Early Twen-Cen UFO/Alien Memes

From Adam Gorightly’s site:

Turn of the Century Image of an Alien Discovered

Comment by Abdullah the Butcher on Gorightly’s site, “Which one is the alien?” LOL!

The one on the left looks like my great-great grandfather!

I wonder if the “alien” traveled around in one of these things?

Interesting the cigar shaped UFO meme has returned recently. The little ‘alien’ is still with us. Apparently they’re not mutually exclusive.

The resurgence of phallic symbolism?

The little ‘aliens’ represent ‘seed?’


8 responses

  1. I once dated a guy that had a “phallic resurgence” a few times a day.

    And thats about all I’m going to say about that, in the interest of keeping your site more or less Worksafe. *wink*


  2. Oh, I wouldn’t worry about the old leatherneck being put off by a few remonstrances of past conquests, Deirdre. In fact, the old fart might like being reminded of where his interesting parts used to be…


    1. You’re a real deep thrkeni. Thanks for sharing.

  3. lol – perfect, then!

  4. G: LOLMAO

    All seriousness aside, some of the fast moving anomalies some of us are finding in the 911 archives seem to be cigar shaped but, then too, there are some that are shape changers. The weirdest ones are shaped like large birds,but can assume linear and spherical forms. I have a few videos on Youtube under wordgeezer. I know that You’ll think I’ve finally gone over the edge, but remember, I’ve seen UFO’s on two different occasions.

    I wonder if the alien up there with my fellow geezers might be Dennis Kucinich as a boy? 😎

  5. If Dennis really has fingers like that, his marriage may last forever.

  6. Hmmf…leave it to you sex-crazed hounds of both varieties to turn phallic symbolism into a Jay Leno monolog! 😆

    Geez brings up a good point about shape-shifting. That is one of the reasons John Keel and Jacques Vallee claim(ed) the UFO phenomenon is paranormal, not ‘nuts and bolts’ like Friedman does.

    Figures you’d pick up on the hands Deirdre, but as a serious point, the hands of the greys are long and slender, not long and thick like Kucinich boy’s.

    I wonder what caused the paradigm shift there?

    And HW, I still know where my interesting parts are, it just takes longer for the plumbing to work! 😆

  7. LOL!

    I’ll make no Matrix “Red Pill” “Blue Pill” jokes. I promise.

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