And now, from the Fortean perspective…

All week long we’ve looked at different articles with conflicting viewpoints on Hawking’s statements that we should take care in broadcasting our presence to the Universe, because we might attract a powerful interstellar nomadic species that could very well steal our planet and kill us all.

Of course, in the premise of scientists such as Hawking, Jill Tarter and Seth Shostak, the assumption is that possible aliens are a safe many light-years away from us and more than likely continue to be so. Material interstellar travel to 95% of the scientific community is a fantasy; a thing of science-fiction and as ephemeral as pixie dust.

But what if the aliens are already here?

I could be talking about UFOs, but that is only part of the story.

According to Gary S. Bekkum of Starstream Research, aliens are not only here, but could be controlling high ranking figures in world governments:

“As Cambridge Professor Stephen Hawking — the world’s most famous physicist — is warning of the danger of contact with otherworldly life forms — the file collection at STARstream Research suggests they might already be here.According to Stephen Hawking, the aliens are ‘out there’ and pose a threat to human existence.

What if Hawking is right — contact with the aliens could be fatal — and what if they are already here?

One highly placed government-related source has confirmed to STARstream Research his opinion — based upon conversations with senior government associates and others — is the extraterrestrial presence is already here, and has made contact with the US government.

Others — notably from fringe government-funded projects like the NSA / DIA / CIA / STAR GATE psychic spy units — warn of an extraterrestrial presence walking among us, and based throughout the solar system.

Real or imagined? Cover-up, disinformation blitz, or bizarre tales based on hidden knowledge of the alien presence?

Over the past several years, persons known for their government affiliations — including key consultants on new technology threats and past and present intelligence officials — have been providing information ‘on background’ to a handful of Internet-based journalists about the CORE STORY: rumors of extraterrestrial contacts with the US government.

Based upon the best information available, it appears that the CORE STORY emerged in the mid-1980s from tales of USAF involvement with extraterrestrial visitors and other, more esoteric events surrounding the United States SECRET psychic spy research.

According to some sources, scientists from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory were overcome by paranormal events during investigations of anomalous mental phenomena — the apparent ability of the human mind to access information beyond the reach of ordinary senses — including a series of bizarre holographic-like projections of strange animals, and even a disembodied arm, floating in space.

Later, additional “veridical data” said to have originated with the LLNL security officer, led to the idea of a CORE STORY within the US government.

At least one independent and unrelated source I call “Sarge,” from the USAF, told me in the early 1980s about strangeness taking place involving the Air Force and the aliens.

Recently, other sources have come forward and have provided information concerning an alleged series of extraterrestrial contacts; alleged to have taken place in 1947, 1983, and 1992.

When pressed for the source of this information, we have been told that at least some of the rumors originated with very senior government officials, possibly including Presidents of the United States.

Gus Russo, an investigative author known for his books about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, was independently advised by one unidentified source:

“I believe there’s a ‘core story’, but I don’t know what it is. I have been told by people more senior than me that there is some truth to it, but they told me time and time again to stop pursuing it with CIA people and other Intel types. Two very senior officials told me they saw briefing books, [however] the only ones who would be cleared to know the story are the most senior Pentagon career officers. I have spoken to three former Presidents and the subject always comes up, not as a briefing, but they also want to know the truth. But apparently they aren’t cleared for it.”

A key figure from America’s STAR GATE program, who helped to develop the mental techniques used to spy on the Soviets at the height of the cold war, revealed in 1998 that he had been taken on-board by a covert group interested in uncovering an alien presence on the Moon. In my book, Spies, Lies, and Polygraph Tape, I retell the story of Ingo Swann, adding additional recently declassified material from STAR GATE. According to Ingo Swann, following covert sessions tasked  to psychically spy on the lunar aliens — by a mysterious man he calls “Mr. Axelrod” — he encountered an Extraterrestrial Avatar — an alien in the form of a beautiful human woman — as she was being watched by Axelrod’s henchmen in black. The entire story strains credulity — one can easily imagine Axelrod’s men playing mind-games with Swann — but later the same covert group took Swann to a remote location in Alaska to witness first hand one of the extraterrestrial visitations.

According to the account provided by Ingo Swann, the extraterrestrial  craft was diamond shaped and faded into existence from a mist suspended over a lake. At one point, the group had to dive for cover: according to Swann, they came under attack by “ruby-red laser beams” which blasted the surrounding woods.

In another report found in the CIA released STAR GATE files, a Defense Intelligence Agency officer tasked his psychic spy to remote view aliens in the solar system. According to the documents, which are stamped by official CIA release identification markings (and are available to view at,  the DIA psychic team identified three locations populated by extraterrestrial entities, including locations on the Earth.

In recent years, several sources have come forward and alleged the existence of a new psychic spy effort, alleged to be under the management of the DIA and the National Security Agency. According to one source to Gus Russo — a person who claims to know someone working for the program — an attempted psychic spy operation against a foreign target was disrupted by “interference from an unknown extraterrestrial source.”

Sources familiar with or alleged to have been involved with the NSA program claim to have been tasked to locate Saddam Hussein in Iraq.

A key component in many tales of extraterrestrial encounters is an alien Internet — a ‘telepathic’ direct mind-to-mind information system — which is, perhaps, the basis of the claims of remote viewing psychic phenomena used by the United States government to spy on enemy targets.

According to Swann, ordinary human psychic perception falls flat in comparison to what he has described as the alien’s “telepathy plus,” a powerful and robust form of mind-to-mind communication suggestive of the use of technology to connect brains to each other.

Recent developments in the neurosciences are also suggestive of the possibility of a “telepathy plus” — the direct intervention of human perception using advanced information processing.

All of the above, if taken at face value, suggests the CORE STORY of contact could be interpreted as the takeover  (by an unknown, presumably extraterrestrial presence) of the minds of key human leaders, as part of a covert alien operation to subvert the human race from within. Is it possible the US government has been faced with an insidious extraterrestrial ultra-high-tech command, communication, control, and communication system?

Or, perhaps, the rumors are merely chatter, virally spread throughout the intelligence community by a handful of well-positioned individuals.

Either way, Hawking is clear: contact with an extraterrestrial source may ultimately prove to be fatal.”

In my InnerTube travels during the past three years, I’ve run across Ingo Swan, Stargate Program, YellowBook, alien moonbase, etc., and the sources are usually pretty sketchy to begin with and doubtful at best. Legends of MJ-12, Project SERPO and Eisenhower signing a treaty with aliens also are stories of InnerTube lore and hard to trace and nail down with certainty.

There’s one thing for sure however, Mr. Bekkum is right about there being a “core story” meme that is used through-out the government pipelines to the corporate media and disseminated in drips and drabs to the clueless public.

So is this story just as credible as the others that were talked about during this past week?

Time will tell.

Is Stephen Hawking’s Extraterrestrial Alien Warning Too Late?

10 responses

  1. I think Hawking could be right. Aliens may of course hurt us. If Hawking was not talking about war with aliens probably he is right. Other worldly life forms may hurt us due to their radically different biology. Ergo, this might be the case. what is boom for them ,at the same time it could kill us. perhaps this is the case.

    1. Creatures higher up on the food-chain than us would simply use our bodies as “avatars” and use methods that would appear as magic, or supernatural. And that’s if they think this planet, or us for that matter, serve a useful purpose to them.

      In this I think Bekkum might have a good stance here.

      1. bruceleeeowe

        you said higher upon food chain would like to use avatars . how does food chain matter?

      2. you said higher upon food chain would like to use avatars . how does food chain matter?

        It’s an expression meaning the creatures would be more evolved, intelligent and powerful than us.

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  3. The Highwayman | Reply

    So, what you’re all saying is that man is not the all-in-all and supreme entity in the universe… and that he can be manipulated and subjugated by higher life forms, correct? And, that this could have been accomplished at any time in the past, even thousands of years ago, right? To wit, extremely powerful beings could appear as magical, all-knowing, all-powerful entities… perhaps simply because they ARE what they appear to be?

    I’ve been following the ET craze since Christ was a corporal, and the story keeps evolving like Dawkins’ theories on Abiogenesis. As Hollywood’s portrayals of the supernatural and sci-fi expand and develop, the UFO community “improvises and adapts” (Marine Corps parlance) right along with it. Just like the old series of Star Trek was clearly outmoded by a time that it was supposed to have succeeded by three hundred years, we have to continually update to remain credible.

    One major difference between esoterica and scripture is that the opposite seems to be true with the latter, in that society seems to have to track modern in order to keep up with IT and not the other way around. Much of the dietary and hygienic information disclosed in the old writings only became understandable with the advent of modern medicine and nutrition. Of course, moral enlightenment is something that is timeless and can be applied to any time and situation.

    It takes a lot to impress this old warhorse, anymore, and I’m inclined to follow that which stands the test of time in a world where things come and go like sailors in a whorehouse. I will, however, subscribe to man’s fallibility and predilection for manipulation by outside forces, even that by the more subtle and intelligent amongst ourselves.

    Anyone filing a tax return will know by what I speak.

    1. So, what you’re all saying is that man is not the all-in-all and supreme entity in the universe… and that he can be manipulated and subjugated by higher life forms, correct?

      Nope, never said we were. Never said Bekkum was right either, just that he had a point as good as anybody’s, that Arthur C. Clarke’s maxim could hold sway.

  4. The Highwayman | Reply

    I’m just doing the old rhetorical Watusi with you, Marine. We both know where we’re at, and it’s not the most graceful sight two old warhorses dancing around, together, especially after a full meal. For the benefit of anyone else not in the know, I long ago decided that my esoteric/paranormal studies were leading me down just as bizarre a path as that the worst fundie travels, and I concluded that it was just as possible for poor widdle man to be manipulated by angels just as much as by ET. Hell, any married man will encounter the same before the bankers are through sieving him out.

    Every funnel has a wide mouth at the top, and all sorts of shit can enter in. When this is all over, we’ll get the answers we seek.

    Now, I’m heading over to U Tube and checking out yet another episode in the old Star Trek series… watched the “Doomsday Machine” last night. Maybe I’ll check out “Space Seed” again, Khan sure knows how to handle his women! Can’t beat those Sixties’ pastels, either!

  5. I’ve been checking out the old ‘Enterprise’ series myself (2001-2004). It wasn’t as bad as people made it out to be.

    Jolene Blalock was pretty hot in some scenes! *aarrroooooo…*

  6. I gave Enterprise a few tries. It never really took. I’m too old fashioned in my TOS ways, though I always did find Next Generation and excellent piece of the Star Trek Universe history.

    Absolutely could not stand DS9 or Voyager.

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