Could Q-life be UFOs?

UFOs by far are some of the most unexplained mysteries of the 21st Century. Nobody has any hard physical evidence of their existence (but trace evidence at certain sites do) and of course eye-witness accounts still come in.

This week I posted an article from Kevin Randle on how the ‘old geezers’ of UFO study has solved the problem long ago. And I posted some articles against that argument, but not too much. I really wanted to get more responses from other readers about the ETH (nuts and bolts theory/extraterrestrial hypothesis). And I wasn’t disappointed by the answers I got. One of the most prevalent answers I got was about the ‘cryptoterrestrial’ or an earlier life form that evolved intelligence and went through an intellectual ‘singularity’ before humans have ever evolved intelligence.

Thus during the centuries of our existence, these beings have always observed us, occasionally interacting with us at a level that early humans, and even today some would call supernaturally.

And that is the cusp point we are with UFO studies now; the ‘nuts and bolts’ folks and the folks who theorize the phenomenon is more along the lines of the paranormal, the realm of ghosts, spirits, demons, angelic beings or telekenetic formations.

My thoughts lean more toward the nuts and bolts side, simply because at some sites physical trace evidence such as burns, chemical changes and metallic flaking/powders has been collected by MUFON researchers. At paranormal visitations/sites there is usually no trace evidence left at all, other than questionable photographic evidence.

So to me, Clarke’s Third Law still holds up.

That doesn’t mean UFOs are alien in nature, it just means whomever, or whatever is doing this stuff, their tech is like magic to us.

So which brings me to this; what kind of life would possess this magic/tech?

Well, according to Peter Fotis Kapnistos, “Q-life” :

The introduction of modern science finally consigned ghosts and spirits to the fantasy zone of delusions and superstitions. In our day, eminent reasoned thinkers are in charge of our scientific and educational systems. But the swift growth of astrobiology in the past few years has presented an exceptional challenge. Several popular theories have been proposed about the possible basis of alien life. The latest phase in the critical analysis of extraterrestrial life now focuses on what physicist and astrobiologist Paul Davies recently described as “Q-life.”

“A century and a half after Charles Darwin published On The Origin of Species, the origin of life itself remains a stubborn mystery, and is deeply problematic. The simplest known living organism is already stupendously complex, and it is inconceivable that such an entity would arise spontaneously by chance self-assembly. Most researchers suppose that life began either with a set of self-replicating, digital-information-carrying molecules much simpler than DNA, or with a self-catalyzing chemical cycle that stored no precise genetic information but was capable of producing additional quantities of the same chemical mixture. Both these approaches focus on the reproduction of material substances, which is only natural because, after all, known life reproduces by copying genetic material. However, the key properties of life — replication with variation, and natural selection — do not logically require material structures themselves to be replicated. It is sufficient that information is replicated. This opens up the possibility that life may have started with some form of quantum replicator: Q-life, if you like.”

Q-life –– set apart as a “life form without material structure” –– ironically harks back to our ancient belief in spirits. According to Professor Davies, the benefit of simply copying information at the quantum level, instead of building rigid duplicate molecular structures, is speed: “Q-life can therefore evolve many orders of magnitude faster than chemical life,” Davies pointed out. The environment of theoretical Q-life is unclear, but the surfaces of interstellar grains or the interiors of comets could allow “low-temperature environments with rich physical and chemical potential.”

The possibility of a quantum replicator became evident in 2007, when an international panel from the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Max Planck Institute of Germany, and the University of Sydney found that under certain conditions galactic dust “comes alive” in outer space. The panel’s chief researcher, V.N. Tsytovich, announced that microscopic corkscrew shapes (helixes and double helixes) could form “spontaneously” in interstellar space. As they have memory and the power to reproduce, the helical strands show the necessary properties to meet the criteria for life. Since that affirmative disclosure, NASA scientists have given weight to a search for what they now call “weird life” –– organisms that lack DNA or other molecules found in life on Earth.

I have read some articles on Physorg during the year about dusts and plasma in the Universe that take on ‘life-like’ qualities, but it’s hard for me to understand their jargon.

So like most people, I tune it out.

But maybe, just maybe, there just might be K-type 3 or 4 civilizations that are dust formations around black holes, contemplating great thoughts.

Or post-singularity Kurzweillian civilizations?

Wouldn’t they be considered ‘supernatural’ by our reckoning?

The “spirit or alien” Question

9 responses

  1. Trust Dad to know how to lay a bait trail for the ol’ Highwaydude… okay, okay, I’ll bite! We’re into the realm of the supernatural, here, even if you don’t subscribe to the theological view. That so-called “Q” life could possess the power to manipulate matter (and us, too, for that matter) and other natural forces – hey, in essence, you have gods, or, even God.

    But, why bother? I mean, if we’re so dwarfed by them in technology and culture, why bother with us at all? Just how long is it interesting watching a bug in a jar? Unless, of course, there is some special significance attached to us… like what scripture tells us there is.

    One thing we both agree on… there definitely is something or someone out there. It is the height of self-delusion to assume that we are all there is. How that why that life interacts with us, seems to be the crux of the issue.

    1. Yep, I’m a day late and a dollar short here, Highway, but I sense the distinct aroma of wd-40 on the bait. The nuts & bolts of this, imo, along with digital control of the waveforms don’t quite go along with Mother Nature and the connection of the wave lenghts. Perfect harmony, if you will,that is necessary for duplication and absolute perception of the haps.

      I agree with you-all that there is someone or something out there, or maybe even someone in here, but can’t help but think that the modus operendem is analog.

      Who knows, our guardian angel, could be us as a higher lifeform on a higher octave than is percieved in our four dimensional perception.

  2. Maybe, maybe not. Probably a lot are confusing regular satellites with UFO’s. Now that low earth orbit satellites are coming up it will be even harder to determine if something is a real UFO or just a satellite. If you look at the new GOCE @ you can see that it looks more and more like a real UFO…

    1. I don’t think we have satellites that spew orbs that perform aerodynamic feats at 90 degree angles that would leave any biological form in a puddle of jelly, we have to be deluding ourselves here.

      Though I don’t deny that we have conventional technology that could be misconstrued as UFOs. Especially now-a-days.

      1. I’m with ya on this Dad, it’s the Q life that I have to think about. I never told about the other time I seen UFO’s, but what I seen was kinda military in appearance, as it was five orbs flying in formation, much as fighter planes do. They were flying South at high elevation at a high rate of speed when the made a right angle turn to the left and then a right where they proceeded toward the coast. About 15 minutes or so later they streaked by again on a return trip to the North, which was toward San Jose Calif.

        I was lucky enough to be with my girl friend, so we could both verify that we weren’t halucinating. We were laying on our backs in an open field looking at a clear sky and were still talking about our first sighting when we seen them on the return trip…G:

  3. That should read: “How and why that life interacts with us…”

    I’m needin’ an injection of caffeine, so I is!

    1. This Q-life thing certainly approaches what we would call godlike, and I think that’s what the author is offering.

      Folks would argue why mankind would be significant to such advanced beings, in fact, most would because in the immensity of the Universe, why would mankind exist at all?

      I could think of why without turning to religions, even though this could be considered a religion in its own right; the concept of intelligence itself could be worshipped as a precious thing because it’s so rare.

      Not my idea. It’s Arthur C. Clarke’s.

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