Is There a Ufology “Hate Meme?”

It has recently come to my poor addled mind that David Biedny is no longer on the Paracast.

I don’t listen to the show much anymore, for reasons I don’t particularly know why, but I have listened to a couple more recently. And I’ve wondered why Gene Steinberg has had guest hosts on. Now, I don’t really find that strange, David had spoken before about taking a hiatus. But quitting the show, I found that curious.

It could be because of Gene’s personal problems, but I won’t go into that here. If anyone has kept track of the show recently, they would know what I’m talking about.

It seems lately to some folks however, that since David left the Paracast, he has been casting aspersions on Ufology in general, calling it “entertainment.”

I would have to agree with him on some aspects of this; the Billy Meiers, Steven Bassetts, Michael Sallas and others of this ilk I could probably put into that category. It is tough to fight to get some respectability in a field in which you have folks who claim that Earth governments are in contact with humanoid aliens, of which there are 57 varieties of. And all are part (or most) of an enlightened ‘Galactic Federation.’

Four years ago I would’ve believed it, but not now.

Anyways, there are folks who still take the field of ‘ufology’ seriously and take exception to folks who leave the field and  loudly proclaim it is “entertainment” :

Recently, David Biedny referred to the Paranormal as no different than, “…any other form of Entertainment.” I was already accepting the idea that many people were and still are turning their collective backs on the Paranormal until Paul Kimball said we Ufologists eat our own, and now with Biedny’s thoughts —all too readily solidifying the contempt for the field— it’s time I put my two cents in.

All of a sudden, it has become popular to denigrate the field. Now everyone from every corner of the field is turning their back and turning up their nose. When did this start exactly? Who was the first person to knock down a domino? And why is it that the Ghost Hunting Field isn’t following suit?

In fact, even the Cryptozoologists are separating themselves from the negativity, which has me considering a new field in which to focus my time and energy. But everytime I entertain the thought of leaving Ufology, I think about all the other people walking away and I start to see Ufology as this once full house that is now almost empty and on the verge of collapse.

The researchers who were the foundation aren’t doing their job. The researchers who furnished this great house of Ufology have left dust in their place. You would think younger researchers would rally together and proclaim this a small blemish on the field that can be easily fixed. But no, instead half of them are growing weary with the backstabbing, the lack of viable information and worse, the fallen (once) heroes of the field.

It is now acceptable for Ufologists/Paranormal researchers and investigators to talk shit about the field with no consequence. And why should there be? It’s not a ‘real’ field of study. It’s just a hobby for rejects. It’s one of those fields you ‘fall’ into when you’re a kid, dabbling with the occult and getting your ass kicked in the school yard for being a little too smart.

It’s the red-headed stepchild of Science. The Paranormal is where all the freaks go when they want to feel special. I get it now. It’s reject central. So if you make it out of freakdom—if you write a book, or two—if you start a successful blog—if you get a TV Show/Radio Show—you become too cool to be in the Paranormal field. You just have to get out and spread your wings.


I so totally get it now!

The problem is, I don’t think many of you should be allowed to walk away so easily. In fact, I think some of you should be held accountable for what you have done. This is the Paranormal Fields version of Arthur Andersen. There is plenty of fraud in the field, committed by the people who ‘supposedly’ helped to build it in the passed few decades.

Some cases that were absolute bunk were given too much attention. Other cases weren’t explored enough. Some researchers backed fraudulent claims and hoaxers and even created hoaxes. I am not going to waste time naming names, because frankly, right now I just don’t give a shit. But I am trying to make a point, and the point is the people who started this shit need to clean it up.

It has become acceptable to just walk away from the field and turn a blind eye at what previous generations have done to a field that could have gained more respect, if not for certain people’s inclination to share the spotlight and make shit up as they went along. Ufology/The Paranormal could have been something more. And it’s not like I didn’t see it gaining ground.

Heck, the Vatican said, ‘Yes, there might be ALiens!’ And then their are various projects enacted for Disclosure, like the Freedom of Information Act. And no, we didn’t exactly figure out what happened at Roswell, but everyone and their mother has heard about it. Alien Invasion films are usually blockbusters. Little kids follow the adventures of Invader Zim and every other animated Alien.

And why? Because Ufology/The Paranormal broke ground somehow. The field slowly but surely seeped into the Global subconscious so that many more people believe in other life in the Universe. More people report UFO sightings. More people talk about their Haunted houses. More people want to know about Life after death, and that curiosity is why shows like ‘Medium’ and ‘The Ghost Whisperer’ have ratings.

The fact that some researchers have been on Larry King and that NOVA and the History Channel cover UFOLOGY (no matter how biased, warped or critical it may all be) is enough to confirm we have come a long way baby and we are making great strides. But somehow, somewhere, people started getting weary and greedy and dispassionate. Fine. I am not saying no one has the ‘right’ to walk away.

That was never point to begin with. My point is, clean up your shit on the way out. And once you are gone, stop talking about it. We don’t need your bad vibes, and we certainly don’t need any more ill repute because the only thing you can find to talk about is how much Ufology/The Paranormal sucks. Because it doesn’t. It is just another outlet for solving the mysteries of this world we live in. Until someone can definitively give us all the answers, I suggest we stop acting like one method or one particular field is more important and respectable than the other.

Because at the end of the day, whether you leave UFOLOGY/The Paranormal behind or not, it’s still a part of your legacy. The shit storm you left behind will haunt you.

Nice by Tina. She makes some good points, but leaves out the ones I posted above. But is there a “hate meme” against ufology in general?

I don’t think so. As she points out, more people are thinking about life in the Universe more seriously now, to the point which the Vatican acknowledges it (although Christianity as a religion has always accepted the existence of higher creatures). Even in the mainstream science, Stephen Hawking told us to “beware” of advanced aliens bearing gifts.

If there is a ‘hate meme’, it is against those who are perceived to be P.T. Barnum types who use ufology to the point it’s ‘ufoology’ at conventions and on the media, mainstream and alternate.

And even then they serve a purpose.

The Ufology Hate Meme

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11 responses

  1. Hi there,

    I used to be a faithful listener to the Paracast, but just couldn’t listen to it any more because of David Biedny’s negativity, ranting and general nastiness. I heard that he’d gone, so I went back and resubscribed. I guess my point here is that the negativity doesn’t just start after someone picks up their ball and leaves the playground…it starts way before that.

    I hear it once in a while listening to Coast to Coast too…so called paranormal professionals riffing on each other. It would be nice if everyone would just acknowledge that everyone else’s opinion is a little different and just play nice.

    This was an interesting post…thanks for sharing!

  2. I didn’t have an Internet connection for over a year and even when I got back online, I didn’t listen to the Paracast, or any podcast right away.

    And when I did, that’s when I discovered that Biedny was gone. But like I posted, it didn’t surprise me any because he often talked about taking a break anyways.

    Dave has his faults, like us all. He just got tired of the circus vargas that ufology can be.

  3. All these stories about David Biedny are utter nonsense. He sent me a letter on February 14th of this year resigning from the show because it was damaging his career.

    I posted the letter in our forums, along with my response:

    If Biedny wants to tell everyone that he was lying then, and now has a different story, that’s his right. But I won’t get involved in any discussion of that nature.

    We’ve moved on.

    And thanks for listening.

    Gene Steinberg

    1. Thanks for stopping by Gene and clearing some air concerning David, but do you think there’s an anti-ufology meme floating about?

      1. I have been only too happy to drop out of the UFO field on several occasions. It can be toxic to some people, and this is particularly true if you’ve had experiences. But I haven’t, and I’ve not been inclined to hope for any. 🙂


  4. I think Tina did a pretty good job with her post. I agree with her on a number of things, less on others.

    If anyone wants to get out, I say let ’em. Whether they helped give the field the finger or not. Its not up to individuals to dictate the direction of something like UFOlogy — but if the masses choose to march under a certain flag, the field does seem to sway to and fro in accordance with some of those people. If we had more individuals and less followers, things might be different. I’ve never understood the need to latch on to one person’s ideas and follow them into the muck. Unless of course, they truly believe in everything that person has to say. But I tend the think most people aren’t good at leading even themselves, let alone leading others, so they become the followers.

    I do agree that it is popular to bag on paranormal stuffs, particularly UFOlogy. It always has been, though. Now, more than ever, yes — but that may just be due to the increasing number of people who get involved. I pick on UFOlogy all of the time, but I don;t pretend I’m not part of it. For all of its sillyness and quirks, I still find interest in it and I guess some kind of worth. Because at my core, I’m looking for the same answers many others are. I just like to (hopefully) make some people giggle along the way.

    I found Tina’s article heartfelt, and I was moved by much of it. I think she does understand why so many people do end up shitting on the field, she’s just upset that they do so and then leave, when its them who could perhaps ‘save’ it. When you’re on the inside and you become painfully aware of the unbelievable amount of hogwash, bullshit and stupidity, it’s hard not to become disillusioned. I suspect the same thing happens in other fields and even the government(s). But I think that one of the best ways to overcome that is for those of us who are or are becoming disillusioned or fed-up to re-think our purpose and find ways in which to move forward, despite what the other 90% are doing.

    But then, some who are leaving really aren’t actually leaving. They may abandon the name and its associations, and call it something else (or call it nothing at all) and that too, is respectable. Even I wonder at times if it wouldn’t be better to reform with the good eggs and call it something that does not contain the letters U, F, & O in any way, shape or form. The problem is, once you give something a name – any name, the same problems surface eventually. And in 60 years another split will be considered.

    1. Excellent comment Deirdre. If I had money, I’d hire you to be my ghost writer. 😉

      Since I don’t however (have money), everyone is stuck with my cliche-ridden, juvenile bullsh*t. 😆

      Tina did make several excellent points, and perhaps David was just one point of her ire, but I don’t think there’s a hate meme floating about.

      And even if there is, there’s an old adage; “Even bad press is good press.”

      I don’t think it hurts ufology in its present form one bit.

  5. Heh. Sorry. I never realize how long my comments are until I hit Portland see them in full.

  6. Portland?


    Christ, Deirdre. Wake up!

    ‘until I hit *send*…’ that should read.

    Portland. *shakes head* *sigh*

    1. Perhaps if you stop thinking about margarine…

      Heh, heh..couldn’t resist.

  7. Gene Steinberg :I have been only too happy to drop out of the UFO field on several occasions. It can be toxic to some people, and this is particularly true if you’ve had experiences. But I haven’t, and I’ve not been inclined to hope for any.

    Come on Gene! You know you will never really leave the field or the paracast, if you did what group of suckers would you mooch donations from every other week?

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