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Chinese UFO Filmed During Eclipse

Remember the July 22nd total solar eclipse that occurred in India and China?

Apparently someone filmed 40 minutes of a UFO flying around during it:



Could this finally be it – 40 minutes of undisputed proof that we are not alone?

Scientists at the Purple Mountain Observatory in Nanjing, China believe it is a real possibility that this footage of an unidentified flying object is the evidence we have all been waiting for.

They have confirmed 40 minutes of footage of the object was captured during this summer’s solar eclipse – and that research has already started on a year-long investigation

the scientists were not the only ones to capture the walnut-shaped object on camera. 

The clear, daylight sighting occurred over Deqing in Guandong Province. Dozens of students claimed to have seen the object sailing through the air during a rooftop observation of the July 22 solar eclipse.

At least nine of the students photographed it, producing such incredible images as those here.

The UFO was also seen to change colour and shape, with the students claiming it initially appeared to be a glowing blue colour, but later darkened.


What I would like to know is what makes this event anymore different from the Mexico City UFO sightings that happened during the 1991 total eclipse there?

There were more than one and they were in formation to boot!

I dunno. At this point in the game I think we need more than just photos. They’re too easily altered via PhotoShop and other photographic hocus-pocus.

UFO ‘filmed for 40 minutes’ by Chinese scientists during solar eclipse