Planetary ‘Rind’

Think of an orange. Or an apple.

Cut either in half and look at it. What do you see?

A tough, protective layer over the fruit part, right?

Now think of looking at the Earth from about half way to the Moon. If you could detect them all, you would see a layer of satellites in orbit about it.

Just like an apple. Or an orange.

A planetary ‘skin’ or ‘rind’ if you will:

If the ‘Planetary Skin’ song being sung by those young people wasn’t brain-washing, I don’t know what is!

This ties in well with the Google-Plex and the NSA, doesn’t it?

Like I said, kiss your privacy, or what’s left of it good-bye folks!

Planetary Skin – Global Surveillance Infrastructure


8 responses

  1. Well, that “Planetary Skin” song won’t get past Simon Cowell, that’s for sure. I see this as just another environMENTAList ploy to get us all worshiping Gaia, and paying through the nose for the “green” privilege. The religious underpinnings are obvious, too.

    Anyone finding fault with that assessment only needs to look as far as Monte Rio, California, where, every year, the world leaders of any consequence gather to worship Moloch, the Phoenician owl-god. The religious underpinnings are obvious, what with the globalist agenda to discredit Christianity being foremost upon our pagan friends’ minds.

    The Google-NSA amalgamation is a definite threat. What with most of our Internet activities already heavily scrutinized, (I’ve had a couple of ‘visits’ by government hacks, myself, according to their IP signatures) and our emails constantly monitored for certain keywords that might arouse the suspicions of a paranoid mind, it’s quite safe to say that there isn’t any confidentiality left in the world. And, of course, anyone that still thinks that the government won’t rat you out to a security service – that all of your “confidential” information stays with them – is running on only three cylinders. (Four, for a V8)

    It would be a viable scenario if, indeed, we had the evolutionary model that our institutes of learning seem so hell-bent on programming us with in our formative years. Cutting through all of the doublespeak bullshit, one sees how a world truly on it’s own would need some kind of inside track. Having all of the information available and on hand, certainly makes my job a lot easier. I don’t like prognosticating at 110 kph, with 43 metric tonnes of whatever following right behind me!

    One could say that the Internet, itself, is a great way to monitor and control the masses, when it can be done with our willing participation. Who the hell knows what we’re downloading when we pull stuff off of the tubes? Do you? I have no fucking clue!

    I can tell when someone’s pissed in my coffee, but, what goes on in that stream of zeros and ones going in and out of my computer, is anyone’s guess.

    One thing you can always depend upon is man’s greed, and that someone, somewhere, finds it his/her mission in life to know your business. Knowing the human condition is always an advantage.

  2. Hey, Marine, don’t let the boss catch you doodling!

    It just keeps getting better, doesn’t it?


    1. Yeah, this bullsh*t is designed to put the ‘Fear of da Man’ into these kids so when they grow up, they’re good little sheeple.

      Just like when the fuzz tasers someone to death;

      Gotta show’em who’s boss y’know. Where else can you abuse your meal-ticket?

  3. Yeah. Those Ft. Worth cops must have been studying Canadian RCMP standard arrest procedure… send four burly cops out to zap one confused and terrified immigrant guy lost in an airport, where the security are all off having coffee, somewhere, closet sex, or just picking their noses while tossing passenger baggage for anything they can sell or pawn.

    I dunno, Marine. I’m really worried… about me! They say you’re supposed to mellow out when you get older. I think I might be inclined to kill a few NWO groupies before all of this is over! God help ’em if I ever find out I have a terminal disease!!


    1. Man Highway, aren’t Christians supposed to turn the other cheek, not the other .50 cal clip? 😆

      That’s what I keep telling Nolo over at Piglipstick, one of these days the cops are gonna taser the wrong person and a lot of bloodshed is gonna happen.

      Then the velvet comes off the gloves!

  4. And, of course, that’s what the globalists want, is a disarmed public. No one in their right mind is going to walk into an armed camp and try and start something.

    You know that I’ve mentioned before that there is an increased build-up of foreign troops on US and Canadian soil, the plan being that when it comes time to start herding “dissidents” and other undesirables into their FEMA – sponsored camps, foreign troops won’t have any qualms about firing on the citizenry, if it came down to it. That’s another benefit the elitists realize by miring indigenous troops in pointless conflicts, overseas.

    My information tells me that there will never be any serious resistance to all of this when things begin to go down. Having been conditioned for so long to just accept whatever is doled out to them, a dumb-downed public will just assume that their leaders know best, and follow right along.

  5. That song ‘Planetary Skin’ kind of makes me want to stab myself in the left ear. I may have to break up with you for posting this.

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