Mac Tonnies Passes

For those of you who read my blog, I occasionally post some Fortean esoterica along with the science stuff and there was nobody better at writing about certain types of esoterica than Mac Tonnies.

Mac was the guy who come up with the ‘cryptoterrestrial’  idea of UFOs being inhabited (controlled?) by beings who were here on Earth alot longer than humans and vastly more evolved and intelligent also.

He also wrote some books about the ‘monuments’ on Mars and appeared on such podcasts as The Paracast and Binnall of America.

I only communicated with Mac for a while while commenting at one of his sites (he had two) and for the exruciatingly short period of time I did this, I am the better person for it.

I shall miss him on the blogosphere and this plane of existence.

Happy Travels Mac, I’m sure we’ll cross paths in a more personal setting the next time around!

Daily Grail Obituary

Excellent Farewell Essay by Tonnies’ Friend Greg Bishop

2 responses

  1. Not to take anything away from the late Mac Tonnies, but his idea of “cryptoterrestrial” was/is quite similar to the idea of “metaterrestrial” and “ultraterrestrial” that John Keel (passed), Dr. J. Allen Hynek (passed) and Dr. Jacques Vallee had postulated and written about. All three actually did in-the-field case investigations and case studies.

    However, It was good to see a younger person pick up on the general idea and hopefully expanding upon it. I look forward to the publication of Mac’s book…..may he R.I.P.

    1. I too look forward to Mac’s book Susan.

      Maybe he had some insight Keel, Hynek and Vallee missed. 😉

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