Nuclear Obama

It has been over thirty years since the Three Mile Island nuclear ‘accident’ at the power plant spelled the death-knell of the nuclear industry in the US.

Say the word ‘nuclear’, and you would be compared to the worst murderers and mass executioners in history by the environMENTAL folks and God forbid that outerspace probes to the Outer Solar System by powered by small plutonium heaters!

The nerve!

Well, guess what. The Obamanator of all people is authorizing funding for the construction of two modern nuclear power plants in the state of Georgia.

President Barack Obama has announced more than $8bn […] of federal loan guarantees to begin building the first US nuclear power stations for 30 years.

Two new plants are to be constructed in the state of Georgia by US electricity firm Southern Company.

Mr Obama said the plants would be “safe and clean” and were needed to meet the country’s future energy needs.

There have been no new nuclear power plants started in the US since the 1979 accident at Three Mile Island.

The accident was caused by the partial core meltdown of one of the reactors at the site in Pennsylvania, which resulted in a release of radioactive gases into the atmosphere.

While the president said the US had not “broken ground on a … new nuclear power plant in 30 years”, some US nuclear plants only became operational in the 1980s, despite construction beginning years earlier.


The president said the project would create “thousands of construction jobs over eight years and then hundreds of well-paid jobs” when the facilities become operational.

He added that it was “only the beginning” of efforts to develop a new generation of safe and clean energy-efficient technologies, which would help fight climate change.

The two new reactors will be built at an existing nuclear facility in Georgia.

Southern Company said the work would create about 3,000 construction jobs and 850 people would subsequently be permanently employed when the reactors became operational.


“On an issue which affects our economy, our security, and the future of our planet, we cannot continue to be mired in the same old debates between left and right, between environmentalists and entrepreneurs,” said President Obama.

Partial core meltdown of one of the two reactors at the site, on 28 March 1979
Caused by a faulty valve which allowed large amounts of reactor coolant to leak
Resulted in radioactive gases being released into the atmosphere
About 140,000 people evacuated from the local area
No fatalities, but dispute remains over long-term health impact
Most significant accident in the history of the US nuclear power industry
The reactor in question remains mothballed, but the other at the site is still in operation

“To meet our growing energy needs and prevent the worst consequences of climate change, we’ll need to increase our supply of nuclear power. It’s that simple.”

Southern’s chief executive David Ratcliffe said the president’s announcement was “an important endorsement in the role nuclear power must play in diversifying our nation’s energy mix and helping to curb greenhouse gas emissions”.

There are currently 104 operating nuclear reactors across 31 states in the US, which provide about one-fifth of the country’s electricity.

Meanwhile, there are currently 56 new nuclear reactors being built around the world.

Here is a bit of trivia for you students of synchronicity; The US President most people compare Mr. Obama with (‘not’ FDR!) is Jimmy Carter (yes, still kicking at age 85!), who is from Georgia. Carter was President in 1979 when the Three Mile Island nuclear accident happened and when Carter was in the Navy during the 1950s, he was a nuclear power plant engineer in the fledgling nuclear sub fleet.

Sweet synchronicity!

US to build two new nuclear power stations

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10 responses

  1. Nuclear Does Not Make Economic Sense Say Studies
    I was thinking of the times I read of the experience of the Province of Ontario with nukes. Expensive, unreliable,over budget…and we Make the things.

  2. Your link didn’t have the article anymore John, but I get the drift.

    I have no problem with nuke power, especially the newer tech pebble-bed reactors that are a whole lot safer. Say the experts of course.

    Depends who you believe I suppose. But in my view safer than coal-fired power plants.

  3. Isn’t all of the concern really over whether or not the elitists have a place to play and throw their garden parties, with Christians and non-blue-blooded infidels to provide the lighting with their pitch-coated bodies wired to a stake?

    There are pros and cons for each. Personally, due to the fact I know the real reason for environMENTALism, I see nothing wrong with coal-fired plants, other than they do wreak havoc with the geography… big holes in the ground, and all that. And, what to do with all of that spent fuel laying around for centuries?

    I’d go with simplicity of operation, too, in the crunch. Any backyard barbecuer will tell you that!

    1. Burning coal is just plain dirty and it stinks for one thing. I remember the coal cook stove my mom used when my brothers and sisters and I were growing up, load that bad boy up, stink to high heaven!

      Heated up the place real good though.

      And yeah, barbecue is great, because it doesn’t smell like a coal plant LOL!

      Still, I like nukes, despite the waste. We made far worse waste over the years and nuke waste can be stored deep into the Earth’s mantle if we chose to use that option, safely.

  4. There’s simple…and then there’s knowing the facts.

    Coal ash is damaging water, health in 34 states

    The Coal Ash Industry Manipulated EPA Data

    TVA Kingston Fossil Plant coal ash spill

    Coal waste

    1. Damning evidence there J!

      Despite what I said to HW, in the short term coal can be processed too, to be used safer than it is and be cost effective.

      But only as a stop-gap.

  5. I remember growing up during that and the Regan nuclear scares. I was terrified for years. The movie “The Day After” didn’t help.


    1. Don’t be fooled by the propaganda of the day Deirdre, lumping nuclear weapons and nuclear power together was a popular meme that flat out demonized nuclear energy for a generation or more.

      And we are no better for it.

  6. That ‘Propaganda of the Day’ has been around for decades. Dec4 and 20 Afghanistan,etc.are especially devoted to the Global Warming Hoax…and how it relates to using the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty as a scourge to Prevent (!) peaceful use of nuclear power.

    1. So true J. I just heard on the BBC this morning that the British Meteorological Society confirms anthropogenic global warming, despite Climategate and other opposing evidence.

      The elites aren’t through bleeding us yet J, in fact, I fear it’s just the beginning!

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