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Who Does MUFON Represent?

MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) is one of the various UFO researching organizations still in operation. It has membership in many states and actually has some funding by a mainstream aerospace company (Bigelow Aerospace).

Unfortunately as my previous post indicated, the field of UFO (and paranormal) studies in general is fraught with danger, infighting, nepotism, fraud, lies and just plain old wackiness.

Believe it or not, it all helps promote the “field” and it brings the meme into the overall gestalt of the subconscious (Jung would’ve loved it!).

Anyway, the bedrock of the study of ufology and is the foundation of MUFON are the eye-witnesses. Well, it seems that a director of MUFON in Texas, a person by the name of Ken Cherry has taken the position of “debunking” some Stephenville eye-witnesses and radar evidence that has been studied by MUFON in the area.

This just doesn’t cut it according to UFO witness advocate Joe Capp on his site UFO Media Matters:

MUFON “members” are in an “uproar” over a series of videos on You Tube which showcase and critique Texas MUFON Director Ken Cherry. (Presentations below) Cherry decided to point out what he thought were some real problems inside MUFON and he did it the old fashioned skeptic/debunker way: by attacking the people.

Some of the members are angry because some Stephenville witnesses and the examination by MUFON of radar tests were his main targets. He went on to smear the pilot who he thought had mental problems because he wanted to seek counseling over the close encounters. Oh, what a cold hard world Cherry lives in where everyone has to conform to his idea of what a “normal” witness is.

Cherry claimed Puckett, a meteorologist who did independent analysis of the radar tapes, showed how MUFON’s analysis was greatly flawed. But Puckett is quoted as saying basically that there was some problems with the radar measurement and MUFON fixed it and that is was no big deal. Cherry had admitted in his presentation that there was a great deal of pressure to get the results out quickly so the mistakes made were probably innocent human error. Cherry, using quotes out of context, innuendos and sarcasm, paints a self serving portrait of himself that leaves only Cherry, and those that agreed with him, standing.

There are actions taken by many MUFON professionals, who we all respect, which I believe can be counterproductive toward good potential UFO witnesses. However, we find good old Cherry is part of the problem. In his presentation, Cherry relates how he was chasing potential UFO witnesses (to be interviewed for UFO Hunters) out of the room because of his two second psychological profile and mind reading. Cherry considered these “weirdoes” undeserving of going on TV. . After all these years of MUFON experiences (humble) Cherry doesn’t realize UFOs appear to the strange also! First of all, if you are a good hoaxer, would you act strange? Suppose a kind of weird person had entered the room with almost smoking gun evidence. This character, good old Kenny, would chase them away because of the strange glint in their eyes.

His whole attitude is one of dismissal and sarcasm. The bottom line is: how this is helping MUFON?

How indeed does this help MUFON?

Obviously it doesn’t. Clearly Mr. Cherry doesn’t back anything his local chapter does, at least this particular, very public incident. Perhaps he figures it’s not his job to “rubberstamp” anything that might bring ridicule to the local chapter of MUFON and most importantly himself?

The Stephenville Incident was a very weird, scary occurrence that was witnessed by a large number of people, one of which could have been the President of the US at the time and a local news-person who eventually lost her job because she covered it. In order to understand such events, especially in this day and age where we have the tools to truly investigate them, we need brave people to step forward and give their statements to organizations like MUFON that claim it’s their job to do just that, take witness information for future study.

In my view, MUFON should represent the individual who ignores the ridicule and stigma of being a “witness” to any strange event through no fault of their own. And to report it with no fear of recrimination.

Cherry did his local chapter a disservice.

And you go Joe!

MUFON’s Bonfire of the Vanities

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