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Steve Hammons of the Joint Recon Study Group is thinking about ways an extraterrestrial, non-human intelligence would possibly interact with us humans on a daily basis and how modern science is bringing our own awareness to bear on studying the “unconventional intelligence.”

The apparent growing awareness of the possibility or probability that we are being visited by extraterrestrial and other unconventional intelligences seems to pose some important questions.

These questions take us beyond the discussion about if we are being visited or if UFOs are exotic spacecraft of some kind.

Anyone of average intelligence who has done a moderate amount of research on the subject can safely conclude that something along these lines is going on.

If we were to request a “SitRep,” a situation report, about where we find ourselves, what would it say? What really is going on? How does it affect us? What might happen in the future? How will we adjust to a changing reality?

To deal with these and other interesting questions, we will probably need to improve and enhance our “situation awareness.”


Limiting the discussion to UFOs and extraterrestrials might be too narrow a focus. Those topics certainly seem to be part of the overall scenario at hand. But what other related factors are in play?

Certainly, modern scientific theories of multiple dimensions or a “multi-verse” appear to be significant. Other elements of modern quantum physics bring to mind the ideas of wormholes and star gates.

Then there are anomalies regarding time, some kind of “unified field” of energy or “zero point energy,” a possible higher intelligence or several higher intelligences, and of direct interest – human consciousness.

What is going on in the biological sciences that might be relevant? Studies of the human body and those of the animals, plants and other life forms that share our Earth are revealing fascinating secrets and discoveries.

In fact, it might be wise to pay attention to the many kinds of scientific study about our planet and the life on it before serious climate change, pollution, overpopulation or some other cascading or sudden catastrophe create very serious problems for the human race.

Do we really want to reach the tipping point of dangerous developments for the human species, as well as other animal and plant life on Earth?

Maybe a more positive tipping point of some kind is a more useful goal. This brings the circle back to the important discussion of human consciousness.


If extraterrestrials – the good, the bad and the ugly – angels and/or other unusual intelligences are conducting activities in and around Earth, what impacts will there be on us average humans going about our daily lives?

In the end, Steve notes, we need to bring all of our tools in order to focus on studying and communicating with non-terrestrial intelligences.

Even our consciousness.

Beyond UFOs and Extraterrestrials: Human consciousness may be key

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  1. Steve Hammons of the Joint Recon Study Group is thinking about ways an extraterrestrial, non-human intelligence would possibly interact with us humans on a daily basis and how modern science is bringing our own awareness to bear on studying the “unconventional intelligence.”

    I know little about it, but what I have understood is like this.

    Dear friends,

    It is a interesting topic to think about the extraterrestrial intelligence?
    First in our solar system
    , the life is present on the earth only. The discovery of other solar system in cosmos and similar condition of life on any planet like the earth has not been traced so far.

    The mental experiences of some humans have advocated about the extraterrestrial intelligence. The UFO is yet to be identified?
    In this reference it is interesting that our voice and thoughts are immortal, and remains in the universe for ever. Our thoughts and words in the present life are influenced by the echo of the universe, but it is not common as well as to grasp it is very difficult. These words and thoughts moving in the universe influence us, according to their frequency.

  2. Human Consciousness

    The life has evolved from a single cell with genetic recombination.
    The God and Soul is a scientific fact. We can not divide it with name. The fundamental energy – gravitational force is the omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient God and Soul of the religious scriptures. The life energy known as gravitational force, appears at its own with the movement of the sap in the cell body in the first cell with birth. It maintain its continuity with cell division. With ageing and death of the physical cell body, it disappears at its own. The DNA is universally present in the living-beings. It records the deeds of an individual in its language code. Which is immortal through cell division. Accordingly under the cosmic principles one has to face repercussions of his deeds of his previous birth with opening of his language code in the womb with new birth. It is known as fate or Prarabdh. Due to this even the time twins have different fate. At cellular level we all are related with each other with common ancestry in DNA. Hence ethics in life and harmony with the nature is important. The consciousness is the eternal truth of life on the earth, which is one and same for all.


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