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Alien Abduction Experiences as Perceptions of Parallel Realities

My blog buddy Rick Phillips, who has a lot of blogs by the way, has been studying the alien abduction experience lately and how it might be something else entirely.

A perceptual experience of a parallel reality:

First and foremost, it is important to realize that there are a lot of strange-seemingly real – `reality experiences’ `out there’. Such as the `mutual hypnosis’ experiments of Dr. Charles Tart – in which hypnotized subjects entered into their own `special reality’ with a whole real phenomenological landscape ready to explore – that was as real as our everyday reality. OR, such as, the extreme DMT states, which seemed to include the possibility of having the now standard encounter with `aliens examining’ oneself.

So, with such states known – as `nothing more’ than an aspect of the types of `real perception’ available `via an altered consciousness state’ – regardless of induction method – it gets harder and harder to `accept’ at face value – at least for me – the whole `I was abducted (16 times; once; hundreds of times) by an alien’ story.When it most certainly is some sort of `qualitative/subjective’ experience. Albeit, one that mimics, or can mimic, our normal phenomenology of `realness/solidness’.

I bring those statements of opinion to you based upon encountering – on Anomalist.com yesterday – (as it’s main lead paragraph) – two, totally different takes on the alien abduction phenomena. One, by Chris Holly, is a `be careful of aliens’ tome (slow loading site) http://endlessjrny.blogspot.com/2010/02/fear.html and the other, a near joyous tome about how to reach out to the aliens who want to interact with humans http://www.unexplained-mysteries.com/column.php?id=176213 – the editor of Anomalist doing a marvelous job of tiptoeing between the two viewpoints offered. Please read these incredibly different views.

So, more and more – I find myself pointing out to the `believer community’ (that seems to forget about known subjective realities) – that NO Bigfoot bodies after years of searching and hundreds of Bigfoot parties going into the woods – AND – NO real artifacts of another `world’ that so many `abductees’ seem to `go to’ (not even a good photo of inside a craft) – AND – no bedroom videos of abduction —- MEANS – (most likely) that the whole shabang – is a qualitative experience of Real Perception –AND PERHAPS NOTHING ELSE.

Yes, perception is indeed a means to experience – the unknown – of a `special reality’ – one that is a subset of our common consensus. Literally, a specialized dream – that has no ongoing phenomenological structure. And, finally, frankly, one that others – who aren’t abductees – are getting a little tired of hearing.

Finally, I – for one – do not believe that esoteric truths – will be given to us by aliens of our species. But, that is just my opinion – […]

The ‘nuts and bolts’ theory of UFOs/aliens has been taking a beating lately. Theories that the phenomenon is more like a paranormal experience has been put forward by the late John Keel, for over thirty years by Jacques Vallee and of course, by the late Mac Tonnies (less paranormal, more advanced earthly).

And speaking from my own experiences, I would have to agree with Rick’s hypothesis here – perception is everything.

But we also must keep this in mind; according to the great Arthur C. Clarke:

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. (Clarke’s Third Law)

To ignore this is to do so at our peril IMHO.

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