Back from vacation/More ‘memory’ metal and Augustine Commission Cost Analysis

It was nice to get away from all the b.s. for a while and just be plain ol’ Grandpa to my grandson, even if it meant dealing with my (rather my daughter’s) fundie in-laws. They weren’t so bad though, but listening to my daughter’s father in-law’s preprogrammed Fux Noise natter tended to get on my nerves.

Rush Limpballs would’ve been proud!

I don’t think I would’ve been so well behaved if my wife wasn’t around to referee!


Anyway, I’m back to torment the InnerTubes with my own brand of insanity, so enjoy!

Are we back to the Roswell Crash “memory metal?”

According to the UFO Iconoclast(s) there is more to add:




The study’s full title is “Second Progress Report Covering the Period September 1 to October 21, 1949 on Research and Development on Titanium Alloys Contract No. 33 (038)-3736.” It is authored by “Simmons, C.W.; Greenidge, C.T., Craighead, C.M. and others.” The Battelle report was completed for Wright Patterson Air Materiel Command.

The citations to this Second Progress Report were found in later military-sponsored studies on shape-memory metal development. They list the authors of this report as C.M. Craighead, F. Fawn and L.W. Eastwood. However, it was learned from reading the report that the citations to it were actually listing the authors of a subsection of the report- not the authors that are listed above, in the study’s main title. This subsection (to which the later shape-memory metal studies refer) relates to a Nickel-Titanium Phase Diagram- that is required to make Nitinol!

Elroy John Center (who confessed to UFO debris analysis) is not listed among the study authors shown in the report title. He is rather, one of the “other” authors- as indicated in the study’s title. The report’s title identifies the three primary authors- and then follows with the phrase “and others.” The technical subsection of the report that Elroy Center authored is very revealing, as are many sections found within the study:





Center’s section in the report (on page 97) is especially telling. General Exon spoke of the Roswell material as having undergone chemical analysis. Center was a Chemical engineer and his section of this report details chemical analysis to detect and quantify metal impurities. It is entitled “Analytical Methods for the Titanium Base Alloy.” Titanium must be of ultra-high purity to be used for shape-memory metal applications. Center concentrates on detection of Oxygen in Titanium, a challenge faced when creating the memory metal Nitinol.

The beginnings of the Military-Industrial-Congressional-Complex has their roots buried deep in the Roswell Incident. Many independent companies were involved in it, not just the alphabet soup agencies.

Could our triangle ‘ufos’ be part of it?

Time and luck will tell.

Scientist Admits To Study Of UFO Crash Debris!

Here is the cost analysis result of the Augustine Space Flight Commission of August 12, 2009 put together by Dr. Sally Ride and others. It is in MS Power Point mode, easy to read and understand.

Feedback is appreciated.

P.S. ; One must have MS Power Point on their ‘puter, if you don’t, ya takes yer chances on the presentation not opening.

This is not an endorsement for Microsoft by any means, just a heads-up.

Scenario Affordability Analysis


5 responses

  1. Is it possible you are perceived as weird and argumentative …not to mention Damned? I am!
    I don’t contend with my fundie relatives much these days because apparently it doesn’t cut as much ice as it advertises keeping marrieds together!
    It wouldn’t help that I recall Dad describing them as ‘sitting on their Fundaments in the Throne Room’.
    My son and first wife ( I’m a widower too ) have the kids for 2 weeks. Relative energy levels are instructive.

    1. Is it possible you are perceived as weird and argumentative …not to mention Damned? I am!

      Guilty as charged Monseur L’Opit, yes I are!

      And I agree with your Dad’s wisdom 100%!

  2. Relative or not, I could never imagine either of you walking on eggs when accosted by a Limpball’s fan. I always keep plenty of controversial bumper stickers on my 1986 Toyota van, just for that reason. When I pull up to a yard sale I already know what kind of folks that I am dealing with, and fortunately, here in Oregone, most of them are friendly…G:

    1. Some would find it hard to believe that Upstate NY is fundie-land galore and Limpballs, Hannity and Becker-pecker are afforded god-like status.

      As for behaving myself, it was only when my wife was around to monitor me, I never said what happened when she wasn’t with-in ear-shot! 😆

      Needless to say I was told they’d pray fer me. 👿


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