Roswell Redux, again / Obama Visit to KSC

The Roswell Mystery continuously rears its ugly head into our ken time and again it seems like.

“Did a UFO crash there?” “Was it Project Mogul?” “Weather balloons”, “Crash test dummies”, “Aliens to Hanger 18”, “Is there a hangar 18?”

On and on and on – blah-blah-blah…

It’s enough to drive a tin-foiler off the deep end I tell you!

Then there’s this disclosure thing. Sweet Jesus don’t let me get on that! Please!

Well it seems that I’m not the only one who has a problem with Roswell Redux, Nick Redfern, author of ‘Body Snatchers in the Desert‘, writes a tome on why we’ll never be rid of the Roswell meme.

And why the mystery will never be solved:

[…]here’s why I am certain that Roswell will never be resolved.

Unless you include whistle-blower documentation such as the MJ12 documents as being evidence in support of what happened – or didnot happen – on the Foster Ranch, Lincoln County, New Mexico on the fateful day in early July 1947, the only real data of any significance that we have in-hand comes from the witnesses.


And that’s a good thing; a very good thing. The reason being that without the reports, testimony and recollections of the witnesses, all we would have would be a couple of pages of official documents (such as a 1-page FBI memo and a few other scant items), a handful of press-photographs, and a bunch of newspaper clippings. In other words, whatever happened at Roswell, it is thanks to the witnesses that we know something of significance occurred.


So, witness testimony is massively important and has taken us to where we are today with respect to Roswell – which, unfortunately, is a confusing, hall-of-mirrors realm inhabited by tales of crashed UFOs, dead aliens, crash-test-dummies, Mogul-balloons, weather-balloons, flying-wings, Nazi-saucers, Japanese PoWs, Unit 731, V-2 rockets, atomic mishaps, and more. In other words, the witness testimony and second-hand and third-hand testimony is huge – but, rather than uniformly presenting one version of events, the testimony and data has merely muddied the waters even further.


And there’s another problem, and it’s a big one; a very big one, in fact. Due to the passage of time and the inevitability of death, most of the witnesses are gone. Ten or fifteen years from now they will likely all be gone.

Then, with our (thus far) one and only meaningful source of data gone forever, how will we take Roswell further? How will we solve Roswell? Will we even be able to solve Roswell – ever? That’s where I take issue with those who desperately want Roswell to be proved extraterrestrial before they, too, go to the big Hangar 18 in the sky, and who earnestly believe it will be solved, to the point where we have hard evidence, not just a body of intriguing, interesting and notable testimony.

Here’s the problem that many fail to deal with in a level-headed fashion: witness testimony is vital to any investigation and can shed welcome light (sometimes a little light and sometimes a great deal of light) on matters of profound controversy – which Roswell most assuredly is. The problem, however, is that no matter how much testimony and witness material we get, that will still never, ever, definitively prove what happened at Roswell.

The reason the Roswell debate is ongoing – despite literally hundreds of people having offered testimony in varying degrees (first-hand, second-hand, third-hand, etc.) is because no-one has thus far delivered the goods. And by the goods, I mean, of course, a body, a body-part, undeniable extraterrestrial wreckage, or undeniable “Roswell UFO Files” that can be proved to have originated with one or more elements of the official world back in the late-1940s.

So, by 2025, when the Roswell research community will have likely lost its strongest and only source of quality data – the people and the witnesses – the only way we can ever hope to solve Roswell is by getting access to the bodies, the craft and the documentation – if such even exist.

Mission accomplished, for the government that is.

They made damn sure no truth will never come from this. Never mind all this Mogul balloon nonsense. If they came up with that explanation sixty-some-odd years ago, it probably would have worked and nothing more would have been said of it.

Then again maybe not. The weather balloon lie held for thirty years until 1978 one of the ‘witnesses’ wrote a book, so who’s to say the whole thing would not have started anyway.

Why Roswell Will Never Be Solved by Nick Redfern

hat tip

Today President Obamanator visits the Kennedy Spaceflight Center this afternoon to finally tell (sell) the workers why they must be laid off and why his new space policy should be adopted.

Basically, for you non-space cadet types, Obama’s plan cancels the Constellation Program, lets the shuttle retire in September of this year as planned and gives ‘commercial’ space companies like SpaceX, Orbital Science Corporation, United Launch Alliance and others funds to develop transportation to the International Space Station.

Recently, just earlier this week in fact, Mr. O is allowing the Orion space capsule to live, only in a down-sized version that will be an escape pod for the ISS, in order to throw a little pork in Colorado’s direction.

A lot of folks are angry about the Constellation Program being canned, mainly politicians and workers in Florida, Alabama, Louisiana and Texas, red states who don’t support Obama anyway, and probably wouldn’t even if they were allowed to build a warp drive and launch equipment.

Severe cognitive dissonance resonate through-out the fabled red-states. Must be nice to create your own reality, I have to learn how to do that!

Anyway, I don’t think the Big O cares much about space, especially human spaceflight. Rumor has it he really intends that NASA build and launch replacements for the climate monitoring satellites ol’ George H.W. Bush had launched over twenty years ago.

Actually, I kinda like Obama’s new plan, a little private enterprise in space isn’t such a bad idea. Maybe some innovation could come out of it.

If not, the military is worried that the US could falter in missile technology.

Could be that’s why they’re so interested in SpaceX’s Falcon 9 inaugural flight in May?

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