Secret Space – Aliens and the Illuminati?

Far be it for me to be a conspiracy monger (heh-heh), but here is a little tid-bit from 2005 that accuses NASA of being in cahoots with the Illuminati and why we haven’t been back to the Moon in over four decades (and we’re still not going back there, the Constellation Project is cancelled) if we had ever been there at all. (Recent photos indicate we have been though.)

Below is a YouTube clip of Secret Space, a movie that’s chock full of said conspiracies. It has all you want; aliens, Nazis, NASA, Illuminati and UFOs.

It has David Icke though. So take it as you will.

Secret Space


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  1. I’ve seen that. He certainly has a flare for drama!

  2. I’m assuming you’re talking about Icke, right?

    Yeah, he’s a showman, and that’s served him well over the decades.

    People laugh at his reptilian conspiracy, but all in all, his take isn’t too different than Mac Tonnies’ ‘Cryptoterrestrial’ theory in my view.

    It depends on the delivery of the message I guess.

  3. Sorry, yes, Icke. His productions are entertaining, but I am very hesitant when it comes to NASA footage and many of the lunar anomalies.

    1. Fuzzy lunar images can be interpreted as anything Deirdre, that’s a fact, and even the good ones Icke and others claim are faked we should keep an open mind about.

      For me, I think people landed on the Moon in 1969, but I don’t discount the possibility that alien colonists were already there and warned us off.

      I’ll believe that until we establish our own colony there with no mishaps, if I live long enough.

  4. Oh, I admit that there are some rather intriguing ones and I actually do believe that there is probably (or was) some kind of presence on the moon. I just don’t think many of the so-called anomalies that are popularly labelled *artificial* are anything more than natural formation or impact debris from space rock.

    At one time, I was more hooked in to those kinds of claims, as well as the Cydonia region structures, but after a few years and a fair amount of experience with imaging artifacts and processing, I raise by eyebrows more often.

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  6. Yeah, go get ’em, Tiger!


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