Daily Archives: July 15th, 2009

July 12th Paracast/SpaceX July 14th Launch

The July 12th edition of the Paracast was a three hour tribute to Fortean author John Keel, whose major claim to fame was “The Mothman Prophecies.”

Keel passed away at age 79 on July 3rd of a heart attack. Other than the Mothman Prophecies, I knew very little of his work. I was surprised to find out that his theories of paranormal origins of UFOs predated Jacques Vallee by a decade and that he considered himself a ‘demonologist’ vice a ‘ufologist’ ( a definition ufologists themselves disagree on ).

Gene and Dave’s guests are folks who have had past associations with Keel, for better or worse as you will find out as you listen to the show.

For you Fortean historians out there ( and novices like myself ), this is must listen episode.

Interviews with Tim Beckley, Jerome Clark, Loren Coleman, Jim Moseley, Brad Steiger and Curt Sutherly

More a more mainstream science approach, here is a video from SpaceX, the private space launch company owned by PayPal magnate Elon Musk, showing the fifth launch of their Falcon 1 rocket carrying a payload for Malaysia, for only $8 million on July 14th.

I wonder why the mainstream media coverage was light on this?