UFO Chem-Trails and More Chinese UFO

Via Rochester Paranormal:

Stanton T. Friedman on ufo’s.

Recently the weather here in Western New York had gifted us with clear conditions in a region known for its natural overcast or chem-trails produced by aircraft, which skeptics have informed me are really only contrails. Which is interesting as I have actually witnessed high altitude aircraft minus any evidence of chem-trail or contrails.

This past summer I had also witnessed two high altitude aircraft laying down chem-trails which were traveling on a collision path. Where upon contact had flown through each other in then continuing independently across an open sky.

Perhaps evidence of a matrix existence not so far removed from the original movie script where many people have reported experiencing phenomena which lead them to more thoroughly question the solidity of what we today call reality.

So with such optimal weather condition had I taken advantage by visiting one of several locations known to have ufological activity.

Our first night out proved cold with only a few aircraft flyovers complete with an occasional shooting star.

Our second night produced visual observation on a singular illuminated object which remained semi stationary for almost three minutes before blinking out as if someone had turned off a light switch.

So while unknown object had remained in view was I able to capture a number of images now provided here in animation as evidence.

Stanton T. Friedman

I certainly look at high-flying aircraft and the ‘contrails’ that are left a little more closely than I used to.

Morgellons? Electro-magnetic reflective materials? Hmm…

Stanton T. Friedman on UFOs


Remember the UFO flying over a Chinese city recently?

Well, here’s a photo from Google Earth:



An sharp-eyed reader has sent us these intriguing images […] of what looks like a possible UFO hovering or zooming above the rooftops of the city of Shenzhen in China. What might be a some sort of tail is preceded by what hazily appears to be a classic metallic flying saucer.

Is this object of extraterrestrial Origin? In the past few years, UFO sightings in this part of China have been an almost weekly affair.

I take what Mike Cohen posts on the All News Web with multiple grains of salt usually, but I find these photos intriguing.

Especially if there’s any truth that they were snapped by Google Earth.

UFO found on Google Earth over Chinese city?

2 responses

  1. Yep, we are not alone dad, at least I hope so. It would be a cold and lonely prospect to live in a reality where the only living things are on this planet. It makes me warm and fuzzy to think of a living universe with prolific life throughout and the galaxies themselves just being part of a higher life form…zzzz* Or maybe a multiverse…G%~

    1. Until NASA finds life ‘officially’, it’ll be kept from the sheeple whether shumans are it or not.

      Until then, it’s all just guess-work and theories.

      Personally, I think all the Universes are packed with an assortment of living variations called ‘life.’

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