Daily Archives: October 30th, 2009


Captain Brekka Williams stood on the rocky promontory with her IR visor on and mumbled to herself; “This doesn’t match the maps?!”

After thinking for a little while longer it came to her; “Idiot. We’re three billion years in the past!”

With her ‘visor still activated, she turned her head back over her shoulder and watched the train of infantry and equipment that was leaving the shimmer of the ‘Gate, over five klicks away.

The ‘train’ of course was the Bug-Out from the Mars Base which was underneath the Arsia Mons mountains.

Rumor had it that an object with unknown powers and intention was approaching Mars and that even the ‘Children’ were afraid of it.

And they tried to destroy it, only to lose their own craft.

Which was why she was leading the AIMD unit that belonged to CWO5 Lamont. He was on a mission to intercept the object to acertain a solution to it.

Nobody’s heard from the mission  in three weeks.

And the object is still coming.

Brekka didn’t mind leading Lamont’s old command though, she needed a break from all the political infighting at the MSG Headquarters. As the third in command (she is a major-selectee), the shit rolled down hill to her when it came to attending staff meetings and other unsavory events like Plan of the Day.

A chance for field command was a nice break.

It looked good on her fitness report.

Plus she heard the position might become permanent if Lamont’s mission failed.

She decided to descend the small hill, watching her steps because of the small rocks covering its entirety. Even in the lower gravity one could turn an ankle easy enough.

When she reached the bottom, she extended the vision of the ‘visor out to ten klicks to get a better feel of the ‘terrain.’  In the distance she could see a shimmer of blue above the horizon. It can only mean one thing.