Vacation/More Kentroversy

Ol’ Dad is taking some vacation for the next week or two to entertain family and play grandpa for a while.

To entertain yourselves, here’s some oldies but goodies from NWO researcher Kent Daniel Bentkowsi’s The Kentroversy Tapes .

Kent passed away last year and his site isn’t maintained as far as I know, but his podcasts (most of them) are still available.

Kent studied the NWO and their ways for 27 years. I’m sure you’ll learn something!


4 responses

  1. The Highwayman | Reply

    Yo, you crabby old Marine warhorse, you actually get vacations? Talk about your privileged so-and-so’s…

    No, I haven’t forgotten you, unlike a certain leatherneck’s forgotten his old blogger side-kick! I see you still got the Olde Farte hangin’ round, too… how’s it, Geez?

    Well, been doing some clandestine blogging on the sly, under another name… yep… makin’ lot’s of friends, too! 😆

    That, and burning up the asphalt… and not like the jet fuel did in WTC’s 1&2!

    Later, eh? See you when you get back from spoiling your grandson!

  2. Hey there you old reprobate gear-grinder, long time, no hear!
    No, I ain’t forgot ya, how could I, we came from the same von Daniken, remember?

    I still have no home innertubes, so I’m posting using my daughter’s new fangled cell phone, cool eh?

    And for your information, this is the first vacation I’ve had in 3 years, without going to the hospital anyways.

    And it’s going by way too fast!

    Come by more often HW, as you see I have good stuff here GI!

  3. Yo, tis fine earing you old foiler’s. It gets mighty dull, here on the innertubes, hearing about what is on the table and that at the end of the day everything will be differnt. Differnt actors, same termnology…G?

    1. Yeah, it’s been dull around here since HW went to ground.

      I wonder who he’s been aggravating?

      I could give an educated guess, but I’m more wrong than right when I do that Geez! 😆

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