UFO Barf “Stewy” Ness

Once again, Rick Phillips ‘barfs’ all over the place.

Complete with YouTube video and commentary!


Caution, the above video is from the same folks who TODAY declare “President Barack Obama to admit Knowledge of ETs this year” – “All News Web has been informed that on 14 March of this year a meeting took place involving the US President, Barack Obama, to discuss the possibility of admitting the reality of UFO visitation to Earth and informing the people of Earth that major governments of the world can confirm that we are not alone in the universe and contact with at least three, but up to sixty separate races has taken place. The meeting is believed to have taken place somewhere in a top secret military installation in the US: probably underground. It is believed that Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man to walk on the moon, along with former Canadian Defence Minister and UFO truth advocate, Paul Hellyer, were present: arguing the case for UFO disclosure. Also present were: Simon P. Worden of NASA’s Ames research division, Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, and a Vatican representative. Two representatives from China and Russia also took part in the meeting as observers. A link up and communication with the three races visiting earth most frequently occurred during the meeting and it is rumoured that Edgar Mitchell passed out and was revived during the event by medical staff. The races contacted are believed to have included one group from Orion, one from Andromeda Galaxy and one from our galaxy, The Milky Way. Read more here.
http://www.allnewsweb.com/page1199999349.php Now, I love fun stories as much as the next guy – really. But the above is priceless – I mean, Edgar Mitchell PASSED OUT? Pleaseeeee. What from shock? Oh, and a little tidbit – Orion is a multitude of stars IN the Milky Way (and are varying light years away from each other having nothing to do with each other – indeed, as most Barf Stew Readers probably know, The Andromeda Galaxy (the only one visible with the naked eye) IS one of the `stars’ in the Orion `Sword’. Isn’t it hilarious that only ONE race of all the other BILLIONS of stars that we can’t see of the Milky Way was invited? I mean, get a better writer – this is nothing but the EXACT Barf Stew as last year.

AllNewsWeb is a great source for tin foil, no more than that.

People have to realize some folks do this for entertainment, to grab a few buck$.

Read some of the comments at Rick’s site, those are just as entertaining!

Totally Over The Top UFO Video

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  1. Did you hear about anti nuclear/ uranium debate? It is here

    1. How about using thorium instead of uranium?


      The waste is more manageable and less problematic.

  2. These guys are laughing all the way to the bar. They can’t seriously believe the shit their pedaling. can they?

    Lord help us.

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