Ancient Alien Moon Base Mystery

Nothing excites me more than a good ancient alien mystery and the meme was my first introduction into the esoteric.

Ever since the release (leaking) of the Brookings Report in 1967 and the brief Moon landings of 1969 to 1972, rumors have run rampant about the Moon astronauts running afoul of aliens, their spaceships and ancient moon bases.

Recently the viral YouTube videos of the planetary-sized metal spheres around the Sun have put out the meme that powerful aliens are here in our Solar System and there’s nothing we have that can handle the situation and that we might as well except that we are a subservient species in our own ‘home.’

Here in this video below that was supposedly recorded from the Apollo 10 fly-by in early 1969 showing artificial ‘structures’ on the Moon.

Judge for yourselves.


Alien Moon Bases Real Reason Obama Suspended Moon Missions ?


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  1. Oh thank God! I was worried there might not be music at first. :p

    Seriously though, I was just speaking of this on Tim Binall’s forum. Not this video in particular, but of some other photos and what I like to call “Hoagland-Goggles”.

    I do think there are probably some kind of artificial artifacts on the moon, but I haven’t been sold by any one of the common Luna photos of supposed structures. Sure some stuff looks peculiar, but Jesus — she is 4 billion years old — thats a lot of asteroid impacts and a lot of opportunity for them to create a wide range of anomalies..

    And here’s a question — how do we have crisp hi-res images of mars but not of the moon? It’s only 3 flippin’ days away!

    1. Because we have more satellites and probes around Mars believe it or not.

      I don’t know if it’s because of the proximity of the Moon (we can study it with plain ol’ telescopes) or maybe there is credence to the “being warned off” theory.

      More likely it’s a case of benign neglect.

      We ‘Murrikans are mad at Obama for canceling the Moon Program, but that was dying the death of a thousand cuts.

      The only reason some congress-critters are bitchin’ is because they’re losing contractor work in their states.

      Let India and China have the Moon, that’ll learn us!

  2. I always forget to check the follow-up comments box.

  3. Robert Wallace | Reply

    OK folks — let’s see what would be a logical thing to do to delve into the nature of these sites and features further. How about we check with the folks at NASA Goddard in Maryland that are operating the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO)and get copies of the multiple images — from different perspectives and lighting conditions — taken of each of these sites over the last year. That would make more sense than reading meanings into single images even if they are doctored with false color and zoomed while mysterious music plays in the background.

    1. How can we get them? Do they give to us original photos without changing them. I think that there are a lot of people willing to pay money to get them, but i don’t think so that they will give us.

  4. Good article. I was also suprised with these facts. Thanks for info.

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