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Pauling UFO Studies and Amazing Randi Making Final Exit?

Anthony Bragalia via The UFO Iconoclast(s) surmises that uber-scientist Linus Pauling researched, or back-researched rather, UFO metals from the Roswell crash when he worked for Battelle:

Leads that were acted on by this author and that were provided by UFO enthusiast Frank Stalter are very revealing. It has been discovered that Pauling was a close friend of Clyde Williams, the Executive Director of Battelle Memorial Institute in the 1940s and 1950s. Williams and Pauling shared a unique research interest in “intermetallics” which are especially complex metal alloys that are associated with “shape memory” or the ability to “morph.”


A personal calendar that Pauling maintained throughout his working life is also archived at the Oregon State University library. The January 11, 1951 entry of Pauling’s calendar refers to a letter that was received by Pauling on that date from Battelle’s Executive Director, Clyde Williams. During this precise time period, Williams’ organization was contracted by Wright Patterson Air Force Base to conduct scientific analysis on the UFO phenomenon in support of the Air Force’s Project Grudge (later Project Blue Book.)

Incredibly, Williams (who was Battelle’s Director at the time of the UFO crash at Roswell) indicates in the letter that he wanted to meet with Pauling (whose interest in UFOs was know at that time) because he “would like an opportunity to visit with an old friend.” Williams wanted to tap Pauling’s needed expertise about the “principles of determining the structure of intermetallic compounds.” Dr. Pauling’s genius apparently extended to exotic metals. Three years after the Battelle letter requesting Pauling’s analysis of intermetallic structures was received, Dr. Pauling would be awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. The prize was awarded for his “research into the nature of the chemical bond and its application in the elucidation of complex substances.” In fact by the 1950s, Pauling was thought to be the premier materials chemist in the entire world.

Pauling’s expertise in “intermetallics” may have profound implications. Intermetallics constitute a then-novel (and highly unusual) class of materials. They are mostly compounds of metals whose crystal structures are different from those of constituent metals. The best known representatives of intermetallics are the shape memory alloys (SMA’s.) Shape memory metal was reported as a “morphing material” found at the reported UFO crash at Roswell in 1947. The best known of these shape-recovery materials is Nitinol. Nitinol has been historically traced by this author as having its origins in Battelle studies that were contracted by Wright Patterson AFB, where the crash material was reportedly flown to. These studies commenced immediately following the Roswell crash. See archived articles on the UFO Iconoclasts website that detail these findings.

Pauling was at that time one of our nation’s only experts on X-Ray crystallography. He had also developed groundbreaking research in “quantum chemistry” – a branch of theoretical chemistry which straddles the border between chemistry and physics. It is especially useful in determining unknown material and in characterizing the phases of matter. It is clear from the Oregon State University archives of Pauling’s work that Pauling had a prior association with Battelle.

As an “old friend” of its Executive Director, Pauling likely had ties to Battelle extending back to the 1940s. His work in the examination of crystalline structures and chemical technical analysis would have been very valuable in studing intermetallics such as shape recovery metals. Pauling’s strong professional interest in flying saucers makes this an intriguing -and perhaps telling- connection to the UFO debris found at Roswell.

Buried within the pages of Pauling’s personal copy of the 1966 bestseller Flying Saucers:Serious Business (also archived at the Oregon State University library) is a copy of a letter from Pauling to the President of the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology that concerns UFO study. This letter was found folded into the section of Frank Edwards’ book that mentions the UFO crash at Roswell and includes the statement, “There are such difficult cases as the rancher near Roswell, New Mexico…”

This is news to me. Pauling was to myself and others, a Nobel Prize winning scientists who happened to like vitamin C. The metalurgy studies were a complete unknown.

I guess the secret government people knew their shit in those days eh?

UFOs and VITAMIN C – Linus Pauling’s Flying Saucer Secret by Anthony Bragalia

Hat tip

I read with great sadness this morning than uber-skeptic and debunker of the paranormal James Randi has intestinal cancer.

While he was given a 50-50 chance of survival, I wouldn’t wish the Big C on anyone. I saw two people die from it up-close and personal and it isn’t pretty.

But I do know someone who survived it and in fact, went back to work.

For those who like Randi’s work, link here .

As for myself, I spent a good part of my life studying science and its many wonders.

But I’ve learned that people shouldn’t discount the paranormal offhandedly.

And I never saw anyone die a hard-core atheist.

James Randi Fighting Cancer

Could Q-life be UFOs?

UFOs by far are some of the most unexplained mysteries of the 21st Century. Nobody has any hard physical evidence of their existence (but trace evidence at certain sites do) and of course eye-witness accounts still come in.

This week I posted an article from Kevin Randle on how the ‘old geezers’ of UFO study has solved the problem long ago. And I posted some articles against that argument, but not too much. I really wanted to get more responses from other readers about the ETH (nuts and bolts theory/extraterrestrial hypothesis). And I wasn’t disappointed by the answers I got. One of the most prevalent answers I got was about the ‘cryptoterrestrial’ or an earlier life form that evolved intelligence and went through an intellectual ‘singularity’ before humans have ever evolved intelligence.

Thus during the centuries of our existence, these beings have always observed us, occasionally interacting with us at a level that early humans, and even today some would call supernaturally.

And that is the cusp point we are with UFO studies now; the ‘nuts and bolts’ folks and the folks who theorize the phenomenon is more along the lines of the paranormal, the realm of ghosts, spirits, demons, angelic beings or telekenetic formations.

My thoughts lean more toward the nuts and bolts side, simply because at some sites physical trace evidence such as burns, chemical changes and metallic flaking/powders has been collected by MUFON researchers. At paranormal visitations/sites there is usually no trace evidence left at all, other than questionable photographic evidence.

So to me, Clarke’s Third Law still holds up.

That doesn’t mean UFOs are alien in nature, it just means whomever, or whatever is doing this stuff, their tech is like magic to us.

So which brings me to this; what kind of life would possess this magic/tech?

Well, according to Peter Fotis Kapnistos, “Q-life” :

The introduction of modern science finally consigned ghosts and spirits to the fantasy zone of delusions and superstitions. In our day, eminent reasoned thinkers are in charge of our scientific and educational systems. But the swift growth of astrobiology in the past few years has presented an exceptional challenge. Several popular theories have been proposed about the possible basis of alien life. The latest phase in the critical analysis of extraterrestrial life now focuses on what physicist and astrobiologist Paul Davies recently described as “Q-life.”

“A century and a half after Charles Darwin published On The Origin of Species, the origin of life itself remains a stubborn mystery, and is deeply problematic. The simplest known living organism is already stupendously complex, and it is inconceivable that such an entity would arise spontaneously by chance self-assembly. Most researchers suppose that life began either with a set of self-replicating, digital-information-carrying molecules much simpler than DNA, or with a self-catalyzing chemical cycle that stored no precise genetic information but was capable of producing additional quantities of the same chemical mixture. Both these approaches focus on the reproduction of material substances, which is only natural because, after all, known life reproduces by copying genetic material. However, the key properties of life — replication with variation, and natural selection — do not logically require material structures themselves to be replicated. It is sufficient that information is replicated. This opens up the possibility that life may have started with some form of quantum replicator: Q-life, if you like.”

Q-life –– set apart as a “life form without material structure” –– ironically harks back to our ancient belief in spirits. According to Professor Davies, the benefit of simply copying information at the quantum level, instead of building rigid duplicate molecular structures, is speed: “Q-life can therefore evolve many orders of magnitude faster than chemical life,” Davies pointed out. The environment of theoretical Q-life is unclear, but the surfaces of interstellar grains or the interiors of comets could allow “low-temperature environments with rich physical and chemical potential.”

The possibility of a quantum replicator became evident in 2007, when an international panel from the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Max Planck Institute of Germany, and the University of Sydney found that under certain conditions galactic dust “comes alive” in outer space. The panel’s chief researcher, V.N. Tsytovich, announced that microscopic corkscrew shapes (helixes and double helixes) could form “spontaneously” in interstellar space. As they have memory and the power to reproduce, the helical strands show the necessary properties to meet the criteria for life. Since that affirmative disclosure, NASA scientists have given weight to a search for what they now call “weird life” –– organisms that lack DNA or other molecules found in life on Earth.

I have read some articles on Physorg during the year about dusts and plasma in the Universe that take on ‘life-like’ qualities, but it’s hard for me to understand their jargon.

So like most people, I tune it out.

But maybe, just maybe, there just might be K-type 3 or 4 civilizations that are dust formations around black holes, contemplating great thoughts.

Or post-singularity Kurzweillian civilizations?

Wouldn’t they be considered ‘supernatural’ by our reckoning?

The “spirit or alien” Question

LCROSS Update and Disagreeable New Agers

Well, it seems that NASA does have an explanation of why its’ LCROSS lunar craft burned up its extra fuel.

It had an ‘attitude’ problem:

It turns out the spacecraft had an attitude problem: A broken sensor in the LCROSS attitude control system, which keeps track of the satellite’s orientation, caused the spacecraft to repeatedly fire its thrusters and burn up about 140 kg of hydrazine propellant. Fortunately, NASA says the spacecraft was carrying more fuel than it needed and still has 50 kg left, enough to complete its mission.

If all goes well, LCROSS will release its Centaur rocket on Oct. 9, 2009, sending the projectile hurtling at the south pole of the moon at twice the speed of a bullet. Scientists hope the impact will send up a huge plume of moon debris, possibly containing ice, vapor or traces of hydrated materials that prove the existence of water on the moon.

A broken sensor was the problem, eh?

I prefer hostile Moon aliens, thank you very much!

Moon Mission Accidently Burns Up Fuel Reserves

Chris Knowles of the Secret Sun blog posted about the Disclosure Project’s Dr. Steven Greer and his recent interview with Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot, which didn’t turn out quite what everyone expected.

According to Knowles, Cassidy, i.e., Project Camelot, “…the big news in the world of UFOlogy recently was the heated debate between Dr. Steven Greer and Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot over Greer’s remarks to the Barcelona Disclosure conference that all alien races in contact with Earth were benevolent.

I’ll admit I’ve never been nearly as impressed with Project Camelot as they are with themselves. They lost me during their interview with Richard Hoagland, for which neither Cassidy nor her partner Bill Ryan seemed even remotely prepared (and you could tell Hoagland wasn’t happy either). And it’s a bit rich to see Cassidy going after Greer hammer-and-tongs when she treated Clifford Stone with such kid gloves, who seems every bit as starry-eyed as she accuses Greer of being.”

I still listen to Project Camelot interviews on American Freedom Radio every so often.

They have guests who have studied the NWO for years and I like to listen to their perspective.

But Chris doesn’t know the history of Project Camelot it seems, because he didn’t mention Dan Burisch, a frequent friend of the Project Camelot crew.

Burisch, as Cassidy and Ryan explain it, is a member of MJ-12, or its modern term ‘Majestic.’

And Burisch’s take on these ‘aliens’ is completely opposite than Greer’s ‘helpful space-brother.’

According to Dr. Burisch (or Crain, depends on the situation) the UFO ‘aliens’ are actually our descendents from another time-line.

And they’re not all concerned about humanity’s well-being.

Anyways, what kills me is that Cassidy and Greer accuse each other of being ‘New Agey.’

Two sides of the same frying pan I say!

You gotta be shittin’ me, 😆 !

Dr. Steven Greer and the “New Age” of Ufology

Project Camelot: Dr. Steven Greer: The Unknown Agenda

Dan Burisch’s ‘Eagles Disobey’ blog

Lunar Mission Mystery

The LCROSS lunar mission in which the Centaur rocket stage was destined to be shot into a crater in the Southern Lunar Hemisphere to find water is in danger of not happening:

Officials are hurriedly looking for ways to save fuel on NASA’s $79 million lunar impactor mission after a crisis Saturday caused the spacecraft to burn more than half of its remaining propellant.

The Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite used about 140 kilograms, or 309 pounds, of maneuvering fuel to maintain the probe’s orientation in space Saturday, according to Dan Andrews, the mission’s project manager at Ames Research Center.

LCROSS is tugging a 41-foot-long Centaur rocket stage on a circuitous route through space. Scientists are preparing for a fleeting series of observations as the spent booster is released for a suicidal plunge into the moon on Oct. 9.

The goal is to hit a shadowed crater near the lunar south pole to see if water ice deposits reside there.

The 6-foot-tall shepherding spacecraft’s attitude control system was specifically designed to handle the unusual job of positioning the 47-foot-long stack as it flies toward the moon.

“It was a tough day, as you can imagine,” Andrews said. “But what it’s done is given us a razor’s focus on how to manage the remainder of the propellant.”

LCROSS is now perilously close to its built-in propellant margins, and Andrews said the team will probably have to cancel some activities that are not crucial to the mission.

“Our estimates now are if we pretty much baseline the mission, meaning just accomplish the things that we have to (do) to get the job done with full mission success, we’re still in the black on propellant, but not by a lot,” Andrews told Spaceflight Now late Tuesday.

LCROSS now has between 20 pounds and 40 pounds of extra propellant that could be used in unplanned activities, a relatively thin margin for satellite operations.

“We can finish this mission, but it makes our sensitivity to something happening quite high,” Andrews said.

Conspiracy theorists such as Richard Hoagland have speculated that NASA was planning to bomb existing Lunar colonies (inhabited by whom, we do not know) using the fuel laden Centaur stage as a super-kinetic weapon.

Now it seems the stage has used up most of it’s fuel because of an un-named ‘crisis.’

Why is the cause ‘un-named’ or ‘unknown?’

“Curiouser and curiouser”, said Alice.


What do you think?

Managers Mull Options After Moon Mission Malfunctions


NASA Plans To Bomb The Moon

Geezers and the ‘Nuts and Bolts’ Theory

UFO researcher Kevin Randle makes a pretty heady remark by claiming that the UFO mystery has been solved for years, i.e. that they are in fact extraterrestrially controlled space vessels (the ‘nuts and bolts’ theory of UFO origins):

Just recently the RRR Group posted a picture that my wife took at the MUFON Symposium in Denver and claimed that those of us on the Speakers panel were a bunch of geezers who had failed to solve the UFO question. It was time for us to get out of the way and let those younger, brighter and more enlightened take over. We had our chance and we failed.

Except we haven’t failed. We solved the problem. We have the proof that some UFOs are alien spacecraft and we can make that point over and over. The evidence for that is overwhelming, but not unlike Galileo, who failed to convince the church that there were moons orbiting Jupiter, we get a bunch of people who “refuse to look through the telescope.”

Old geezer Ted Philips, being interviewed during th MUFON Press Conference made an important point. Talking about the four thousand or so landing trace cases that he had investigated, he mentioned that once he had a description of the craft, he could predict what the landing traces would be. In other, more scientific words, we had reproducibility, meaning the same things observed under similar circumstances and the predictability that comes from repeated observation. This was science at its best and it’s something that the debunkers, the skeptics, and apparently those in the RRR Group ignore.

Old geezer Chris Rutkowski (seen here) reviewed, at length, a longitudinal study of twenty years of UFO reports in Canada, looking for trends. Here again was a statistical study that provided information about what people saw and how it was identified, if it was identified and what it meant when the mundane, or what some would call the rational, did not explain the events. These were unidentified sightings that suggested alien visitation.
Old geezer Stan Friedman (seen here) diverted from his normal “Flying Saucers Are Real” talk and spoke about the possibilities of interstellar travel, something the youngsters, the debunkers, and the skeptics will always reject out of hand. The distances are too vast and we just can’t travel that far with our chemical rockets.
Well, of course, a chemical rocket would quickly run out of fuel, but other methods of propulsion have been discussed everywhere from science fiction to science conventions… and ways to generate the necessary energy have been discussed. Methods that aren’t beyond our current technology so that when the opposition says the Voyager spacecraft will take 70,000 years to get to the nearest star, they don’t mention that it is not accelerating. Any trip to another star will require constant acceleration until a point is reached that the craft will have to begin to slow down, but the round trip time drops considerably.
I haven’t read much from Randle and other ‘geezers’ (of which I count myself an ‘apprentice’ geezer) except for Stanton Friedman. I have quite a bit of his material, albeit from his website and not from his books. Mainly because I’m poor and cheap.
Friedman’s case makes sense in that civilizations many thousands of years ahead of us technologically (if they’re anthropomorphically similar to us) would appear to have ‘god-tech’ or ‘clarke-tech’, or tech that would be as magic to us.
That could possibly explain why UFOs have ‘paranormal’ properties such as shape-changing, going through objects, invisibility, executing 90 degree angle turns without inertia and amazing acceleration and speeds without creating sonic booms.
But we lack just one thing; having the physical evidence for such tech in our possession. Supposedly.
Which, BTW is another of Randle’s points:
I could point here that the Air Force has been less than candid in its investigation of UFOs, slapping on ridiculous solutions just to be able to label the case. For the 1957 sightings in Levelland, Texas, which involved multiple witnesses, the UFO interacting with the environment, sightings by law enforcement officers and even the suggestion of a landing trace, the Air Force decided the sightings were weather related and the culprit was ball lightning… at the time, even science denied the existence of ball lightning. No one then seemed to catch the irony of using something that didn’t exist to explain the sightings of something else that didn’t exist, at least according to those in the Air Force.

If you are interested in the duplicity of the Air Force, let me point out that according to their nearly day long investigation, their representative spoke to only three witnesses. Later, when Major Don Keyhoe suggested that there were nine witnesses, the Air Force all but called him a liar.
But the truth is that both Keyhoe and the Air Force were wrong. There were many witnesses in thirteen separate locations. Many of their stories, gathered before the publicity and within minutes of their sightings were strikingly similar, including the electromagnetic effects on their vehicles engines, radios and lights.
But does that prove that UFOs are extraterrestrial craft? Electromagnetic effects?
I don’t honestly know.
But the folks such as Triple R shouldn’t be so quick to discredit the ‘geezers’ so handily.
They have much to teach us and lots of research to lay as much claim to a reasonable explanation of UFO origins as any.
If not more.

From Tin-foil to Science

Some tin-foil to science stuff: via Daily Mail:

Scientists are only months away from  creating artificial life, it was claimed yesterday.

Dr Craig Venter – one of the world’s most famous and controversial biologists – said his U.S. researchers have overcome one of the last big hurdles to making a synthetic organism.


The first artificial lifeform is likely to be a simple man-made bacterium that proves that the technology can work.

But it will be followed by more complex bacteria that turn coal into cleaner natural gas, or algae that can soak up carbon dioxide and convert it into fuels.

They could also be used to create new vaccines and antibiotics.

The prediction came after a breakthrough by the J Craig Venter Institute in Maryland.

Researchers successfully transferred
the DNA of one type of bacteria into a yeast cell, modified it and then transferred it into another bacterial cell.

The pioneering ‘gene swap’ was performed on a simple species of bacteria called Mycoplasma mycoides.

Carole Lartigue and colleagues removed the bacteria’s entire genome and inserted it into the yeast – an organism that is distant from bacteria on the tree of life.

Yeast is easier to manipulate in the lab and this process allowed the team to alter the genes – in this case, deleting one gene not necessary for bacteria to live.

The cell went on to divide normally, producing a new healthy strain of the modified bacteria.

In January, the team created the entire genetic code of a new bacterium. They now hope to transfer such artificial DNA into a host cell to create a new species, the journal Science reported.

Yesterday Dr Venter said: ‘Assuming we don’t make any errors, I think it should work and we should have the first synthetic species by the end of the year.’

The team successfully transplanted the genome of one bacteria into another for the first time in 2007.

They then created the first entirely man-made genome. But previous attempts to introduce the synthetic genome into another organism and take control of the new bacteria all failed.


Man-made organisms will be created ‘with-in months.’


If one happens to believe in anthropocentric global warming, could we ‘geo-engineer our way out of it?

Via Time:

As we pump billions of tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, we’re doing more than warming the planet and scrambling the climate. We’re also conducting what climatologist James Hansen has called a “vast uncontrolled experiment.” In effect, we’re on our way to engineering a world very different from the one we were handed. Belatedly, we’re trying to turn off the carbon spigot, hoping that by incrementally reducing the emissions we’ve spent a couple of centuries pouring into the air we can stop the climate slide before it’s too late.

But what if we can’t do that? What if it turns out that slashing carbon emissions enough to make a difference — and it seems that means cutting output at least in half by midcentury — is economically and politically impossible? Do we need a Plan B?

A small but growing number of researchers are beginning to say yes. If we geoengineered the earth into a mess with our uncontrolled appetite for fossil fuels, maybe we have to geoengineer our way out of it — in effect, directly cooling the planet via a controlled experiment to counteract our uncontrolled one. Indeed, according to a just-published paper for the Copenhagen Consensus on Climate — a think tank studying inexpensive solutions to climate change — geoengineering might not only be a good way to bring rising temperatures under short-term control while we wait for the longer-term fix of cutting carbon emissions to take hold, it might be the only way.

“The potential benefits of geoengineering are really very large,” says Lee Lane, a fellow at the American Enterprise Institute and a co-author of the paper.

There are a number of potential approaches to geoengineering, but the most popular ones focus on controlling the amount of solar radiation that reaches the earth’s surface. Climate — in its simplest terms — is the rough relationship between the amount of solar energy that strikes the earth and the amount that is retained by the atmosphere, as opposed to being radiated or reflected back into space. In this sense, the greenhouse effect is not all bad. Without a little bit of it, the earth would be a cold, dead place, with an average temperature as low as -0.4°F. Unfortunately, by adding CO2 and other greenhouse gases to the atmosphere, we have, in a sense, thrown another quilt on the planet when we were perfectly comfortable to begin with.


Can Geoengineering Help Slow Global Warming?

Heh, heh, Beware the Enlightened Ones!

From the Fortean Times:

DAVID HAMBLING traces the hidden history of the most notorious conspiracy of all time, while DAVID V BARRETT assesses its modern legacy.

Once, the Illuminati were barely a rumour. An ancient conspiracy manipulating humankind for their own dark purposes, they were the hidden hand behind history. They infiltrated the corridors of power via groups like the Freemasons, starting revolutions and toppling kingdoms. They gained control of the international banking system, allowing them to covertly rule the world.

In recent years, though, this blanket of secrecy has been gradually lifted. Now the secrecy has been eroded. First, in 1975, there were the three books later published as the single-volume The Illuminatus! Trilogy by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson; then there was a best-selling game; these days, the Illuminati crop up in every corner of popular culture, from Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons to Tomb Raider. But the truth about the Illuminati remains as elusive as ever.

As a political conspiracy, the group known as the Bavarian Illuminati was actually very short-lived. A secret society dedicated to spreading republicanism, it was founded in 1776 and outlawed in 1790, after which it ceased to function. While they caused much alarm, the Bavarian Illuminati were notably unsuccessful as revolutionaries. They may have inspired other groups, but there is little evidence that the Illumin­ati themselves endured as a political force. However, this group was the artificial creat­ion of one man – and an imitation of a far older and more influent­ial Illuminati. And to find out about them we must travel back to 16th-century Spain.

For centuries, most of Spain was under Moorish rule, with Muslims, Jews and Christians living peacefully together in what has been described as a golden age of the arts and sciences. However, by the late Middle Ages the Moorish kingdoms were falling one by one to Christian conquerors, a process known as the Reconquista. The new regime had a slogan: “One country, one faith”. Having expelled the Moors, they next decided to resolve the ‘Jewish question’.

There had been public violence against the Jews since 1391, followed by a strong pressure on them to convert. In 1492, the Catholic monarchs Ferdinand and Isabella issued a final edict that Jews must be bapt­ised into the Catholic Church or be expelled from Spain. Many left, but others stayed, and the many thousands of Conversos, or ‘New Christians’, now made up much of Spain’s educated urban middle class.

Ironically, then, the effect of the edict was perhaps precisely the opposite of what was intended: Converso families who had previously been shunned for their religion were now equal to their neighbours. Conversos could occupy public office, and frequently did, often rising to high position. Converso authors and poets contributed greatly to Spanish culture; even Cervantes, Spain’s greatest author, may have come from such a family. [1] And the Church now found itself faced with a new generation of young priests from Converso stock.

Prejudice dies hard, and many Old Christ­ians deeply resented their new brothers in religion. Inevitably, conspiracy theories began to surface, suggesting that the Conversos were infiltrating the state and the Church in order to take them over. The idea was popularised by Friar Alonso de Espina in a 1466 tract, Fortalitium Fidei Contra Judaeos (Fortress of Faith against the Jews).

A chronicler in Seville recorded a plot by a group of senior Conversos against the authorities in 1481. They were gathering men and arms for a revolt, and believed that they could get the people to support them. But the plotters were betrayed – the beautiful daughter of their leader was in love with a Christian – arrested, and the ringleaders publicly executed. The story provided justification for later generations who believed that the Conversos could not be trusted. It was not until the 20th century that historian Henry Kamen proved the whole thing was a complete fabrication. [2]

Laws of racial purity were passed to prevent those with Jewish blood from holding public office, and in 1478 a new organisation was set up to deal with religious subversion: the Spanish Inquisition. The Inquisition was zealous in following up any allegation that Conversos might be secretly following their old religion and, using torture and psychological terror, set about ensuring that nobody strayed from the true path.

Many Conversos were sincere Christians, and they brought new ideas into Christianity. In 1511, Spain saw the first stirrings of a movement whose followers were called Illuminati in Latin or Alumbrados in Spanish. In English, we might call them ‘Enlightened Ones’. Pedro Ruiz de Alcaraz preached a form of Christianity which involved contemplation to achieve the mystical experience of seeing the Light of God directly. The Alumbrados emphasised the power of God’s love and the ineffectiveness of human effort – including even that of the Church. For them, ecstatic vision and personal communion replaced ecclesiastical ritual and priestly mediation.

A few Alumbrados came from old aristo­cratic families, but the majority were Conversos. In the 1520s, the Inquisition established that the Alumbrados were heretical and set about exterminating them. The movement was forced into hiding. For curious political reasons, the Alumbrados were accused, and frequently convicted, of being Protestant Lutherans, an entirely unrelated ‘heresy’. It’s a bit like convicting Buddhists of being Hindu, and must have added a surreal (even Pythonesque) air to the trials.

Ignatius of Loyola was among those accused of being an Alumbrado. [3] Cleared, he became a priest and founded the Order of Jesus or Jesuits, which became a powerful elite acting under the direct authority of the Pope. The Jesuits also had a lasting hostility to the Inquisition, although it was Jesuit influence that helped end Illuminism in Spain; rather than opposing mysticism, they embraced it, making the Church more appealing to would-be Alumbrados. The movement didn’t completely die out, though, resurfacing in France as the Illumines. But, as a major religious movement, Illuminism had lost its momentum.

The Spanish experience contains all the elements associated with the Illuminati. A movement inspired by visionaries defies the established order; it faces a society racked by a fear of infiltration; and there is a violent reaction, driving the movement underground. The popular image of the Illuminati as we know them – a conspiracy against society, perpetrated by Jews – was born.

Where did the Alumbrado heresy come from? Mainstream Jewish thought certainly does not encourage the rejection of religious authorities in favour of a direct personal approach to a God of light. But such a belief is the hallmark of the mystical Jewish movement known as Kabbalah.

Derived from the word for ‘to receive’, Kabb­alah – also spelled Cabala or Qabbalah – is a tradition which deals with the understanding of God and personal mystical experience. The major work of the Kabbalah is the Sefer Zohar or Book of Splendour, compiled in Spain by Moses of Leon around 1280. Although he claimed the contents were derived from much earlier sources, modern scholars believe that the Zohar was Moses de Leon’s own work, a synthesis of the thinking of the time and his own new material. [3] By couching it in traditional form and writing in Aramaic, he gave the Zohar more authority and made its new ideas acceptable to his contemporary audience, thus avoiding charges of heresy from more orthodox scholars.

The Kabbalah is a theology of light in which the Universe is described in terms of 10 ‘sephiroth’ – attributes or aspects of God. These are described as spheres through which the light of God is transmitted to mankind. The sephiroth give shape to the divine light and are separate but also one with it “in the same way as the rays which proceed from the light are simply manifestations of one and the same light”.

Each of the sephiroth has its own name and qualities, including ‘Binah’ or Understanding, ‘Hokhmah’ or Wisdom and so on. Each relates to the others in particular ways  and they form a structure which is described in terms of a tree or a primordial human figure, Adam Kadmon. As the first created being and link between mankind and God, Adam Kadmon is involved in the creation and also the redemption of the world, when evil will finally be expunged. Matters then get progressively more complex: emanating from the 10 sephiroth is a second world of another 10, which is the physical world we know. There are also third and fourth worlds, occupied by hosts of named angels and demons, each with particular attributes.

Names are very important in the Kabbalah, as the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet are literally the building blocks of the Universe. God created the world through the act of naming. The combinations of letters encompass everything that ever has been or will be.

This gives rise to the hermeneutical aspect of Kabbalah, a way of decoding messages concealed in the scriptures. There are three different techniques:
Temura: changing the letters of words to create other words by anagrams
Gemetria: in which letters have numerical values and can be compared with other numbers or words
Notarokon: making words from the initials of phrases (so “Ateh Gibor le-Olam Adonai” – “Thou art mighty forever, Lord” becomes AGLA).

This provided Renaissance Kabbalists with a great deal of occupation as they painstakingly shuffled words and numbers to reveal the secret truths about the Universe and to uncover the many powerful names of God. They calculated, for example, that there are exactly 301,655,172 angels in the Universe. What their modern counterparts can do with the aid of computer technology can scarcely be imagined. [4]

It is this side that gives rise to “practical Kabbalah”. The Zohar contains details of how to communicate with hidden powers, explaining how to command angels and demons to influence nature, cure disease, curse enemies, predict the future and perform other wonders. For example, a piece of Kabbalah folklore allows a married couple to predict which of them will die first, by adding the numbers of their names together and seeing if the result is odd or even.

The Alumbrados appeared in areas such as Toledo, which were previously centres for Kabbalism, and although they seem to have lacked the scholarship of the Kabbalah, the core idea of personal experience of God’s light persisted. This may be because Conversos maintained only their oral traditions after the loss of their Hebrew and Aramaic books. Interestingly, many Alumbrado leaders were women, a group which would not in any case have had access to the written component of the Kabbalah.

If the Alumbrados represented the resurfacing of an oral tradition, then the scholarly tradition of the Kabbalah also survived and thrived elsewhere. Spain was the great centre of Kabbalistic learning, and the expulsion of Jews spread Kabbalists to North Africa, the Ottoman Empire, Palestine and Italy. The latter was to prove significant, as the humanist philosopher Pico Della Mirandolla picked up the Kabbalah and Christianised it. Mirandolla explained Kabbalah as a theology which predicted Christianity and contained many of the same elements. (The Christian version is often spelled Cabbala to distinguish it from Jewish Kabbalah.)

In 1494, a leading theologian, Johannes Reuchlin wrote De verbo mirifico, in which he showed that the Biblical name of God, the Hebrew letters YHWH, could be miraculously transformed into JESUS by Cabbalistic means. Adam Kadmon was  also identified with Jesus.

The Catholic Church eventually ruled against Cabbala, concluding: “Its speculations concerning God’s nature and relation to the Universe differ materially from the teachings of Revelation.” [5] Its study was considered heretical, and practical Cabbala was a black art, driven underground once again. This did nothing to destroy its popularity, and Cabbala became a staple of Renaissance magic; it also gave rise to the word ‘Cabal’ for a group of plotters.

Cabbala has appeared either overtly or in concealed form in much occult teaching since then. It was borrowed, adapted and built upon; in modern terms, unlicensed pirate copies were in free circulation. Its ancient pedigree gives it authority, its dense scholarship lends it weight and depth, making Cabbala the ideal ingredient to add to any philosophy for an instant boost – the monosodium glutam­ate of the occult.

Scratch the surface of Freemasonry and you find the Cabbala. Rosicrucianism is rife with it. It lies at the heart of esoteric religious groups like the OTO, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and Aleister Crowley’s ‘magick’. None of this could be described as pure, but then Cabbalistic scholarship has never been pure. Since the earliest days, there have been cross-currents with other philosophies, most notably the first-century Gnostics, Hermetic philsophy, Persian Zoroastrians and the even earlier Pythagoreans. It is quite possible – and hotly debated – that the ‘original’ Kabbalah may have come from one of these sources and was only later adopted into Judaism. Adam Kadmon looks rather similar to the Persian Adam Qadmaia, the hidden Adam. There is no continuous ancient tradition, but an unceasing blending and development of ideas.

However, new developments can always do with an impressive lineage to back them up, and everyone – from the Freemasons to Moses de Leon to the first-century Kabbalists – who invoked Moses has tended to invent an ancient pedigree to support their own ideas.

The Enlightened Ones

More on Excalibur Almaz Limited

After a little more digging, I found this article about Excalibur Almaz Limited, a private international corporation that has purchased old Soviet top secret space technology from the 1970s:

The project is led by Excalibur Almaz Limited (EA), an international space exploration company that has teamed with the Almaz RRV spacecraft manufacturer and other Russian and U.S. companies. EA is led by Art Dula founder and CEO of the venture.

The EA management team includes some of NASA’s most senior Apollo and space shuttle program managers, including George W.S. Abby and Jay Honeycutt, former directors of the Johnson and Kennedy Space Centers.

Dula has also contracted with several international companies to help out. They include Space Flight Operations (SFO) a subsidiary of United Space Alliance in the United States; EADS Astrium Space Transportation in Europe; and Japan Manned Space Systems in Japan. EA intends to begin flight tests of the Almaz hardware by 2012 and to launch its first revenue flight as early as 2013.

Excalibur has raised “tens of millions of dollars” to initiate what will become a several hundred million dollar program, Dula tells Spaceflight Now. He has spent more than 20 years eying this specific Almaz program, something I can vouch for from my own experience with the Almaz program in Russia.

He also says “the business plan closes” generating profits within a few years. His surveys have found research and science customers for space missions that are not tourist hops, but less demanding than ISS operations.

The program is about to redo a science/industrial user study it did once in 2006. Dula says individual contacts already indicate there is a strong market for science and industrial missions that would not have to fly on the International Space Station and want to spend less time aloft than an ISS flight. Each mission will be piloted by an experienced cosmonaut or astronaut and can carry 2 researchers.

The reusable Russian hardware purchased to initiate the venture was built more than 30 years ago as part of a large Soviet space reconnaissance program that was killed by the Soviets, much like its U.S. counterpoint was canceled by the U.S. Air Force.



That Russian hardware will now be used to “open a new era of private orbital space flight for commercial customers, using updated elements of the Almaz space system,” says Dula.He has over 30 years of experience as a Houston attorney specializing in commercial space, aerospace, export control and intellectual property law . He has also served as a Director and General Counsel for several aerospace companies, including Eagle Aerospace, Inc. and Space Services, Inc., which launched the first private U.S. space vehicle; and Spacehab, Inc., which built the Spacehab modules for the U.S. Space Shuttle. He also served as a Director and President of Space Commerce Corporation, the first US-Russian aerospace joint venture.

His management team includes former U.S. astronaut Leroy Chiao as Executive Vice President for Technical Operations. Chiao has launched three times on the shuttle, and once on the Soyuz to the ISS where he has done six spacewalks in both U.S. and Russian space suits. Chiao also commanded the ISS Expedition 10 crew spending 6.5 months in space. He is now also a broadcast partner with Miles O’Brien for Spaceflight Now’s highly successful shuttle prelaunch webcasts.

“We have purposely been operating for the last few years under the radar because we did not want to be looked upon as some of these companies that later fizzle, but start out with fancy graphics about their credentials in ‘New Space’,” Chiao says.

The project’s primary technical partner in Russia is NPO Mashinostroyenia (pronounced machine-ah-st-roy-a-ya (NPROM). The highly regarded company which builds the reusable Almaz reentry vehicles also built the Almaz space stations that were at the heart of the military reconnaissance system.

Somewhat resembling civilian Salyut stations, but with a far different mission, the Almaz stations were renamed Salyut 2, 3 and 5 as a covert cover and launched in the 1970s. Salyut 2 failed before any cosmonauts could be launched to it, but Salyut 3 and 5 were generally successful in demonstrating manned military space capability. Two more civilian Salyuts (6 and 7) were launched, before Mir’s launch in 1986.

In addition to buying several Almaz reentry vehicles, the company has also bought two complete Almaz space station hulls.

It has no plans to outfit and launch the stations, however, until substantial business experience with the reentry vehicle mounted on a service module laboratory.

The Soviet Almaz TKS reentry vehicle/service module design planned for commercialization is remarkably similar to the equally secret 1960s U.S. Air Force Manned Orbiting Laboratory (MOL) reconnaissance spacecraft.


That system would have used a Gemini spacecraft with a hatch in its heat shield to enable American military astronauts to come and go between the Gemini and the laboratory module mounted underneath. The project was killed before it ever carried astronauts.

I find it interesting to observe that the MOL/Gemini combo looks remarkably like the only UFO I have seen when I was 8 years old (in 1967).

The only difference being the object had antenna sticking out the front and made a humming noise, not a jet or rocket sound. No contrail either.

But I digress.

I imagine Art Dula, the CEO of the company, is getting a good deal on this stuff.

He witnessed some of the equipment being launched on a Proton rocket in the 1980s, toward the end of the Soviet Union.

He also is literary executor of the late science fiction author Robert Heinlein, an early champion of private and commercial space enterprises.

That could be a good story itself for another day.

Beating swords into plough-shares with Soviet Almaz

Some Heavy Stuff and H1N1 Vaccine Memes

Here’s a fascinating treatise about orbs and triangle UFOs from my pal AnomalyMan‘s other site, The Heavy Stuff:

If you have been following this blog – fairly recently (within my last few posts) I did an analysis of a UFO report presented by RAND group at the end of the 1960’s – and one part of that report were `tables’ on the frequency of various characteristics of  UFO’s by `shape’ – such as `saucer’, oval, circle, v-shaped, etc – and other factors and attibutes.

And, it’s the `change’ in one of those shapes – the frequency that is – that I find of real interest. In fact, I would go so far as to say we really have at a minimum 3 – yes, three — NEW (or newish) shapes to the whole UFO phenomena umbrella. The first, would be the seemingly stark increase in V-Shaped craft–  `other two’ would be ORB’s and a variation of the ORB/CRAFT — the `ribbonlike UFO’ – seen and video’d  in Stephenville, and elsewhere, (including the Atlanta area) in the last year or two.

Indeed, one could even argue that there is even a newer variation in SIZE as some HUGE crafts have now seemingly been seen (such as in Stephenville and reported even by pilots – but never video’d as far as I know – which makes one wonder about the veracity) and, the incredible variety of sizes the whole `orb phenomena’ seem to represent – from the tiny to the fairly large (seemingly) when seen high in the sky.

Indeed, `orbs’ have moved, changed, or transformed, from  being the `light’ or circle captured in photos in the 80’s and 90’s via cameras (at this time they were thought to be ghosts/spirits/entities) – into – nowadays, via video camera –  full fledged `balls of conscious light’ – seemingly. Some of which seem to even be able to be `called’ or `produced’  by a few individuals.

Indeed, some Orbs have been filmed recently that `emerge’ from other `orbs’. And, sometimes it isn’t even just one indeed – if you watch Part 4 of the first YouTube link I gave  first, above, – you will see the same feature too – an orb begetting an orb. And, all of this type of `orb phenomena behaviour’ is seemingly new and seemingly developing.

All of which brings me back to the ongoing UFO Flap in Pennsylvania – take a look at these two videos – taken the same night about 80 miles apart and evidently of the same craft (do not miss the frame at 5:14 on this first video) and

Now, the intriguing part of the above two videos is that THIS IS NOT THE FIRST TIME THEY HAVE SEEN THIS IDENTICAL CRAFT recently. Indeed, this craft is seemingly running the same nighttime route – inviting – in a sense – the public to verify for themselves something is going on.

I haven’t studied much on orb phenomena, to me orbs belong more to the paranormal and spiritual affilliation.

Triangle UFOs are different in that they are a tangible thing that can/could be touched physically and could very well be human built and operated black projects.

Maybe I should squeeze in some orb research on the side? After all, Jacques Vallee and the late John Keel believe(d) it was a worthwhile effort.

Some Thoughts About Orbs, The ‘Pennsylvania UFO Flap’ AND ‘V’-Shaped Craft 

When it comes to smack-down, no bullshit NWO analysis, Nolocontendere of Piglipstick has no equal or superior.

Other than my ol’ pal Highwayman of course.

Recently the swine flu vaccine and the forced vaccinations of the populations of Finland and the eventuality of that happening in the UK has captured his attention  and here is one of his best analyses yet:

I’ll admit when I surf around, go to my favorite sites and do searches I’m always on the lookout for stuff to post on this blog. The impetus to find stuff is a fun two way street – my interests lead to research which broadens my interests.

The most important to me right now is the swine flu scare. I recognize it as a continuation of how the very real and very malevolent forces in our society use fear to control us, from the red savages to niggers to commies to terrorists. They refined this process during the anti communist hysteria when ill defined behavior became suspect which then morphed into ill defined possible behavior of omnipresent yet amorphous terrorists. With the 9/11 snuff porn blockbuster they forced fear down our throats and pointed to phantoms, then went on to assume dictatorial powers they never would have been able to grab otherwise.

Now with this flu hoax they’ve taken their process to a whole new level of manipulation. It’s moving from people we can’t see but had to fear to microbes we can’t see but have to fear. This is great news for our master manipulators because now they don’t even have to pull any physical false flag stunts to get our attention. All they have to do is shout flu in a crowded theater and everyone will be running for the exits. They’ve set it up so we have to believe them because we can’t see the little bugs, they’re posturing as benevolent saviors and well, they’ve eliminated the people who might contradict what they’re telling us.

Which gets me to an article I came across by a Dr. Russell Blaylock called “What To Do If Force Vaccinated“. It gives helpful suggestions for alleviative actions to take if, I gather, the government forces us to take their flu shots. I mulled over posting it but decided not to because it didn’t sit well with me.
The more I thought about it over the last few days the angrier I became. Then it hit me. The would be Masters of the Universe have taken their manipulation of us to the point where they’ll expect us to fearfully allow them to pump poison directly into our bodies, and if we let them do that all we have are these probably futile palliatives to fall back on. The very existence of that article disgusts me. It should never be used as an excuse to meekly accept forced vaccinations because it tells you that you can do things to fix what’s been done. You won’t be able to fix anything by then. The article also never raises the possibility that what they want to force into our bloodstreams isn’t quite what they tell us it is. Have we really sunk to this level, that we’d believe this blatant flu hoax from proven liars to the point where we’d let them squirt whatever they wanted into us, then think cold packs and supplements will help?

Best truth to power yet. I have to admit though, I probably haven’t looked into this H1N1 virus thing as much as I should’ve, other than the knowledge about it being a possible spreader of the flu, instead of preventer.

One mustn’t forget that the use of a disease as a fear-mongering device is a very effective and time-honored method of mind control, dating back to the 1920s advertising days in radio that was its precurser.

If there’s a Hell, Madison Avenue has much to answer for!

We’ve Really Come Down To This?

NWO Population Control Propaganda / Commercial Space Venture Uses Old Soviet Tech with Conflict of Interest?

The human-haters among us will surely rejoice in this article:

Leading figures from science and environmentalism have backed a call for population restraint policies to be adopted by every state worldwide as part of the battle against climate change.



The Optimum Population Trust says today (August 17, 2009) that the climate change talks which will culminate at Copenhagen in December must ensure that all countries adopt non-coercive policies to limit and stabilise population growth. Family planning programmes in poorer countries should be treated as “legitimate candidates for climate change funding”. Empowering women to control their own fertility would also have major humanitarian benefits for the poorest women and children in the world.

Successful population policies, which answered the unmet need for family planning, could mean nearly three billion fewer people in 2050, a difference equivalent to 44 per cent of current world population (6.8 billion), OPT says. “All environmental problems, and notably those arising from climate change, would be easier to solve with a smaller future population.”

Figures endorsing the statement include broadcaster and film-maker Sir David Attenborough; Professor Paul Ehrlich, author of the 1960s classic The Population Bomb; Gaia scientist James Lovelock; Jonathon Porritt, chair of the UK Sustainable Development Commission until last month and a former director of Friends of the Earth; and Professor Chris Rapley, formerly head of the British Antarctic Survey.*
Roger Martin, chair of OPT, said: “The fact that such eminent individuals, several of them OPT patrons, have personally endorsed our statement should act as a wake-up call to those involved in the Copenhagen process. At the very least it should spur negotiators to start taking population growth seriously as a major driver of climate change. There’s not much point in labouring mightily to cut our carbon emissions if hard-won improvements are then routinely drowned out by rising numbers of people.”


The woman holding the placard stating “Kill Yourself” says it all, doesn’t it?

So far, people like her fit right in the elitists’ plans to spread this vile misinformation.

But there might come a day when they are considered ‘useless eaters’ by the same criminals they once embraced!

Feh! And it’s people like them who scoff at space programs!

The Campaign To Control World’s Population

Hmm, not only does Bigelow Aerospace figure on launching a stripped down version of NASA’s Orion capsule in 2013, a company named Excalibur Almaz Limited plans on updated old top-secret Soviet space technology to launch capsules and a small, manned space station in 2013:

An international company announced plans to launch a commercial space venture using spacecraft designed for a once classified Russian space program. Excalibur Almaz Limited plans to offer week-long orbital space flights beginning as early as 2013 with updated 1970’s era Reusable Return Vehicles, designed for flying to the USSR’s top-secret Almaz space station. Excalibur Alamaz’s press release said they would be “taking a big leap beyond the sub-orbital flight market targeted by most other private space companies.”

Excalibur Almaz (EA) is currently updating the spacecraft to conduct crew and cargo space missions for private individuals, corporations, academic institutions and national governments.JSC MIC NPO Mashinostroyenia (NPOM) of Russia originally built the spacecraft and EA has purchased both the rockets and modules for the Almaz space station, which was never flown. The RRVs went through nine flight tests, with two RRVs flown to orbit several times.

EA Founder and CEO Art Dula said, “Through cooperation with NPOM and with the support of leading space contractors around the world and an exceptionally strong management and advisory team, EA is in a unique position to initiate a new era of private orbital space exploration.”

Cosmonaut Vladimir Titov, advisor to EA in Russia, said, “With this announcement, the dream of private orbital space exploration may become a reality in the very near future.”

Former NASA astronaut LeRoy Chiao, a current member of the Augustine Commission, is the Executive Vice President for EA. (emphasis mine)

EA is headquartered in Isle of Man, British Isles, and support contractors are located in Moscow, Tokyo, Houston and Los Angeles.

EA’s spacecraft will consist of two parts: an RRV and an expendable service module to provide crewmembers with room to comfortably operate during spaceflight. EA said they will “update the Almaz RRVs with flight-proven technologies where appropriate, while retaining tested legacy systems to ensure safety and economy of operation. A critical feature of the RRVs is their reusability, which will reduce logistical, overhead and program costs for commercial access to space.”

EA plans for its spacecraft to be compatible with a number of launch vehicles and capable of being launched from worldwide sites.

I find it interesting that a former astronaut, and current member of the Augustine Commission is Executive Vice President of this company.

Can anyone spell “c-o-n-f-l-i-c-t  o-f  i-n-t-e-r-e-s-t  ?”

Once Classified Russian Rockets to be Used for Commercial Space Venture

Back from vacation/More ‘memory’ metal and Augustine Commission Cost Analysis

It was nice to get away from all the b.s. for a while and just be plain ol’ Grandpa to my grandson, even if it meant dealing with my (rather my daughter’s) fundie in-laws. They weren’t so bad though, but listening to my daughter’s father in-law’s preprogrammed Fux Noise natter tended to get on my nerves.

Rush Limpballs would’ve been proud!

I don’t think I would’ve been so well behaved if my wife wasn’t around to referee!


Anyway, I’m back to torment the InnerTubes with my own brand of insanity, so enjoy!

Are we back to the Roswell Crash “memory metal?”

According to the UFO Iconoclast(s) there is more to add:




The study’s full title is “Second Progress Report Covering the Period September 1 to October 21, 1949 on Research and Development on Titanium Alloys Contract No. 33 (038)-3736.” It is authored by “Simmons, C.W.; Greenidge, C.T., Craighead, C.M. and others.” The Battelle report was completed for Wright Patterson Air Materiel Command.

The citations to this Second Progress Report were found in later military-sponsored studies on shape-memory metal development. They list the authors of this report as C.M. Craighead, F. Fawn and L.W. Eastwood. However, it was learned from reading the report that the citations to it were actually listing the authors of a subsection of the report- not the authors that are listed above, in the study’s main title. This subsection (to which the later shape-memory metal studies refer) relates to a Nickel-Titanium Phase Diagram- that is required to make Nitinol!

Elroy John Center (who confessed to UFO debris analysis) is not listed among the study authors shown in the report title. He is rather, one of the “other” authors- as indicated in the study’s title. The report’s title identifies the three primary authors- and then follows with the phrase “and others.” The technical subsection of the report that Elroy Center authored is very revealing, as are many sections found within the study:





Center’s section in the report (on page 97) is especially telling. General Exon spoke of the Roswell material as having undergone chemical analysis. Center was a Chemical engineer and his section of this report details chemical analysis to detect and quantify metal impurities. It is entitled “Analytical Methods for the Titanium Base Alloy.” Titanium must be of ultra-high purity to be used for shape-memory metal applications. Center concentrates on detection of Oxygen in Titanium, a challenge faced when creating the memory metal Nitinol.

The beginnings of the Military-Industrial-Congressional-Complex has their roots buried deep in the Roswell Incident. Many independent companies were involved in it, not just the alphabet soup agencies.

Could our triangle ‘ufos’ be part of it?

Time and luck will tell.

Scientist Admits To Study Of UFO Crash Debris!

Here is the cost analysis result of the Augustine Space Flight Commission of August 12, 2009 put together by Dr. Sally Ride and others. It is in MS Power Point mode, easy to read and understand.

Feedback is appreciated.

P.S. ; One must have MS Power Point on their ‘puter, if you don’t, ya takes yer chances on the presentation not opening.

This is not an endorsement for Microsoft by any means, just a heads-up.

Scenario Affordability Analysis