Post Obama Speech Meeting At KSC

On April 15th just this past week, the Obamanator stopped by Kennedy Spaceflight Center to back up his FY2011 vision of changes for NASA.

His plan includes an increase to NASA’s budget of $6 billion $omolian$ over a period of 5 years, but it cancels the beleaguered Constellation Program that is long behind schedule and over-budget. Needless to say that Congress-critters with NASA centers in their state districts that build parts of the Constellation Program didn’t like Obama’s proposed budget.

After his speech in KSC last Thursday explaining his budget and goals for NASA a little more clearer, the opposition was still opposing, but he managed to get his party congress-critters aligned more in line. The main thing is that Obama, other than conceding somewhat on the Orion capsule (making it an escape pod for the ISS), is probably going to get his budget on NASA pushed through Congress virtually unaltered.

Below is a post speech meeting with Norm Augustine and others discussing Obama’s spiel. Augustine as must space cadets know, was head of a panel last year that studied NASA’s situation and found the Program of Record was sorely missing merit of viability and gave Obama some cover for his FY2011 budget.

Personally I think Obama’s plan for NASA has a real good chance of working if it’s not altered too much. I think the private sector is perfectly able to come up with viable space capsule taxis to the ISS or Bigelow Space Habitats.

Plus returning NASA to its NACA roots somewhat is a great way of motivating the private sector to come up with advanced mainstream propulsion systems with reduced cost to the taxpayer.

“Changing the Game” in Space


4 responses

  1. You might want to view for a different perspective on Obama’s new direction.

  2. Well Mr. Rocketman, if you’re a former KSC employee, you have a right to your opinion and feel the way you do, I guess I’d probably feel the same way.

    But the public at large, and most tax-payers, don’t give a shit about the HSF program unfortunately and would rather see robots do the job.

    Obamanator’s budget reflects this.

  3. I am sorry, but I must agree with you about the public’s support of our HSF Programs. But, the nice thing is that I’ve had over 5,000 hits on my little rant/opinion/analysis of Obama’s speech including Congress and NASA with many emails of support.

    And yes, I am a laid off Shuttle Worker. I was laid off last October. If you view the pictures on my web site you will see me at various areas on KSC that are only accessible to KSC employees.

    1. I wish best of luck to you sir and I hope you find another job in your field.

      Maybe this privatization idea will pan out, NASA in the past thirty years turned into a vast pork-pie to various centers, states and consequently politicians pockets.

      Sadly, it was only a matter of time before the HSF program was down-sized too.

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