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Huge Metal Spheres Orbiting the Sun?

NASA has a reputation for evading questionable anomalies that have cropped up on their own film in their instruments since the early Space Age.

Many astronauts have witnessed weird things running along side their space capsules and the space shuttle and although all communications with manned spacecraft are recorded, some of the more “interesting” communiques get “lost” in archive hell, sort of like that huge warehouse the “Ark of the Covenant” is stashed in at the end of the movie ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark.’

Not only these get saved, but unmanned spacecraft’s information get the treatment too. As you see from this YouTube presentation, NASA’s ‘Stereo’ spacecraft takes some amazing film of the Sun and some interesting “things” are caught.

My disclaimer is that I don’t know if these things are Photoshopped, or if it’s possible to Photoshop them.

Decide for yourself.

Images from ‘Stereo Spacecraft’

VIDEO: Huge UFOs Orbiting the Sun

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