Geezers and the ‘Nuts and Bolts’ Theory

UFO researcher Kevin Randle makes a pretty heady remark by claiming that the UFO mystery has been solved for years, i.e. that they are in fact extraterrestrially controlled space vessels (the ‘nuts and bolts’ theory of UFO origins):

Just recently the RRR Group posted a picture that my wife took at the MUFON Symposium in Denver and claimed that those of us on the Speakers panel were a bunch of geezers who had failed to solve the UFO question. It was time for us to get out of the way and let those younger, brighter and more enlightened take over. We had our chance and we failed.

Except we haven’t failed. We solved the problem. We have the proof that some UFOs are alien spacecraft and we can make that point over and over. The evidence for that is overwhelming, but not unlike Galileo, who failed to convince the church that there were moons orbiting Jupiter, we get a bunch of people who “refuse to look through the telescope.”

Old geezer Ted Philips, being interviewed during th MUFON Press Conference made an important point. Talking about the four thousand or so landing trace cases that he had investigated, he mentioned that once he had a description of the craft, he could predict what the landing traces would be. In other, more scientific words, we had reproducibility, meaning the same things observed under similar circumstances and the predictability that comes from repeated observation. This was science at its best and it’s something that the debunkers, the skeptics, and apparently those in the RRR Group ignore.

Old geezer Chris Rutkowski (seen here) reviewed, at length, a longitudinal study of twenty years of UFO reports in Canada, looking for trends. Here again was a statistical study that provided information about what people saw and how it was identified, if it was identified and what it meant when the mundane, or what some would call the rational, did not explain the events. These were unidentified sightings that suggested alien visitation.
Old geezer Stan Friedman (seen here) diverted from his normal “Flying Saucers Are Real” talk and spoke about the possibilities of interstellar travel, something the youngsters, the debunkers, and the skeptics will always reject out of hand. The distances are too vast and we just can’t travel that far with our chemical rockets.
Well, of course, a chemical rocket would quickly run out of fuel, but other methods of propulsion have been discussed everywhere from science fiction to science conventions… and ways to generate the necessary energy have been discussed. Methods that aren’t beyond our current technology so that when the opposition says the Voyager spacecraft will take 70,000 years to get to the nearest star, they don’t mention that it is not accelerating. Any trip to another star will require constant acceleration until a point is reached that the craft will have to begin to slow down, but the round trip time drops considerably.
I haven’t read much from Randle and other ‘geezers’ (of which I count myself an ‘apprentice’ geezer) except for Stanton Friedman. I have quite a bit of his material, albeit from his website and not from his books. Mainly because I’m poor and cheap.
Friedman’s case makes sense in that civilizations many thousands of years ahead of us technologically (if they’re anthropomorphically similar to us) would appear to have ‘god-tech’ or ‘clarke-tech’, or tech that would be as magic to us.
That could possibly explain why UFOs have ‘paranormal’ properties such as shape-changing, going through objects, invisibility, executing 90 degree angle turns without inertia and amazing acceleration and speeds without creating sonic booms.
But we lack just one thing; having the physical evidence for such tech in our possession. Supposedly.
Which, BTW is another of Randle’s points:
I could point here that the Air Force has been less than candid in its investigation of UFOs, slapping on ridiculous solutions just to be able to label the case. For the 1957 sightings in Levelland, Texas, which involved multiple witnesses, the UFO interacting with the environment, sightings by law enforcement officers and even the suggestion of a landing trace, the Air Force decided the sightings were weather related and the culprit was ball lightning… at the time, even science denied the existence of ball lightning. No one then seemed to catch the irony of using something that didn’t exist to explain the sightings of something else that didn’t exist, at least according to those in the Air Force.

If you are interested in the duplicity of the Air Force, let me point out that according to their nearly day long investigation, their representative spoke to only three witnesses. Later, when Major Don Keyhoe suggested that there were nine witnesses, the Air Force all but called him a liar.
But the truth is that both Keyhoe and the Air Force were wrong. There were many witnesses in thirteen separate locations. Many of their stories, gathered before the publicity and within minutes of their sightings were strikingly similar, including the electromagnetic effects on their vehicles engines, radios and lights.
But does that prove that UFOs are extraterrestrial craft? Electromagnetic effects?
I don’t honestly know.
But the folks such as Triple R shouldn’t be so quick to discredit the ‘geezers’ so handily.
They have much to teach us and lots of research to lay as much claim to a reasonable explanation of UFO origins as any.
If not more.

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  1. Hi dad2059 et al. …

    Where’s the absolute proof I say! Have any of the “geezers” secured some lost parts from an alien craft or possibly a sample of their discards while visiting our planet. How about some plaster casts of alien designer shoe prints etc. /:|

    For a number of years I too was enthused with the idea of alien visitations, but the more I read, the more I researched the less enthused I’ve become. Possibly these craft aren’t from out there, but have been co-dwellers of this planet along with us for millennia’s on end.

    We as a species have only demonstrated our hominid form since about 6 million years ago per the current fossil record. Supposedly we have kinship with lemurs and other pro-simians such as those found on Madagascar etc. Anyway we aren’t that old as a species. What most people can’t fathom is the concept of “deep time” a word coined by Stephen Gould (deceased) a Harvard based paleontologist. The dinosaurs seemingly all perished about 69 million years ago with the slow rise of mammals in which we find ourselves.

    Civilization as we know it, moving from our hunter gatherer roots into villages, then into large towns and cities with finally these coelescing into city-states has only been a phenomenon during the past 12,000 years. So all of mankind’s history could be multiplied 83x over during a one million year period allowing for multiple world civilizations to both arise and fall in just a one million period and 5750 of these same 12,000 year civilizing periods during the past 69 million years.

    So what if a sapient class of saurids arose and managed to create a high order technological civilization predating our current experiment in civilization by millions of years. They surely had binocular vision and possibly some managed to develop an opposing thumb too on their fore appendages which according to paleo-physiologists is absolute for tool-making etc. If they were able to have evolved quickly and intelligently to a point of truncating their consumer based society phase, if one were to occur, then they might risen to great technological heights without suffering self-destruction as a species. Seemingly a technological society supported by over the top consumerism will lead to overpopulation and assured destruction thus foregoing the path that our current world civlization is about to take; ie., total and absolute destruction due to our planetary destructive ways.

    These highly evolved and technologically superior co-dwellers are simply “watchers” concerning our imminent demise. They aren’t from out there, but with us and have been so for million of years.

    In the event interstellar space travel has been mastered, then it would be an absolute must they found a way to warp spacetime, and to control such warping so that when they entered a controlled portal they had the ability to exit accurately on the other side to reach their destination. No simple feat by any means, not impossible, but unkennable except by the minds of sci-fi writers with sterling intellects and the cutting edge math of cosmologists.

    Anyway to me the “geezers” strike out! Hey many have sold a lot of interesting books and have made decent a living from such fare too, but have they found an alien craft’s broken off “muffler” on some isolated plain to prove such a visitation, I think not!

    Carl Nemo **==

  2. Hey Carl, thanks for coming by!

    As usual, your commentary is intelligent and thoughtful, when you’re not full of ‘Fosters’ that is! 😆

    Your speculations of a saurian, or a ‘cryptoterrestrial’ species matches researcher Mac Tonnies’. He theorizes that an older terrestrial species has been interacting with us for centuries via the religious or UFO experience, depending on the level of technology we possess or cultural references.

    His theories could be just as valid as the ‘geezers’ I posted about, just for the reasons you listed.

  3. Whoah, I’m back on line today… (:

    I changed all my options to default, and if I was the religious type, would have even tried prayer.
    So, needless to mention, became somewhat exstatic when I fired up this am and was back on the innertubes.

    Having witnessed UFO sightings on a couple of occasions, I pretty much agree with these ufo geezer’s that there is physical evidence that ufo’s exist. Maybe they are terrestrial manifestations belonging to the elite, but I believe that what I saw emerging from a glowing cloud, was extraterrestrial in origin.

    Hi Nemo

    Yes indeed, our civilisation is probably just a glimpse of time in the big picture, and all life on this planet is inter-related, but maybe could also be just a remnant of simple life forms from another part of the galaxy traveling in a comet. Insignifigant ,to be sure, but really fascinating that all animal life has the five finger and toe characteristicsthing going on. While the evolution of all this seems to take eons, things are probably moving pretty fast in retrospect when considering the viewpoint from the cosmos. Hmm. I wonder if we can ever experience reality on this level… 😎

  4. Hi geezer,

    Glad to have you back and posting to dad’s site again. I haven’t done much posting lately either.

    I’m not disputing that many people see inexplicable things on occasion. Even if one of these saucer craft land and the little grays move towards your vehicle; then you later experience lost time as many folks do under these circumstances still doesn’t mean that these creatures came from outer space in the typical sense; ie., covering vast distances on a regular basis using normal space type propulsion systems.

    If so, then these entities know how to warp spacetime and also have harnessed almost limitless energy to do so by harnessing zero point energy because it will take the harnessing of such energy levels to do so.

    Now what I’m alluding to is an incredibly esoteric propulsion system along with harnessing energy sources of which there’s only conjecture at this point on the part of our scientific community, but that’s what it will take.

    I suspect the entities and craft have been with us a long time and either evolved on this planet many eons ago, long before hominds crawled up from the muck of deep time or they arrived at a later date from afar and have set up permanent, but clandestine residency upon planet earth even possibly in the ocean depths as supported by USO sightings. The typical vehicles that are witnessed by many folks possibly are craft used for mere earth based excursionary purposes with the capablity of operating in near space, but not to exceed lunar distances at best. If there is a mother ship or base, then it must be hidden on the dark side of the moon or in our ocean depths.

    Hope to hear from you again more regularly geezer and myself too as a site contributor… : )

    Nemo **==

  5. Hi dad2059 et al. …

    I thought I’d supply a link to OOPA (out of place artifacts) in order to support my supposition that there may have been preexistent civilizations prior to the last 12,000 year civilizing cycle.

    Of course many would say where’s the aluminum, plastic and and exotic alloy artifacts from prior high order civilizations that should be found in the rock strata that no doubt will be around even a million years after we should perish from the earth. Good question. Once continents and other minor land masses are subducted into the ocean floor then the earths great recycling machine; ie., it’s fiery mantle will make quick work of anything left from eons ago.

    Not all civilizations would have necessarily embraced rabid consumerism as we have since WWII either which is a failing paradigm operating before our very eyes. Only a fool would think that the earth can offer endless easy to acquire resources so the 10 billion people that will be around in 2020 will all be living as happy suburbanites living in McMansions be they in the U.S. or “Chindia”…! Oil, fresh water, exotic metals and wood for furniture is going to become dear. If the rainforests from South America across to Africa are stripped to make cheap-butt furniture veneers for this burgeoning population; the result will be a destruction of the world’s “air supply”. On and on this self-fulfilling nightmare goes and the outcome is given; ie., absolute and total annihiliation of the human species with only remnant pockets surviving.

    Carl Nemo **==

    1. I checked out the site before Nemo, the Highwayman turned me onto it long ago.

      And I have long theorized about ancient civilizations and Earth having cycles of them over millions of years.

      Check out my Graham Hancock and Michael Cremo links I have in the side-bar Nemo, they go good along with the OOPart site.

      There’s another person, David Flynn, hypothesizes that South America was at one time inhabited by giants and left immense geoglyphs;

      Flynn’s not too bad a researcher once you get past the preachy Christian crap.

      Does that mean UFOs aren’t ETs?

      Don’t know.

      We could be experiencing beamed neutron hallucinations!

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