The Axis of Evil is No Friend of PETA

I wonder if PETA even knows?

The Iranian government announced Feb. 3 that it had successfully launched live animals into space.

The feat was recorded by a camera mounted on the vehicle that provided a live video stream of the rocket’s ascent.

The Feb. 2 launch of the Kavoshgan 3 rocket came a year after Iran’s launch of its 27-kilogram Omid store-and-forward telecommunications satellite and was accompanied by a Feb. 3 unveiling of three new Iranian-built satellite designs and a new rocket engine.

Iran’s government-controlled Press TV on Feb. 3 broadcast videos of the launch as seen from the ground and from the rocket-mounted camera. Iranian officials said the rocket carried a rat, called Helmiz 1, as well as two turtles and a worm.

The expected duration of the capsule experiment was not disclosed.

Earlier versions of the Kavoshgan rocket were launched in February and November 2008.

At a Feb. 3 ceremony attended by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Iranian Aerospace Organization unveiled three new telecommunications satellites, called Toulou, Mesbah 2 and Navid. Also unveiled at the ceremony was the Simorgh engine, which according to the Press TV report is designed to place a 100-kilogram satellite into a 500-kilometer orbit.

Iran’s Omid telecommunications satellite was launched in February 2009 into an orbit that the U.S. Space Surveillance Network tracking stations said had an apogee of 382 kilometers and a perigee of 242 kilometers, with an orbital inclination of 55 degrees relative to the equator.

Reaza Taghipour Anvari, the head of the Iranian Aerospace Organization, said in May that the Omid satellite had already reentered the Earth’s atmosphere. U.S. Space Surveillance Network data confirmed that the two-stage Safir-2 rocket placed an object into an orbit with an apogee of 382 kilometers and a perigee of 242 kilometers, inclined at 55 degrees relative to the equator.

I can hear Senator Shelby now; “See, we shouldn’t cancel the Constellation Project now, even the evul Iranians are working on sending men to the Moon!” LOL!  😆

I do wonder if the animals made it though.

Curiosity killed the rat?

Iran Says it Launched Animals into Orbit

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  1. Well if there is any validity to what Neil Armstrong was quoted as saying about the Moon, I don’t think Iran has a very good chance there :p

  2. …if there is any validity to what Neil Armstrong was quoted as saying about the Moon…

    You mean about him seeing spaceships lined up along the crater rim?

    I don’t know. No wonder he hasn’t said squat for the past 40 years and let Aldrin be the mouth-piece.

    And Iranians on the Moon? Why not?

    If they can stonewall the West and call bullsh*t on the Israelis for the past 8 years, they might be just the ticket to negotiate with the Moon critters.

    Sorry, Selenites as H.G. Wells called them.

  3. Heh.

    Yes, that’s what I was referring to, as well as his feeling that we were not welcome there.

    Have you ever been able to find a credible source for that statement? I don’t think I have.

    1. No I haven’t. You do find some references all over the InnerTubes (‘Net), but nothing credible.

  4. I think some popular news media like telegraph has accepted u the fact. you don,t think…dierdre.

  5. Bruce, I’m not quite sure if you are making a statement or asking a question.

    Please clarify.


    1. You have to cut Bruce some slack Deirdre, English is his second language, but yes, he should clarify at times.

      His blog is interesting, full of science and stuff. Plus he’s nuts about finding aliens.

      1. hi, dad2059, Here I,m asking a question to you. what let you feel or experience that english is my second language?

      2. Because I read your profile on your own site “Bruce.”

        I just never mention it because I understand you most of the time.


  6. Oh, I do =) I just didn’t want to *not* respond, so I wanted to make sure I understood him.

  7. thanks, dad2059! But reason is not that you have mentioned. Actually I was asking if she knows the fact or an expired but promoted occult of moon hoaxers.

  8. Bruce –

    No, I wish I did know if it were fact. It is a pretty huge claim and I’ve always questioned whether there was truth to it or if it was strictly hearsay.


  9. A related memory just floated through my brain. Chester Gould’s “Dick Tracy” comic strip was widely syndicated until the mid 50’s. Just before its sudden disappearance there was a whole mess of writing about “Moon Maid”…a strange occupation for fiction resembling Superman style portrayal of mob crime.
    The motivation is more interesting. For decades the U.S. has done its level best to portray one of the oldest civilizations on the planet as eccentric, backward, untrustworthy and worse : plus backwards and technologically inferiior. Its neighbours are under no such illusions. In fact, quite a bloc of nations support the Iranian nuclear energy program : which should be capable of producing the medicinal isotopes Canada neglected to ensure reliably available.
    I’ve gone on at length about how the noise from the world’s greatest holder of WMD overkill of who poses danger to the international community is transparently ridiculous : especially when proposed as an outgrowth of Russian-supplied tech and fuel designed NOT to explode.
    Mention of the comparison with the facts on the ground during the Cuban Missile Crisis are routinely unmentioned : No Bloody Way the Russkies would tolerate that. Make it available ?
    There’s a plausible scenario ! NOT.
    And there’s the wild tie-in I found at LaRouche with the Global Warming Hoax . Dr. John just ‘vented’ his outrage on that con game once again, calling it a ‘religious’ proposition.

    1. ‘The Axis of Evul’ meme is surely an act of ‘projection’ J and propaganda for the Empire, which is on its’ last legs so to speak.

      Although we’ve been predicting its death for a while now, the Empire’s currency is still being propped up by the Chinese, and only because it would be as disastrous for them as us right now to dump the currency.

      The present administration doesn’t care whether the Iranians have nuclear energy/weapons or not. It’s only the Zionist government in Israel that has nuclear weapons that’s unsigned or unacknowledged by treaty that’s crying foul. There’s Zionists in this administration too, but not as many or influential as the last to make a huge difference.

      Plus there’s money to be made by the dealers in death to supply weapons to both sides still.

      ‘Religion’ is just a cover.

  10. I’ve blogged that extensively, Dad. The Global Warming Hoax posts – especially Dec 4 and Dec 20 – spell that out as a standard ploy of propaganda and foreign policy, i.e. ‘concern’ that Iran ( or Iraq or N. Korea ) are working on nuclear weaponry. So the idea that the NPT – which the USA volates routinely by this strategem – the Third Pillar – is flypaper to entrap impovershed nations works in practice.
    Don’t forget the Saudis were propping up the bankrupt country first.

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