Fortean Friday 12/4/2009

Google-ized Mars:

By the time mankind is able to go there, Google will have had Mars seeded with nano-cameras and will be giving guided tours in virtual reality.

All nice, safe and snuggy in the comfort of your easy-chair.



Richard Thomas of Binnall of America and Sci Fi Worlds interviews Bilderberg researcher/film-maker Tumucin Leflef about his latest films and recent scuttlebutt about the NWO’s Bilderberg Group:

Richard Thomas: I think we should start with me just saying thanks for taking the time to answer these questions, I’m sure you have plenty of other projects that need your attention so it’s really much appreciated.I want to focus mainly on questions about your films in this interview but given your background it seems a little silly not to ask you how you first became interested in what the mainstream media very sadly simply dismiss as “conspiracy theories”? Also what are some of your key areas of interest: i.e. 9/11, Bilderberg etc?

Timucin Leflef: I can make time. Thanks for the opportunity.I first became interested in this area through my desire to make science fiction films. I started writing my first Sci-Fi screenplay The Messenger in my early teens back in 1989. It was about a young alien boy sent back in time from a post-apocalyptic future Earth to “save the world” but who ironically gets caught up in a secret government project which destroys it. I guess I was a cynical teenager at the time.

The script became an ironic look at those end-of-the-world disaster movies which were so prevalent in the seventies, but it had an interesting twist at the end which I still won’t reveal in case I finally do get to make it.The funny thing is that the script predicted a totalitarian dictatorship occurring “some time in the near future”, the possibility of a civil war and an “end of the world” scenario being manufactured in order to reduce world populations. I was 14 when I came up with the idea and wrote it over several years. I still have the original story which I sent to myself by registered mail and haven’t opened for copyright purposes. 

Then in 1993 I came across William Cooper’s research paper on the Origins and Identity of MJ-12 which was circulating around university campuses at the time. Strangely, some of the things I thought I was ‘making up’ for my screenplay, Cooper said he had seen plans for when he was in U.S. Naval Intelligence back in the 70s, including a totalitarian dictatorship in the near future, the possibility of a stage-managed “civil war” and an end-of-the-world scenario being manufactured for the creation of something called a ‘New World Order.’I was genuinely surprised. Here I was thinking I was making up these stories and there was Cooper almost halfway around the world saying something similar had actually been in the works since the 1970s. Because of this I started investigating his work further. My key area of interest has always been the possible manufacture of a false-flag alien invasion in order to band us together under a fascist global dictatorship. This also features in the script now. 

Richard Thomas: Before we go on how did you become involved with The New World Order documentary and what were your thoughts on the end result?

Timucin Leflef: The last time the Bilderberg Group met in Turkey, in 1975, it was in Cesme and happened within 2 weeks of my birth. Shortly after the country fell into political turmoil, divided between left-wing and right-wing factions. At least ten people were being killed every day on the streets of Ankara and investigative journalists who claimed that the country was being destabilised by external influences wound up dead, so it was quite obvious what was really going on. Eventually in 1980 there was a military coup d’etat and a ‘new order’ was established. Shortly after however the country was destabilised economically as a means, in my opinion, of keeping the population constantly preoccupied with work, in accordance with Bilderberg policy.When I found out this clandestine group of bankers, businessmen and society’s rich elite were about to meet up again in Turkey thirty-two years later, this time in Istanbul, my city of birth, I had to investigate what their plan was for my home country this time round. Were they going to manufacture a war with Iran which has been on the cards ever since P.N.A.C. published Rebuilding America’s Defenses Abroad in 2000?

Through various means I got in touch with Jim Tucker who has been following them without fail for over thirty years. I made sure he knew he was in Turkey as an invited guest and I met him at the airport just to make sure he was safe and to translate for him. He’s in his 80’s now, so I figured he probably needed help. Fortunately Turkish people were very supportive of him and were very clued-in to the whole Bilderberg story thanks to campaigners, websites like and books like Daniel Estulin’s The True Story of the Bilderberg Group. Jim is a bit of a hero now in Turkey. 

There were huge protests in Taksim Square and even the Turkish Prime Minister got involved. Turkish delegates at the meeting that year told the Bilderberg warmongers that if they were indeed planning to start a war with Iran, that “Turkey would have nothing do to with it”. It was the first time in history that this illegal cartel was exposed to such an extent – with huge protests and daily news reports on Turkish national TV, which fortunately isn’t as censored as the western media. It appears Bilderberg were perturbed by the Turkish response and may have changed their tactics since because of it.Other people who showed up that year were a Romanian journalist, another guy who wishes to remain anonymous and a film crew from New York who were making a documentary about it. I have to state for the record however that neither Alex Jones nor Daniel Estulin were there that year, even though Alex later made it appear like he had been for his documentary Endgame by using footage filmed by the New York crew. Although I generally admire Alex’s work, I question his continued attempts at taking credit for other people’s research, which has been especially true of Bill Cooper’s work.

 Continue with the interview here.


From Forgetomori.

Pickled aliens:


Mori sez;

A prop decorating the desk of Hellblazer. And also a prop that’s been speculated as the real thing, commonly associated with the Salinas case, which in fact involves another, similar but clearly different alleged alien. Which is not pickled.

The association of this toy with the Salinas case is interesting because Jorge Martin, one of the main promoters of the Salinas case, also promoted in 1997 a case involving a pickled alien, which was later found out to be a toy. So we have three cases here: the alien prop shown in these images, the Salinas case which doesn’t involve a prop, and the case involving an alien toy, specifically a keychain, the later two of them associated with Martin.

No reason for confusion, huh?et_salinas'80

The prop here is made with latex and latex webbing, it can be bought for less than fifty dollars and is everywhere. That is, the three photos you see are not of the exact same object – you can notice there are three different jars – but they were all made the same way, all bought for a couple dozen bucks.

See the whole menagarie here.

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