Disclosure and Avatars?


Here we go again. More disclosure stuff.

But this site has piqued my interest lately in that it’s not the ” in your face ” type of disclosure meme. This seems to have some synchronicity on its side.

Well, see for yourselves:

After more than 210,000 page views of the April 26, 2010, article “Human-looking ETs secretly in U.S?”it seems clear that there is significant public interest in the topic of possible extraterrestrial visitation to Earth, UFOs and equally possible activities of the U.S. defense and intelligence communities regarding these subjects.

The article was about an account of a reported effort by U.S. authorities – Operation TANGO-SIERRA – to investigate a human-looking extraterrestrial who had made contact with a federal employee.

Are people who consider tales like this too gullible? Or, are they open-minded and increasingly aware of highly unusual possibilities?

The same information sources for Operation TANGO-SIERRA are reportedly also those who released information about the alleged Project SERPO. That account involved a mission that allegedly sent 12 specially-selected and highly-trained U.S. military personnel to another planet as guests of friendly extraterrestrial visitors as part of an exchange program.

When we see news about calls for more openness and disclosure about possible government activities in these areas, it also seems clear that human psychology and our preparedness to deal with such possibilities are major elements to consider.

In fact, it might be fair to say that disclosure about possible extraterrestrial visitation to Earth is directly tied to the emotional, spiritual, psychological and social readiness of the public to handle this kind of news.


How would we measure public preparedness? Should we conduct more surveys and public opinion polls about people’s feelings and perceptions of UFOs and ETs? How can we be sure that there would not be panic, distress, disorientation and turmoil from such disclosure?

We must also be concerned with children and youngsters who could be affected by fearful reactions. Has our educational system prepared them to handle such a situation? Even our colleges and universities do not routinely delve into these kinds of topics in classes related to science or the social sciences.

However, some higher education institutions are looking into frontier-science areas of various kinds. Conventional colleges and universities are exploring the nature of human consciousness and mysteries of space and the universe.

Now I speculate that real ETIs wouldn’t be humanoid what-so-ever. What ever the theories of evolutionary convergence say, intelligence wouldn’t necessarily follow the humanoid body plan. Sorry, Star Trek be damned. *sniff* 😥

But, that doesn’t preclude the use of humanoid avatars (Thank you James Cameron!). It wouldn’t be beyond the capabilities of a post-Singularity Type III intelligence who might want to study a pre-singularity culture incognito to use avatars. In fact, it’s probably desirable to do so.

In fact, in the new FY2011 NASA budget that cancels the Constellation Program to build human heavy-lift rockets to the Moon is more or less replaced by smaller projects that utilize humanoid robots which can be controlled from Earth or the International Space Station.

So it’s not such a far-out thought experiment.

Time will tell if this is just another disclosure bullsh*t meme. We’ll see.

UFO, extraterrestrial disclosure linked to public readiness

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4 responses

  1. Project SERPO was fake. There was no such project. Just wait I’ll you why?

    1. There’s not much proof there was a Project SERPO Bruce and you’re going to prove there wasn’t one?

      That shouldn’t be too hard LOL.

  2. Mmm, Disclosure bullsh*t memes.

    1. Should that be bullsh*t Disclosure memes? LOL.

      I get dyslexic at times.

      I blame the meds.

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