Some Heavy Stuff and H1N1 Vaccine Memes

Here’s a fascinating treatise about orbs and triangle UFOs from my pal AnomalyMan‘s other site, The Heavy Stuff:

If you have been following this blog – fairly recently (within my last few posts) I did an analysis of a UFO report presented by RAND group at the end of the 1960’s – and one part of that report were `tables’ on the frequency of various characteristics of  UFO’s by `shape’ – such as `saucer’, oval, circle, v-shaped, etc – and other factors and attibutes.

And, it’s the `change’ in one of those shapes – the frequency that is – that I find of real interest. In fact, I would go so far as to say we really have at a minimum 3 – yes, three — NEW (or newish) shapes to the whole UFO phenomena umbrella. The first, would be the seemingly stark increase in V-Shaped craft–  `other two’ would be ORB’s and a variation of the ORB/CRAFT — the `ribbonlike UFO’ – seen and video’d  in Stephenville, and elsewhere, (including the Atlanta area) in the last year or two.

Indeed, one could even argue that there is even a newer variation in SIZE as some HUGE crafts have now seemingly been seen (such as in Stephenville and reported even by pilots – but never video’d as far as I know – which makes one wonder about the veracity) and, the incredible variety of sizes the whole `orb phenomena’ seem to represent – from the tiny to the fairly large (seemingly) when seen high in the sky.

Indeed, `orbs’ have moved, changed, or transformed, from  being the `light’ or circle captured in photos in the 80’s and 90’s via cameras (at this time they were thought to be ghosts/spirits/entities) – into – nowadays, via video camera –  full fledged `balls of conscious light’ – seemingly. Some of which seem to even be able to be `called’ or `produced’  by a few individuals.

Indeed, some Orbs have been filmed recently that `emerge’ from other `orbs’. And, sometimes it isn’t even just one indeed – if you watch Part 4 of the first YouTube link I gave  first, above, – you will see the same feature too – an orb begetting an orb. And, all of this type of `orb phenomena behaviour’ is seemingly new and seemingly developing.

All of which brings me back to the ongoing UFO Flap in Pennsylvania – take a look at these two videos – taken the same night about 80 miles apart and evidently of the same craft (do not miss the frame at 5:14 on this first video) and

Now, the intriguing part of the above two videos is that THIS IS NOT THE FIRST TIME THEY HAVE SEEN THIS IDENTICAL CRAFT recently. Indeed, this craft is seemingly running the same nighttime route – inviting – in a sense – the public to verify for themselves something is going on.

I haven’t studied much on orb phenomena, to me orbs belong more to the paranormal and spiritual affilliation.

Triangle UFOs are different in that they are a tangible thing that can/could be touched physically and could very well be human built and operated black projects.

Maybe I should squeeze in some orb research on the side? After all, Jacques Vallee and the late John Keel believe(d) it was a worthwhile effort.

Some Thoughts About Orbs, The ‘Pennsylvania UFO Flap’ AND ‘V’-Shaped Craft 

When it comes to smack-down, no bullshit NWO analysis, Nolocontendere of Piglipstick has no equal or superior.

Other than my ol’ pal Highwayman of course.

Recently the swine flu vaccine and the forced vaccinations of the populations of Finland and the eventuality of that happening in the UK has captured his attention  and here is one of his best analyses yet:

I’ll admit when I surf around, go to my favorite sites and do searches I’m always on the lookout for stuff to post on this blog. The impetus to find stuff is a fun two way street – my interests lead to research which broadens my interests.

The most important to me right now is the swine flu scare. I recognize it as a continuation of how the very real and very malevolent forces in our society use fear to control us, from the red savages to niggers to commies to terrorists. They refined this process during the anti communist hysteria when ill defined behavior became suspect which then morphed into ill defined possible behavior of omnipresent yet amorphous terrorists. With the 9/11 snuff porn blockbuster they forced fear down our throats and pointed to phantoms, then went on to assume dictatorial powers they never would have been able to grab otherwise.

Now with this flu hoax they’ve taken their process to a whole new level of manipulation. It’s moving from people we can’t see but had to fear to microbes we can’t see but have to fear. This is great news for our master manipulators because now they don’t even have to pull any physical false flag stunts to get our attention. All they have to do is shout flu in a crowded theater and everyone will be running for the exits. They’ve set it up so we have to believe them because we can’t see the little bugs, they’re posturing as benevolent saviors and well, they’ve eliminated the people who might contradict what they’re telling us.

Which gets me to an article I came across by a Dr. Russell Blaylock called “What To Do If Force Vaccinated“. It gives helpful suggestions for alleviative actions to take if, I gather, the government forces us to take their flu shots. I mulled over posting it but decided not to because it didn’t sit well with me.
The more I thought about it over the last few days the angrier I became. Then it hit me. The would be Masters of the Universe have taken their manipulation of us to the point where they’ll expect us to fearfully allow them to pump poison directly into our bodies, and if we let them do that all we have are these probably futile palliatives to fall back on. The very existence of that article disgusts me. It should never be used as an excuse to meekly accept forced vaccinations because it tells you that you can do things to fix what’s been done. You won’t be able to fix anything by then. The article also never raises the possibility that what they want to force into our bloodstreams isn’t quite what they tell us it is. Have we really sunk to this level, that we’d believe this blatant flu hoax from proven liars to the point where we’d let them squirt whatever they wanted into us, then think cold packs and supplements will help?

Best truth to power yet. I have to admit though, I probably haven’t looked into this H1N1 virus thing as much as I should’ve, other than the knowledge about it being a possible spreader of the flu, instead of preventer.

One mustn’t forget that the use of a disease as a fear-mongering device is a very effective and time-honored method of mind control, dating back to the 1920s advertising days in radio that was its precurser.

If there’s a Hell, Madison Avenue has much to answer for!

We’ve Really Come Down To This?


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