Japanese UFO. Or Not

Below is an UFO video from Japan I lifted from Phantoms and Monsters.


The blog author thinks it might be a balloon. I’m leaning that way myself, but it could be CGI. The reason I believe that is because at the very beginning of the video, you see a whole cityscape on it’s side. That in of itself is weird.

And for all of you who think that it’s the Japanese Hayabusa probe returning to Earth, that’s what this is:


Actually, I prefer the Hayabusa probe video. More fireworks!

Circular UFO Over Yokohama, Japan

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One response

  1. That could very well be a balloon. I caught the city on it’s side thing too, but I think if someone would have taken the time to render in an artifact, they’d have paid better attention to the position of the city. It’s probably from a cell phone. If I take a photo from my cell phone using the front screen of the phone to center an object and send it to my PC, the image will be on it’s side. If I open the phone to use the full screen and center it through that, it comes out right side up.

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