-Budge, Horus, who “was believed to have sprung into existence out of a lotus flower which blossomed in the heavenly abyss of Nu at dawn at the beginning of the year.” Hence, this scene depicts the birth of the divine Horus, on New Year. And with this detail, as placed within the proper context, do we begin to realise that was is depicted in this scene, is the hieros gamos, the sacred marriage.


von Daniken introduced me to the anomalous over thirty years ago and to this day I refuse to denigrate him just because it’s fashionable to do so now, since his theories have fallen out of favor.

The popular opinion now is that it isn’t ‘ancient astronauts.’ It’s an ancient world spanning antediluvian civilization who left knowledge and influenced Sumeria and ancient Egypt.

It doesn’t matter to me really, both explanations are anomalous and non-mainstream enough to foster questions and curiousity.

Let there be light!


This past Sunday’s Paracast featured Dave and Gene’s reflection of what they accomplish on their show, taking a possible vacation with a guest host taking over for a week or two and a discussion with veteran photographer and UFO researcher Jim Delittosso and his involvement with the Billy Meier photographs. Good stuff.

7/5/09 Paracast with Jim Delittosso


Speaking of ‘ancient civilizations’, Atlantis in this instance, gets a treatment by Harry Dale Huffman. Namely via software that he wrote that determines Earthly and sky patterns in which Dr. Huffman interprets a ‘Great Design’ and what that means for Mankind:

In discovering and subsequently verifying the Great Design of the “gods”, which had involved a wholesale re-formation of the landmasses on the surface of the Earth between 20,000 and 10,000 years ago, I became familiar with the many details of those landmasses, and when I afterwards came across Kircher’s map of the Atlantic, with Atlantis in the middle of the ocean, I recognized its shape as one familiar to me.

I had, after all, not so long before, picked out the shapes of the continents and other landmasses – one point at a time, thousands of points altogether- to develop my own Earth- and sky-mapping software, with which I studied the Great Design and its message stored for mankind, or for whoever might come to Earth to study mankind, and who might find and read it.

One of the last large landmasses whose detailed ocean outline I plotted, was Greenland, and the similarity between Greenland and Insula Atlantis is substantial (see the accompanying illustration). To properly compare Greenland with Insula Atlantis, I only had to determine the actual size of Atlantis as seen on the Kircher map. This was easily done by comparing “Hispania” on the Kircher map with the Iberian peninsula on the actual globe; it is then a simple matter to scale Insula Atlantis to its appropriate size on the globe. When this is done, the comparison with Greenland is excellent, in both size and detailed shape.
I won’t here go into the many strands of evidence I found which positively established Greenland as the Atlantis of ancient legend. I am satisfied here mainly with showing the close comparison of the two, with just a few added points to be made. First, the Insula Atlantis of Kircher’s map is wider than Greenland. This is because the eastern portion of Atlantis was broken off, and became Iceland – to the southeast of Greenland today – and the islands of the United Kingdom, even further south and east…


Dr. Huffman’s theories are interesting to say the least. This ‘design’ hypothesis instead of plate techtonics forming the present day land masses would probably make geologists say ‘no f’ing way’, but that’s okay.

I have to pick his brain someday about who he thinks the ‘gods’ are.

Atlantis at last

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